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Got tagged by :icondragoonwys: and it looks cool so here it goes:

Hello writer! Who are our lovely participants today?

Noir, Espel, Edelweiss

Cool, let's start off easy. Left handed, right handed or ambidextrous? 
Noir: Ambidextrous.
Espel: Right handed.
Edelweiss: Ambidextrous, but favors her left hand for writing and anything that requires higher finesse.

What do their hands look and feel like?
Noir: Pretty average for a soldier/swordsman in his homeland, the skin clearly is on the rough side and thumbs and index fingers are considerably calloused.

Espel: This guy's got a weird blend between the hands of an archer and the hands of a poet. They're dainty enough that you can tell he spends a lot of money on things like moisturizing creams and manicure, but at the same time there's a strenght to his grip that one doesn't get without years of repeated practice and hard work.

Edelweiss: Very thin delicate skin, long fingers, long nails. Good look trying to see her hands, though. She wears gloves 99.99% of time, for practically anything, and seeing her ungloved is almost as hard as seeing her naked.

What is their most common facial expression?
Noir: His most common expression is fairly neutral... but unfortunately for him, his neutral face looks deadpan snark and outright intimidating. Very bad for not scaring children, or to convince anyone he's not being a judgemental prick.

Espel: Depends where he is. If he's in the middle of a mission he'll look focused and attentive. Among friends, or with anyone he feels comfortable with, probably pulling some weird smiling face that makes people mistake him for drunk or crazy. Talking about his boss, he looks like he was presented with a pool of vomit and been told to drink it.

Edelweiss: This faint little smile that has a hint of something hidden behind it.

What kind of aura or feeling they emit according to the public eye?
Noir: Stern, unsociable, if looks could kill he might have murdered the whole street in cold blood. But has a subtle obsession with petting fluffy things.
(Only that last thing is true.)

Espel: In Aterna, he's "oddly civilized". In Resolis he's a famous merchant, the way to head toward if you want to strike a deal, but doesn't catch the eye of other people often. In Devii Ral he's an oddball who cares about things nobody else does and doesn't give a flying duck about anyone who doesn't "show common sense" even if they're a higherup. 

Edelweiss: Refined lady doing business 90% of time. "What is that crazy woman doing" 10% of time.

How emotive they are in social interactions?
Noir: Not a very expressive person, but it's mostly unintentional. His body language is fairly subdued and most of his facial changes look very subtle unless they're rather extreme for his standards. He's mostly quiet, but it's not something dependant on if he's comfortable around you or not: he doesn't tend to hide what he feels, just has mannerisms that are easy to misread or pass unnoticed. The most honest in this trio, and also the one people notice things about the least.

Espel: Highly depends on who is involved in the interaction and what he can gain or lose from them.

Edelweiss: This lady is an onion. Everything she says and does has layers upon layers of different meanings, and for the most part she leaves it to others whether or not they can decipher it all.

Do they have any annoying/bad habits or tics, when do they happen?
Noir: Subtle compulsion to pet anything fluffy. Yes his son-in-law's hair included, and the castle caretaker's guinea pig, and your pet tarantula, and yes that bear too why not.

Espel: Often bites his lower lip when growing too impatient. Wouldn't be too bad if he didn't have a pair of sharp fangs - but he does have them and therefore he also often has a bleeding lip.

Edelweiss: Do.not.get.physical.during.a.discussion. It doesn't matter how coherent you think you're being, or how much sense you're making, from the moment you touch her without her consent her attention will completely shift away from listening to you into pondering about punching your face.

Do they have any handicaps or long lasting injuries. Regardless of how minor or severe, what influence it has on their lives?
Noir: Has a pair of retractile membranous wings that have been hindered completely unfit for flight due to an injury he suffered as a child.

Espel: Hypersensibility to light. Has difficulty seeing in sunny or otherwise considerably lit environments, and sunburns very easily.

Edelweiss: Sleep issues.

Describe their preferred full course meal. (appetizer, main dish, dessert)
 A thick, light-tasting soup or chowder as appetizer. Anything spicy as the main dish. Then fruits.

Espel: Literally anything that doesn't include coconut.

Soft buns with cream cheese filling, glutinous rice dumplings and some potato-based dish with a side of garlic mushrooms, sweet pastries and sweet tea.

Now describe them AS the full course meal!
Noir: Potato salad. Stuffed potatoes. Potato chips (and cold, fresh water).

Shrimp fried rice, zucchini soup or spaghetti with tarantella sauce and assorted steamed vegetables and cheeses as sides, pannacotta and rose water.

Bite-size glazed buns, four cheese lasagna, vanilla sundae served with thinly sliced caramelized apples and strawberry syrup. Red tea with a hint of mint and hybiscus for a drink.

End round, name a random fact about them!
Noir: Secretly scared of hugs.

 Can see more hues than the human eye is able to detect. This ability serves him nothing except for making people think he's high while trying to describe colors that "aren't there".

 Perfectly capable of chugging down a mug of salted coffee without flinching if she's sleep-deprived enough.

Tagging :iconaealzx::iconsonicedge7::icondante-aran: and also :icondragoonwys: back because you have more charas and the world must see them~ :iconshaplz:


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