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Morenatsu Scene
RIVER SCENE W/ KYOUJI & SOUTAORU - Aw3somejon/CatsBecauseYeah
This walk is taking forever. The heat is radiating off the road, and these cicadas are giving me a headache. A trip to the river is a great idea for a 30+ celsius day, but I forgot about the walking portion, and in this weather, it's taking forever. I haven't seen a single person on the road today; they must all be indoors. I guess this wasn't the wisest idea, but here I am. Luckily, I can wash all this sweat off in the river; I can feel my shirt sticking to my chest, already - eugh.
The river's babbling is music to my ears; I already feel cooler just listening to it. I step closer to the river and stretch my arms up to the wide, empty blue sky. What a day! I bring my arms down and wipe my forehead. Time to take this ol' thing off!
Player takes shirt off.
:iconaw3somejon:Aw3someJon 0 1
Proof - Part One
Proof Part One
I didn’t like the wallpaper. On the outside, the house was amazing, but pink, floral designs were never my thing. My parents weren’t too keen on it either, so they had it replaced shortly after the big move-in.
I remember first walking in: I was amazed at how much light there was. Sunlight, too! It burst through every window, shining in every direction. The wooden floor was glowing a soft, warm, chocolaty hue. The only downer was that cringe-worthy wallpaper, but, honestly, that stuff doesn’t deserve a place in a memory like this.
I dropped my parents’ luggage and walked out of the foyer hypnotized, continuing down the hall towards the kitchen. The endless sunlight had come from these massive arches of glass which lined the back wall along the kitchen and living room. The white marble counters in the kitchen looked like fresh snow, and not the dirty, grimy snow I was used to in the city. It was as though a dam had burst through the panes, letting
:iconaw3somejon:Aw3someJon 3 2
To Snap The Legs Of A Table
To Snap The Legs Of A Table
“Tell me exactly what you saw, okay? Make it easier for the both of us and get this over with.”
“…I… Okay, yeah, I understand you’re upset, kid. Obviously, whatever happened must have been pretty messed up. But I really don’t feel like playing good cop, or bad cop for that matter. I’d like to play get-shit-done cop, so open up.”
…I really don’t want to talk to her. I feel like I can’t breathe. Breath after breath keeps going in and out, in and out, yet I feel like I’m not getting enough air. My mind is swimming, but my face can only look down at the dimly lit table in a dampened gaze. I’ve gotta say something, but what? For one thing, people like her scare me, and fear is the last thing I need. I’m practically drunk with anxiety. I’m light headed, I’m tired, I’m scared… And they’re dead, my very own friends. And d
:iconaw3somejon:Aw3someJon 0 0
Saint April Anew
Divers Daffodillies and a sea of many lilies,
Swayed in the newly freed zephyr.
Such a sunny sea, a honey sweet sea
Glazed in trees and heathers.
Blue dawn tea flowing above chicks and fawns,
Reach thine finger, touch the tea whilst it dances.
For its flat form takes shapes in lachrymose dawn.
Then cloudbursts charge, with raindrop lances.
And seas collide, Winter's suicide.
Sky's flesh tears, glory falls and sunlight churns.
Newly replenished flowers doth bloom in beauteous tides,
Young Saint April, thou hath Returned!
:iconaw3somejon:Aw3someJon 0 1
December innocence
The snow came down
Completely null of all spite.
From the far reaches of heaven
Rained down the myriad whites.
Their meager bodies floating,
Meandering around one another
Just skirting my skin
The caress of a mother.
The beauty comes at once
Deep into lachrymose eyes
An untouched, antebellum world
devoid of paints and dyes
And all around I hear
The silent threnodic call
The numbed fear I felt of death
Now meant nothing at all.
This is my paradise
This icy sepulchral vale
Lay down upon my face the lace
of the frozen sugarcane veil.
:iconaw3somejon:Aw3someJon 1 5


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Jon Vogt
United States
Current Residence: MA
Favourite genre of music: I'm liberal about my music ^.^
Favourite style of art: Abstract, landscape, anthro
MP3 player of choice: Ipod
Skin of choice: Furry
Favourite cartoon character: Gir, why not?


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