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Mobility (devlog)

By Aw0
- megaman x inspired dash
- directional broom toss (
broom toss animation can be cancelled out of to allow for easier followups)
- combos feel better
- enemies bounce off walls when hit with a heavy attack
- movement speed increased.

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CritCorsac's avatar
This looks really impressive!
aqzaqz525's avatar
i love the game concept!
InvisibleSniper's avatar
Congrats on being in popular in 24h. 
Aw0's avatar
I was?! O.o wow
Heart-und-Seoul's avatar
What's that counter at the top?
EdvinDraw's avatar
That is the count of how much dust there is remaining!
Heart-und-Seoul's avatar
cause it doesn't seem to go down, just bounce around a lot.  Do the dust bunnies produce a ton of them?
EdvinDraw's avatar
Yes! The Dust Bunnies produce more dust, when they move around!
Heart-und-Seoul's avatar
Are you part of the project?
EdvinDraw's avatar
No, I am not...
Dragancah's avatar
Phenomenal work. 
ItinerantDjuradhan's avatar
You can spam the crap out of those air dashes, apparently. Not that I'm complaining.
Delta250's avatar
''megaman x''
I'll have your entire stock.
mightybearrr's avatar
This is looking good as hell so far, dude

Also is that a portrait of Isabelle from AC after the table with the bottles on it?
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