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Nov 21, 2015, 10:41:22 PM
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Such a long time, I enteres and saw it, so unusual, covered with water, wonderful!
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Great piece! Very beautiful! Clap 
aw-sam-1's avatar
Thank you so much :hug:.
Like the title I had a sleepless night making it :stare:.
aw-sam-1's avatar
Many thanks :highfive:.
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That looks so comfortable Meow :3 
aw-sam-1's avatar
It could be, if you don't mind fish nibbling on you :fish:.
Sterreko's avatar
If it's those fish which eat dead skin, like what happens
sometimes in pedicures... I guess I don't mind XD
aw-sam-1's avatar
Hahahaha! That explains why her skin is flawless...
Sterreko's avatar
Wow, you're right! I really want a bed like that right now...
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Oh wow such a nice image!
I love the idea of turning her bed into a beach with the ocean as a blanket! I admit, the arm which is over the ocean around the armpit and then fades into the ocean kinda gives me a headache about how it works but tbh I love this paradox here! Since it's so unexpected and magical! Water being kinda fluid and kinda stable, such a nice thing to add here! I also really like that you gave her as a top some seaweed/vines since it gives her some mermaid-vibes!
I feel a bit sorry for her since she doesn't sleep on a pillow xD
I also think you did a good job with the lightning however I do think the hair on (from our view) left side should be a bit more brightened up from the light! But this is nothing too big, I didn't noticed it super quickly xD

What actually gave me a headache was the title. Maybe it's me but whenever I am at the seaside I usually sleep withing seconds xD So I find it curious to use Insomnia with a beach-themed bed and I am curious to find out the reason!

Anyways, to sum it up I love this magical feeling this image gives me, I like the mermaid feels it gives off and with the warm colours you've used I really even feel the summer! You did an amazing job, keep it up!
aw-sam-1's avatar
Thanks so much as usual :hug:.

I admit the arm on the water was quite a debate to do. Initially the arm was simply on top of the water but the ocean looked like a regular cool looking blanket. Making the arm enter the ocean made it be more water body blanket since its entering into it (if it makes sense). What can I say, I do love paradoxes :D.

XD the hair on the left side is dark to hide the poor hair selection masking I did while cropping her out (the shame :ashamed:).

As for the title I initially wanted ones like "mermaid", "seaside" or "on the beach" type of title but my sis (who happened to walk in when I was posting it) said "the bed looks so warm and cosy, why can't she sleep?", and bingo insomnia (loved the paradox of it all).

Thanks so much for the feedback and critique :huggle:.
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You're really welcome!

And I bet but I honestly like the idea of having both extremes in one picture!

And hey, on the first 2 sights I didn't even realize the lightning on the hair xD
So it's really not a major thing at all!

Ohhh! Although I like your initial ideas, too!
But of course I came up with a few things to interpret this picture:
My first, own interpretation is based on the little mermaid. Since she gives me mermaid-vibes it would suit the story how her lower half of the body (of course with the mermaid tail) is bound with the ocean while the top part, especially her head, is on the ground. Showing how her mind, her thoughts are with the surface and that she wants to be human (which is why the water is also "stable") while her lower body makes mer bound to her roots and her being a mermaid!

My 2nd interpretation fits the title! Since an ocean is always in movement (ebb and flow) maybe this is why the poor little mermaid can't sleep because the ocean is also "not sleeping!

Nevertheless, I really like this image and you're really welcome! <3
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I could have combined it to something like "Insomniac Beauty and the Beach" :love:.
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Yeah! Or simply the little mermaid since I think it suits super well here, as well!
aw-sam-1's avatar
Yeah!!! It's simple and sweet :love:.
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ADG7's avatar
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Why thank you so much :hug:.
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great work and great idea :D
aw-sam-1's avatar
Thanks so much :handshake:.
It was among my most challenging photomaip yet.
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I would like to sleep in that bed!
aw-sam-1's avatar
Me too!
Good thing about it is you don't have to get out of it to take a whiz(no one will ever know you went "number 1" on it :giggle:).
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