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Hey guys! I figured I should open up commissions since it's the summer and I've got some free time. I'd like to start saving up for textbook costs in the upcoming school year. Also, I think my tablet is nearing the end of its lifetime. It's actually 8 years old (I'm on the Graphire 4)! I hadn't realised how old this thing is! I'd like to have some money saved so that when this actually goes kaput, I'll be able to get a replacement! <3

NOTE: If you've been keeping an eye on my commissions info, you'll probably notice that it keeps changing. I'm trying to figure out the best way to display the information without it becoming too overwhelmed with text since my Premium Membership expired recently. The information and prices are still the same.


The boring, but important stuff. Please read and agree to these terms before commissioning me.

» I reserve the right to decline any commission request without question.

» I only accept payment via PayPal in Canadian Dollars. Payment is due after the sketch preview has been approved. If your commission totals more than $100, I am happy to discuss a payment plan.

» I reserve the right to adjust pricing before I start your commission depending on difficulty or if you wish to place a rush order*.

» Commissions are non-refundable. However, if I am unable to complete a commission for any reason, you will receive a full refund regardless of the work I've put into it. I will also send you the unfinished commission. I will not issue refunds for any other reason.

» I reserve the right to display your commission in my portfolio. I may also display your commission on DeviantArt. However, you may request your commission not to be displayed on DeviantArt. Full credits to your character will always accompany the commission.

» The commission prices below only cover personal, non-commercial use only. You may make icons, banners and other graphics out of the commission. However, you may not profit off of it in any way such as publishing it in a book that you are selling. You may not make prints of it to sell.

» I will request your approval during certain steps of the commission process. After you have approved a stage, you may not later tell me to make a major change that you have already approved. For example, if you have approved a sketch, you may not request me to change the pose during the rendering stage. After the commission has been completed, you may not request any more changes. However, if it is a detail that I have missed, you may let me know and I will happily correct it.

*I will always have a target date in which your commission should be finished, although this is not a strict deadline. Please remember that this target date is only an approximation and not a guarantee. For a rush order, you are giving me a set deadline and it must be at least a week.



     :bulletpink: BUSTS » $5
     » Samples:
     » add $5 for each additional character
     » add $2.50 for colour

     :bulletpink: WAIST-UP » $10
     » Samples:
     » add $10 for each additional character
     » add $2.50 for colour

     :bulletpink: FULL BODY » $20
     » Samples:
     » add $20 for each additional character
     » add $5 for colour


     :bulletpink: BUSTS » $35
     » Samples:
     » add $30 for each additional character; 2 characters max*

     :bulletpink: WAIST-UP » $50
     » Samples: ---
     » add $40 for each additional character; 2 characters max*

     :bulletpink: FULL BODY » $65
     » Samples:
     » add $60 for each additional character; 2 characters max*

*Two characters max means one character full price and the next two characters at discounted price. This only applies when you order all three at once.


Call this a preemptive strike.

How do I order?
Please send me a note. Be as detailed as you possibly can. There is no such thing as too much detail. Alternatively, you may e-mail me at

How do I know if you're accepting commissions?
I will have [OPEN] on the title of this journal. I will also likely advertise it around my DeviantArt. For slots, they are on my front page where the DeviantID is.

How long is the commission going to take?
It depends on the complexity. Something like a sketch will take less than a week while more complex and ridiculously complex ones might take a few weeks to months. I'll usually let you know a target turnaround before you commission me, although this is not a set deadline. It is just an approximation.

Is my commission going to be high-resolution?
Yes, I always work at 300 dpi. The size will vary depending on the composition of the commission. Usually, I work at A4-A6 size. All commissions, unless otherwise stated, are done in digital format (even the sketches). I do not send prints of the commissions... mainly because I have yet to find a nice place that can do them.

What are you willing/not willing to draw?
I'm open to drawing whatever, as long as I'm confident that it will be worth what you're paying for. Just ask me via note!

I want something that's not listed.
Just note me and we can discuss it! I'm really open to just about anything as long as I'm confident that I can make it worth your money.
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