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So I'm in serious need of drawing men. I figured I should do a series of some sort for practice. I won't give myself any time limit for these since I'm terrible at making deadlines for personal projects.

So I am stumped for the first one which is A (duh XD). Who would you guys like to see? I'll take suggestions for about 2 weeks. Whichever character who gets the most votes will be drawn so if you see one that's already been suggested that you like, go ahead and put your vote on that! In case of a tie, I'll be the tie breaker.

In A Nutshell:
- character's name must start with A
- most votes win
- no original characters please

- Alistair (Dragon Age): 2
- Anders (Dragon Age): 1
- Old Aang (ATLA): 1

Soooo... expect more manly mens in my gallery!
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Alistair from Dragon Age <3!
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:D I'm gonna have a fun time with his armour if the vote picks him! 2 for him so far (I think)! :D
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Ouuuuu! I never thought of him for some reason!!
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I wonder why XDDDDDDDDDD
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Hahahaha! Not sure! I remember just thinking so hard about A characters and I couldn't think of any.
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But old Aang is so manly, especially with his beard :iconheplz:

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I don't know whyyyy! ;_; I feel so ashamed! Sorry Aang! :D
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Then, you should just paint Aang now :iconheplz:
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I am SO TEMPTED. I'll probably do Aang and the poll winner. Because Aang.
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I like manly mens! :D
(And this idea!)
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I need to practice my manly mens! :D Do you have a suggestion mayhaps?
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Well I do!
But their names don't start with A... XD
Would you like them anyway? ;A;
If not I can wait too it's okay!
(They look pretty...manly in my opinion! XDD )
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Hang onto them. :) I'll do some that are my own and some up for vote hehe :D I'm not sure which ones are up for vote yet. :>
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Okay no problem! :D
I am definitely going to vote!
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Dude I'm stuck between Anders or Alistair :l

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Which series did they come from? :D I'm assuming Alistair is from Dragon Age? I have no idea who Anders is though... :<
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Hehe they're both from dragon age I forgot to say haha :c
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