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Tree Climber

I'm totally the greatest with titles. Hahaha! /fail

This is my contest entry for *AnTheilo's Welcome to Belora contest! We're supposed to illustrate ourselves as one of the races in her world and I chose the Kalentos Vedthakki. I guess this is me sneaking off to a quiet place in the forest which I'm opt to do if I could climb trees! XD

I don't really look like that. ;_; I tried my best though since drawing likenesses isn't my forte. Hahaha!

EDIT: Changed up the lighting based on ~Bellefeegore and ~lou2209's suggestions! <333 Thank you dears!


Kalentos Vedthakki/Belora © *AnTheilo.
Reference by `faestock.
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Amazing job, the coloring and details are very well done. :) (Smile)
Lambii's avatar
lovely character and the background is really lovely as well^^
HitomiHypnoGuy's avatar
Pretty good. I like how the background is simple in its silhouette style with enveloping light, yet looks very good regardless and compliments the foreground very nicely. Elegant.
Dessinmaitre's avatar
Nice work with the depth of field and the rim lighting. 
Jacklionheart's avatar
Nice character, like your play with light and shaddow.
Dumbass-Red's avatar
Good job! the talent is! try and be sure to become a somebody!
aixconan4ever's avatar
This is just amazing :'D
wangqr's avatar
this is very very well done :XD: i admire how detailed u went for the leaves, and the sunlight fracturing on her back is just.. beautiful :)
Kannacchi's avatar
She's beautiful! I love how the light is filtering through the trees. And the sparkles on her dress owo
avymus's avatar
Thank you so much! <3 Hehe, I love sparkles! I really do! :)
capyBAKA's avatar
The shimmers on her dress are beautiful <3
avymus's avatar
Thank you so much Kayla! <33
lou2209's avatar
Geez that background is gorgeous! Its so soft and dreamlike! I just want to touch it.

Theres something about the speckley lighting parts that aren't quite right though. Like there is light (i'm guessing its the sun?) coming from the back but from looking at the speckley parts the light is coming from somewhere else (that also seems to be the sun.) Okay I'm back at explaining maybe someone else will notice and explain it better than me and actually be helpful XD

Nevertheless this is beautiful! And I'm pretty sure you have a fair chance of winning for sure :D
avymus's avatar
Waaaah! Thanks so much! *u*

Yeah, I totally oversaturated the speckles so I went outside and checked to see how they would look like. Not quite 100% realistic still but it's closer! :) My reasoning for the lighting is that the part behind is more of an overall glow and the part immediately behind her has a gap up in the trees? It made more sense in my head, hahaha! But I see what you're saying. The sun looks like it's coming from behind instead of the overall glowy thing! Tweaking more, tweaking. :) I think desaturating the background would make it better. Thanks so much Sophie! <333
lou2209's avatar
No problemo :3
And it looks even more awesomer now :D
avymus's avatar
It's definitely less confusing now! Thanks for the critique, man! I super duper appreciates! <3
SaephireArt's avatar
this is really great :)
just one thing: i was wondering why i feel uncomfortable with the sun spot: in fact ur sun is in front of us, and the sun spot are above her, see what i mean? And if u allow me one more thing, all ur sun spot are in the same colours. Maybe it'd be better with a lighter color on everything: for the skin, for the wood...

but anyway, i lover this <3
avymus's avatar
Thank you Bellefeegore! *u* I took your critique and changed up that light peeking from the trees on the girl (the tree canopy is covering most of her but the leaves have gaps so the light is coming through in some areas... at least that's how I reasoned it in my head). I went outside and checked to see how they would look like and this is my best attempt on it! <3 You were absolutely correct on the colour I used at first and it threw everything off completely! Thank you! <33
SaephireArt's avatar
u welcome ;D

i'm glad if i could help!
i prefer this way :p look at :iconxa-xa-xa: (from ankama) illustration if u want, he uses a lot of sun spot, and he does amazing work, its a good way to learn too! :p
avymus's avatar
Super appreciate it! <3 I always like critiques since oftentimes I get blinded to my own mistakes, especially if it's a large piece that I'm working on for hours on end.

Oh wow, he has an awesome grasp of sun spots! His work would be a nice reference in the future (without having to step outside). :D Thank you for the recommendation! <3
SaephireArt's avatar
no problem with pleasure ^^

its true that when u work a lot of time on a piece, u cannot see all the mistakes :p
HeartIsIce's avatar
Oh my gosh this is so stunning. I don't have any words. The light is beautiful and magical.
avymus's avatar
Thank you so much, dear! <333
themorningelegance's avatar
woowowowowoowow such nice colours TT u TT
I love it
there goes my chance of winning ;v;

good luck

lol I'm still working on mine but it will never look that awesome ;A; sdfksdfjksl but herpderp your entry is so epic *u*
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