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The Sun Provides For Us All

Detail Shots: [link]

*throws hands up* Titles... whyyyy? It's in reference to the mural thing by the way because I can't think of anything else hahaha. :)

It’s finally done guys! Almost 20 hours later! I’m such a horribly, horribly slow person. I’m still tweaking Idris so she’s probably going to have certain characteristics change every time I draw her. But that’s alright because she’s still a developing character. Speaking of changes, I already have a plan for the next tweak in her face paint.

The background mural thing is too Egyptian for my tastes. I referenced Egyptian art (I couldn’t find decent ancient ancient South American for some reason). Essentially, it should be a nice cross between the two ancient cultures. But this is what you get for not thinking ahead! Hahaha! Oh well, live and learn for the next one! But I AM extremely proud of the embroidery!

Oh, mysterious purple light is mysterious (I wish it was foreshadowing but it isn’t hahaha).


Idris Vakarri/Carrion © ~avymus.
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This came out sooooo beautifully! She's gorgeous! Great costume details, metallic sheen, and the background is perfectly textured. :heart:
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Thank you, Mia! <333 I'm so glad!! *u* I was worried about the metals because... metals why you so hard to render? :D But I'm super stoked it turned out! <33
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Omg how do you paint. :iconlazycryplz:
I love love love her face! Her eyes are so intense and piercing oh my. I don't really have any more to say apart from this being damn awesome. You keep getting better and better.
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Ahahaha! Thank youuuu!! *u* <333 I'm so glad you like it! This makes me so happy to hear that I'm improving. It's just... yes. ;v;
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I don't think there are enough words to describe the beauty that is Idris. :love:
The new outfit looks amazing! ;A; Love it, love everything about it!
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Awwwww! Thank youuuu! *u* <33 I must've spent like 5 hours on the face alone haha! That's my sickness! XD I'm glad you like the outfit! Nothing she would pick personally but I figured some embellishment is needed to show her status. :D

Her original outfit sort of made a comeback as well! I decided that the fabric should be shorter and hits by the hip instead of mid-shin from the original design (need to draw it from head to toe to make sure it doesn't look apron-y).

I still need to reply to all those messages! I will! So sorry for being such a slowpoke! The past couple of days have been hectic (but I got to squeeze in like 2 hours to finish this haha)!~ <333
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You're welcome! :hug:
5 hours well spent! <3 She is just so gorgeous!
I think the outfit really suits her! It definitely looks like she's in a position of power. :)

The original made a comeback? :D Yaay!
I love that outfit on her so much! <3 That will forever be in my memory of the first time I fell in love with Idris! :love: I can't wait to see the new version!

No it's okay! ;A; I'm slow too! (Shows starting up again... )
Don't worry, it's been just as chaotic over here! XD
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Yeah, I think so! I think that even if she's not the accessorizing type, she'd still have some of the embellishments I think. :D

Yeah, a little bit! Around her waist mostly if you can see it with the cut out back and the longer piece in front. :D I opted to over her top more than the spaghetti/tank-like top from before. I think this is a happy medium! :D

Oh my gosh, I found friends for my dog and we're out with them for long periods of time which is why I haven't been online for a few days (and I had to go downtown and other places at the same time). I'd come home pooped and I'd just sleep! D:
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Embellishments are always good for a status symbol! :D

Yes! I don't think it looks very apron-y at all!
It all works together!
I can't get over her expression...So much to look at there!
You did a really nice job on that for sure!

Your found doggie friends?! :D
That's great!
(Don't worry about it! With the new show starting up, I haven't had a whole lot of time either! ;A; And same! I just want to come home and sleep too! XD )
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Mmm-hmm! :D I think it's because it takes a lot of skill to do and care and probably ace materials = more expensive. Hopefully I'm correct in my assumptions, Kesani! :D

Awww thanks! XD She's orginally supposed to have more scowly but then I always draw her scowly. I should paint her smiling one day! Maybe... if she'll let me! XD

Yeah! Oh gosh! We come home smelling like wet dog and doggie drool every day (there's a German Shepherd that loves drooling on Mila)! My mom isn't too thrilled by that! XD
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I want to know how the gold leaf-filigree-like pattern was done? :D I am loving that!

This doesn't look scowly at all to me! If I had to say, I would say that this is her "normal expression", or at least that's what it looks like to me! BUT SO PRETTY! ;A;

There is a doggie who likes to drool on your doggie? XD
This is a story I have to hear!
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Oh, I'd totally be glad to make a step-by-step on that. Give me a couple of days for that. (:

Hahaha yeah, she's got the natural bitch face! XDDD At least, if she was real it'll look like that. :D She'll probably be annoyed at people always telling her to smile. XD

Oh yes, her name is Lady (she's a German Shepherd). She always leaves shiny drool on Mila's head.
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