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Rachael🍃👁 new drawing
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I loved being beautiful
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This is a beautiful piece of art. 
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Yes, nicely done
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So beautiful. Well done.
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Those perfect colors really make this stand out! :love:
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Beautiful artwork.
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Beautiful achievement with such little work. The exercise of trying to get something to look the way you want or to be readable by doing as few strokes as possible. Great work! Also an incredible new film. I just went and saw it tonight.
Sean Young
 in young
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Beautifully done!
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Woah, the lipstick looks like blood or cherries. So awesome! *o*
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SUPERB !!!!!!!!!!!!
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Wow. Looks great. Feels a bit like Westworld + Blade Runner crossover. In Westworld when they're creating the hosts (androids) they are all white first. 
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The red lipstick is a fabulous touch; it really brings out the loveliness in this piece.
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I recognized her in the thumbnail! :love:
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this is absolutely amazing! the detail is amazing.
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Happy late Friday the 13th
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That is so beautifully done
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