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Back2Future II

By avsociety
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following the first Back2Future compilation, this time it's ~framesofreality and ^micro-D putting their hands on the AVSociety back catalogue
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i hate Micro.D
why did he use AVStrans?
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wondering how difficult this was for you. i remember when ~zen-x and i did the first volume we suffered for a while.
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Where I could find "VJControl" APE?
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likwid emotion is one of my faves.
Holes would be better without that ugly pink tone. It's perfect for the 'hole' but it looks bad on the rest.
micro.D seems quite happy with his VHS effect ;) but no worries, it's cool
60s/90s :w00t:
Katatonic isn't too strong IMO

the vjcontrol ape is missing from the installer
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oh vjcontrol was just a toggle button for enabling the manual tapping of the bpm. it's not important for home viewing anyway.
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pimpbot does not support vjcontrol and i don't see why it should (it doesn't add any visual effects). however, which preset requires that one?
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btw, did you get the pimpbot translation request i sent by email?
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yea, I got it.
A faster way is to either drop a note here on dA or a PM on winamp.com. I don't always check that email address.

Mail sent
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please check again, forgot something :)
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uhm.. i got 99 users and a bitch ain't none
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heh yes, it's not always too obvious which account you're using.

I know VJcontrol isn't a popular APE, but I still think that if an APE is used in a preset, it should also be in the installer. Goes for other ones too IMHO.
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presets n. 04, 07, 09, 11, 12, 14, 16, 17 and 20 really caught my eyes
very good pack!
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if intros were outros
that ugly wrap again, come on! apart from that i like the effect, the font could need some shadow though

broken vasarely tower
loved the original version, love this one. probably my favourite in the pack, though i was never sure about those dust particles.

red hot chili peppers (minimoid remix)
classic preset, probably prefer the other version you showed me

lumping (nyálmix)
lucky tonic to receive such a great remix. actually this is my favourite in the pack, screw that old tower!

zoomed picture from one insect (on a 10-years-old vhs tape)
wait a minute, can i change my mind on the favourite? ;)

interpolum (dereferer mix)
simply terrible, must be done by someone pretending to be framey

if 60s were 90s (paranormal remix)
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i'm quite happy with this pack, even if micro pwnz me in many ways.
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