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:iconavs3d:avs3d posted a status
Been super busy and I'm trying to free up more time to do several scenes in one batch upload rather than just one. Please bear with me, thanks!

Devious Comments

Shanna1600 Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2017
Try not to fret over that kind of thing ... sometimes it's better to only release and image or two at a time so that people can really delve into them and leave comments and such; sometimes that gets lost when an entire batch of pictures gets posted at once.

But however you choose to do it, it is really nice that you are willing to share your art on here with us!!!!
avs3d Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2017
I like your point and it gives busy guys like me more breathing space, lol! I forecast that this story will have at least 1000 pictures, if I take it slow it might take a year to finish :P
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