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Recently I’ve been hearing all the rage about Discord, it’s the go-to place for uploading art. Do you guys have any channels to recommend, for fighting or boxing? If it’s a better place there then I’ll just shift all my stuff hmm
The 21st Birthday Bash is 95% complete and I’ll release it this week on Lulu.

To those following Tribal Tribulations 2, in case you missed out the update, I’m starting the story on 1st of May and not 14 April. It doesn’t make sense for you to pledge a month’s worth of money while I can only send to you half of it.

The Thailand Fight is 30% complete.
I got two updates! Number one, the 21st Birthday Bash is 80% complete. Hopeful release at the end of this month or early April.

Number two, and the one I’m more keen on: Tribal Tribulations 2. Now Tribal Tribulations is a long, long story because of the plot and if I release it only on Lulu you’d have to wait for a millennium. I learned something: with Patreon, you can bring long stories to life easier because you can go step by step. So, I plan to start a temporary Patreon for this. Temporary because, after the story is complete, you can withdraw your pledge, then I’ll update Patreon again after I have a new story. I also realized that Patreon is the safer way to make NSFW stories so let’s rock it! Unlike my old Patreon, I will make updates DAILY. And I’ll be getting a large batch of images ready first so that there will be no delays.

I’ll start this Patreon on April 14.

And oh just one more thing, I’m still consulting with people on Thai culture. It’s very different from what we have in the West. Different from the Asian characters I’ve portrayed too. I want to get that story up, I like the uniform!
Hi everyone, this is yet another paranoid rambling from me maybe, lol. Ever since I opened Lulu in August last year, the longest I’ve gone without a sale is 5 days and that’s happened to me only thrice. So every two to three days, someone would buy a book at least.

But in the most recent two weeks I’ve sold nothing. Since Feb 22. I checked with Lulu’s support and the assistant said my store’s working fine and the sales report is always updated. So that made me suspicious. Of course the most likely thing that happened is I’m just unlucky, still I googled just to be sure, and can’t find any site pirating my books. Google doesn’t crawl everything however, like some yahoo groups. So if anyone has any information I’d be very grateful.

Of course, I really hope that I’m just unlucky.
I got a few common questions about this so I’ll answer them here. First and foremost allow me to be really blunt that I don’t intend this to be a very long story so I’m sorry to the jungle lovers out there. What I have in mind is around 17 images, half show one outcome, the other half shows the other. There are no alternate outcomes, to me, both outcomes are equally legit. The endings of this story might be offensive to hypersensitive people who like to take offense to everything (a trend these days) but, well, I simply don’t care about such people, lol.

How did this story came about? I previously had thoughts of making it a series and part of my paid works. But over time I just couldn’t find a plot that’s convincing or interesting enough to keep the series going, or even get it started at all. So I decided to scrap the project. But I had earlier promised a viewer that I would be making a jungle fight story featuring a blonde and an African and I’m not a fan of breaking my promises, so that’s how this jungle fight manifested. And I’m happy with the response the story’s got so far. It’s encouraging.

What I’m not too happy about is Zola’s design. It’s a half-baked job to be honest. I was pressed for time so I couldn’t put in all the detail into her design. I have other African characters which I thought of using in place of her but all of them are also works in progress so I decided to go ahead with Zola. The new African characters will be used for my other stories once their design is complete and passed my own quality check. Like how it was with Nkeoma and Letoya.
I’m going to start the year by halting production of Angel Fight temporarily and focusing on my free stories for you here :) Jungle Queens will go live in a few days, Cyan Vs Vermillion and Maid Fight will continue to completion. I hope this year will be a great one for all of you!
Merry Christmas everyone! This year has been a great year for my art and it’s all because of each and every one of you who’ve supported me. I couldn’t be more grateful, I couldn’t ask for more. As time goes by my library shows more and more stories with more themes and variety, without your encouragement I would’ve given up a long time ago.

When I first started Lulu I reached nearly a thousand dollars with the release of Maid Fight 2 and some old stories, and on months when I don’t release anything new, I average about 500 dollars on old content alone (with 9 books to date). This isn’t just the money that makes me happy, it’s because even though some stories have passed on for a very long time, there are still people who are interested. And the buyers who bought the Sheriff’s boxing story even before I made the guys really made my day. You have no idea how elated I was!

So come 2019, what’s in store? Here are my plans.

Free content-wise, I wish to start off with the jungle battle. Yes, too many changes of plans with this one because of my personal schedule. At first I wanted this to be my Christmas gift to all of you but because I was too busy, I’ll make this my New Year gift instead.  So stay tuned! And...damn it I need to finish Maid Fight. The story’s been hanging there for eternity, it needs its conclusion.

Paid content-wise, Angel Fight is 30% complete. Qiuyue and Meja have such great chemistry together and it’s so fun illustrating their battle. This story will also hint at my upcoming story on the Great Asian-Caucasian war, also to be released this year. So that’s two story from the East-West conflict.

Then we have Tribal Tribulations 2. Some early work has started and this explores the relationship between Aquene and Nkeoma in more depth, and how it is influenced by the outlaw hired by the Mayor.

Some other catfight stories to be released are about a blonde vs brunette in the Victorian era. I’ve decided to let Meja star in this so it’s like a fantasy battle. Then, we have my very first Indian catfight (in India, not the U.S.).

And oh, what about boxing? In the past few months there’s been a noticeable increase in watchers who are into boxing. While boxing is a ‘by the way’ kind of thing since my passion is in catfights, I’m VERY excited to bring to you my boxing stories because they involve topics which I’m passionate about. Already, you can see that I’m doing some ‘experiments’ behind the scenes, and I’ve talked about involving the US President in my future stories so you have a hint on where I’m going.

Continuing from the Sheriff’s story, I’ll cover what happened after Kim Vs Elena in an upcoming title. Some weren’t happy about the ending I know, but that was a deliberate act of mine. There’s more to be explored: what happened to secret agent Kim after she lost??

And since you guys like blondes vs brunettes AND boxing so much I already have a new and separate story in mind that covers these two elements. For now I’ll give two hints about them: firstly, Julia from Hospital Hostilities will star as the blonde fighter. Secondly, the story is greatly inspired by a film in the 70s :)

About commissions, I’m doing commissions for two viewers now, one catfight and one boxing. The catfight story is long, nearly 30 images while the boxing story is brief, 3 images.

That’s it from me for now, these are the titles I’ve committed to bring to you in 2019. I hope you enjoy the remainder of the year and may next year be an even better one!
I just discovered that Qiuyue had a surge of 9 votes in a row all within a day. This happened just a day after Meja suddenly had a similar trend of 11 votes continuously and now they have the same number of votes. To prevent any further spamming I've cancelled the poll. I'm very, very happy to fulfill the wishes of my viewers but it's disappointing to see that some will go about the system to get what they want. But maybe as a consolation I should be glad that someone takes my fictional girls so seriously, lol.

I have already determined the winner by the toss of the coin but if you have any suggestions on how I can still poll effectively I'll be glad to hear your suggestions.

But if there's really no way, the next best way I can think of - with the viewers' interests in mind, is to let everyone write in with their winner of choice with their reason(s) for picking them. The most convincing entry determines the winner. That's really all I can think of.
Guys do you still remember my 2nd story here on DA? Chic Fight - Allison vs Rhonda in the toilet and Allison wins with poop? Well the poop pics have been removed by DA, lol. I went, “wtf you got to be shitting me (pun intended).” I don’t quite get how faeces is deemed dangerous while pics depicting blood and gore are allowed to stand but anyway it’s all good. I just find this very amusing.
Does anyone here with a PayPal Business Account have had to verify and submit proof of what they sell / URL / proof of shipping? Apparently I was told that’s the case and if so, my plan to build my own store gets blown to bits. I can’t let them know what I do since they’d know my name.

I also just realized that Lulu only withholds 30% of revenue if the buyer is in the US. I’m not sure if registering a Lulu account and putting your location as anywhere outside the US would bypass this, but if you all would be so kind, ha ha ;)
Well what I can say, what the actual fuck. Just when I thought I’d found the perfect place, now I’m slapped with a huge withholding tax liability by Lulu. Well ok it’s not Lulu’s fault per se, the revenue department imposes a withholding tax for sellers like me who reside outside the US. That means I’m losing a HUGE amount of money, it all goes into the pockets of the greedy corporations, lobbyists, shoutout to Occupy…ah never mind.

I’m scouting for other places where I can sell my stuff but the main criterion I have is anonymity. I was looking at eCommerce platforms like Shopify and unless I’m a registered corporation or business entity, my name will be visible to people who buy my stuff. So the paradise I seek is where I retain most of the revenue AND my anonymity, and that one and only place so far is….fucking Patreon. And I am not getting on Patreon again I swear.

So guys if you know of the Promised Land by all means I’m all ears. I could still sell on Lulu and avoid the tax by using an ISBN registered elsewhere, but to my knowledge ISBNs have to be registered within the seller’s country of residence and again I can’t do that because of that anonymity issue. If anyone has an idea of this ISBN workaround I’ll be glad to hear it too.

In the meantime I’m working on these commissions (sans Patreon, I can work on commissions on a satisfactory pace). Check them out:
- Hairpulling catfight (Wife War) for Brollywacker, see
- Greek fight for DerMONARCH, in the works

Thanks everyone as always for your support, you guys keep me going!
Maid Fight

1. The original Maid Fight story was to involve two individuals only. Later I expanded it to include the ethnic groups that these two maids belong to. I find the tension and clashes between Caucasian and Asian women to be very titillating. Google "Bi-2 Durochka" on YouTube to see a white girl defeat an Asian girl, both clad in bikinis. It's one of my most favorite catfights to date and I'd really appreciate any other EvW recommendations you may have.

2. But understandably for many, especially in the US the topic of race is an uncomfortable one. I'm not a fan of excessive political correctness however. The lengths that Americans go to avoid offending others or take offense at the slightest thing is somewhat weird and even amusing to me. At where I'm at, people are more relaxed when talking about color.

3. East vs West isn't a popular theme among a Western audience too. Maybe because in reality both groups get along very well. I've noticed a large demand for Black vs White catfights. I'm personally not really a fan of this genre but if the viewers want it then why not? Which leads me to the next story....

Jungle Queens Battle

4. A blonde vs an African jungle queen. But this unlike Maid Fight isn't a racial and political story. They're just about two individuals vying to take control of a kingdom.

5. Production is underway but it will take long. Rendering this story consumes a lot of resources. 

Chic Fight's Sequels

6. BvW stories will be further expanded on continuing from Rhonda's loss to Alison in Chic Fight. The next story was to be about them fighting as nuns in a church but this will take a backseat.

Tribal Tribulations

7. I especially enjoyed making Tribal Tribulations. The whole story was born in my head early last year. Researching Native American and African women, tribes and customs was very exciting and the thought of pitting both groups was especially enjoyable.

8. Usually people like to see the underdog beat the dominant one like maybe a Native American beating a cowgirl, but there's something very interesting about two underdogs with a common enemy fighting each other instead.

9. Also, this story expands on dark skin vs dark skin as an appreciative viewer rightfully put it.

10. Tribal Tribulations 2 will further elaborate on the relationship between Aquene and Nkeoma. Personally I think they have a lot of chemistry. Especially as opponents in battle. 


11. Further stories will take a backseat for now. 

12. I guess many aren't satisfied with Kim VS Elena's ending but like I mentioned, I did so with the purpose of expanding the plot between them.
It's been exactly a week since I opened my Patreon site and I have only two words for all: thank you! I am truly grateful for all the support that I've got thus far and this has been a very exciting experience.

I am deeply grateful to the very first Patrons that pledged to my page; it's very encouraging and I pledge in return to continue creating content and improve on both quality and quantity. As I'd announced there, I'm still in the process of trying to bring down cost with regard to rewards so that everyone gets more for less. And of course a very big shout-out to suzukishinji and EdgarSlam for their overwhelming kindness in helping a beginner like me ease onto the platform. Your tips and advice have helped an otherwise lost scout navigate through the cyber jungle. You guys rock! :D

Meanwhile I'd also like to say that I won't be paying any less attention to the DA stories that I'd committed to. I always, always believe in finishing what I've set to create and that's how it was with Chic Fight and Gym Fight. It'll be the same too with Maid Fight, after all that's my very first story that I'd always wanted to share with everyone! Also I'm working on a commission which will soon be announced (uploaded at my client's DA gallery) and after Maid Fight is finished I'll go on with one more story about boxing, before I shift to creating Patreon-only content full-time.

The only change is that regrettably the 'special story' I was working on (for DA) was cancelled because there were too many difficulties in its production and I don't think I can fit it into my schedule. A shame really, I really enjoyed every bit of the process.

Stay tuned folks, the maids, warriors and jealous ladies will go on fighting until you're all successfully cummed out and over :D


Check it out! Here are the current active stories on Patreon:

$5 Tier: Native American vs African!

Mature Content

Buy on Lulu: Tribal Tribulations by avs3d

$10 Tier: Blonde vs Brunette catfight!
<da:thumb id="696746633"/>

Maid Fight will continue as usual here on DA :)
Hi guys,

I'm going to set up my Patreon site after completing the lengthy Maid Fight and a boxing story.

I have two sets of stories I want to run concurrently on Patreon: a Variety series and Boxing series. With the Variety series I'll be giving you guys stories about anything the mind can dream of: schoolgirls, jungle girls, Victorian era girls, geishas, outer space aliens, anything really just anything. The Boxing series is self-explanatory.

What I'm interested to know is what you're interested to see. I'd like to find out what my viewers love best so I can portray it for them. Of course I can't illustrate EVERY single idea and it's most likely that i can't make room for an additional series for now, but sooner or later I will be adding them when I (hopefully) achieve the financial targets specified on Patreon.

So if you like muscular women, feminine ones, interracial fights, belly/pussy punches....anything really just anything, I hope to hear from you.

For this year I'm closing all commission slots indefinitely as I'll be very busy working on a current commissioned series and illustrating my stories at the same time.

This commissioned series I'm working on opened my eyes to an entirely new genre of female fighting, a method of fighting most natural to a woman's instincts. Stay tuned.
A week ago, I celebrated my 6-month anniversary as a content creator on DeviantArt. I've said this before and can't help but to echo it again: never ever in my life had I thought I could and would take this path. I'm very happy that I'm translating the contents of my head into something concrete and visual for the world to see and as long as I have that capability I will continue doing it. Some questions linger in my head however and I want to ask this to my fellow artists here.

Femfight artists: my questions are about identity. We take pride in what we do of course but we know there's a stigma associated with that depicting nudity and the like. Granted, such things enjoy more acceptance and tolerance in the modern world and in particular the West, still there persists a discrimination of sorts of varying degrees. So I'm curious:

Does anyone you know know what you do? Your family and friends, spouse or partner perhaps?
How long do you take to know someone before you finally divulge your profession?
If you're of a very conservative upbringing: do you sometimes take a look at the mirror and ask yourself if what you're doing offends your conscience?

For me, like other forms of art I produce (even without nudity or sensitive issues) I still prefer anonymity. Art is one of those things that tend to lie on the dangerous side especially if it's of an opinionated nature and I am an opinionated person; for the avoidance of any legal or personal repercussions I prefer a pen name. Neither do I think of nudity as something immoral (if anything, the intolerant conservatives who classify it as immoral are more immoral themselves if you ask me). The world can be against what I do anyway but as I said, as long as I have the capability to create, I won't stop.

If you're one who's comfortable to go out in the open about what you do - with your colleagues, family and friends, what gave you the courage to do so? How do you interpret the profession and your pride and identity in relation to it?
I'm open to doing several commissions at this moment. My gallery's still new and my style's evolving, but to get a preview of what you'll get, it's best to refer to my latest Gym Fight commission, Staredown and Chic Fight pics; they reflect my latest methods. Examples:

Mature Content

2,100,000 DA HITS:Dark Side Of Female Boxing by drewhammond


Mature Content

Commission for 3sk0b4r: Gym Fight 8 by avs3d

Mature Content

Chic Fight 4 by avs3d

I haven't got the time to write a list of what I do and don't so if you're keen, PM me and we could sort it out. At this moment all I can say is I do females only. I'm fine with all sorts of fighting - catfighting, boxing, wrestling, traditional MA, MMA, hairpulling etc. Commissions are subject to the materials available in my database.

Rates (with effect from 26 Mar):
Each character: USD15
Background: USD10

Insertion of Crowd: free for background crowd images, if they are 3d model it depends on the number of people in the crowd, this could range from USD30-60. I'm open for discussion.

Every 5 pictures gets you a discount of USD10. Conditions: minimum 2 characters and background in every pic, and all pics must use these same characters and background.

For a discussion please PM/email me.

Contact: Here or
Payment: Paypal