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My Final AVS Preset by avs-king My Final AVS Preset by avs-king
I'm just taking a break you silly people. I'll be back.
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Daily Deviation

Given 2001-09-09
My Final AVS Preset by avs-king is a fantastic final preset from this wonderful artist. The beautiful motion of lines and colours work so well with each other as they do with all of his presets. We all know that life can get in the way of our art, so make sure you download this preset to honor one of the most talented AVS artists out there! Sent via the loving touch of brazensix. ( Featured by devart )
jay-fatboy Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2001
We ll miss ya,man...

zoq Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2001
Kickass. The flame of your inspiration has just become brighter. Great job. Stay Devious 8) (Cool)

faders Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2001

Mr. Canada says:

and this is your legacy, as the honorable king of avs. heh. good job, well deserved DD. see you around, good luck in whatever you choose to do.

Mr. Canada thanks you for your time!
zykk Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2001
what i really love this is how well the colors go seems every color combonation, no matter how usuall they seem, match quite well. and on top of that, the whole thing seems to subtlely shift left. it's a really cool effect..nice!!

my favorite avs is one made by you (Plava AVS). i really love how liquidy that one is.

cya around"

paroxysm Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2001
i know it's been said to death, but those colours are incredible! where's my weed? jk, drugs are bad. 'grats on ds btw. till next time man, good luck with school and stay dvs, yeas!

:: paroxysm ::

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bluenine Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2001

It's been real, man. Thank you for your AVS presets and for being devious. I apprecaite it. Hopefully I'll see you around. Peace.

(`.,,.`. blueNINE
horse-fly Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2001
Wow... I can't imagine devart without you.

Awesome preset, it is good to end with something to be remembered by.

I can't wait to dl another of your presets, when they come out.

By the way, have you seen my wallet. I lost it somewhere in my room and i can't find it.

t-k Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2001
Exceptional work! You leaving will leave an enormous hole in AVS.

But...remember, you never miss the water until its gone.
;) (Wink)

Let Beauty Be UR Drug!

infamous187 Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2001   Interface Designer
This preset tears shit up, thanks for releasing one last preset for the deviants around da w0rld...

Snootchy Boochies!

goldenchild3k Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2001
*tear* Whos going to keep my winamp stocked with tons of avs? We'll miss your presets.

The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits. -- Albert Einstein
ollj Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2001
Salut to AVS King.
zen-x Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2001
Nice work, hope you have sucess in your new experiments.

yogan Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2001
you made many great presets! i wish you the best luck for anything you do now!

.::: yogan :::.
serp Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2001
your avs presets are awesome. i'm sure you'll do great with wallpapers and other stuffs :D (Big Grin)

MattSpire Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2001  Professional Digital Artist
a good preset to leave on, i suppose, works well.

The problem with mankind is he is too intelligent to realise just how stupid he really is.... - Jafo
ja22 Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2001
I'm not going to try to compete with the preceding comments; let me just say: Looks Great!
nemoorange Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2001
Good idea to leave with a kick ass preset. THat's a real dynamic DDM there, looks like the Water Bump almost, I never really experimented with it, so nice job being innovative like that. The DynMove also is great, works really well with the 'scopes. & every bit of it is responsive. Stellar work, too bad you're leaving us, but I have a feeling that you'll find school boring compared to these 'moving pixels' so I won't hold my breathe.

take care buddy.
jsenn Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2001
WELL, here is what I have to say about this!!!....shoot, I can't do it. You have your life. You choose what is best for you. AVS Artists burn out for some reason. Perhaps it is more intense to create one of these pieces of art than it is to watch one. In that case you are all exhausted, all the time, LOL! :D (Big Grin)

You may not know this yet, David, nor even believe it, but there is a subtle intuition, a sensitivity, a greater depth in the art of an older artist, one who has been out in this world awhile. For that reason and because of your excellent talent it has always been my hope that you will never completely leave the creation of AVS art. I want to see some of the AVS art you create when you are 26 and older because I believe it will be phenomenal.

Now go young jackrabbit, do the things you desire, touch all things, and then return, because, I think once you love this art you will return
maybe just to play
and in the play
you may find
you really want to stay.
It's life which makes us sing, David
It's life which makes us cry
Life bides it's time in us
and life will amplify
your way, sir
the way you need to go
and the art you will create
and many more than I will know
the talent I see in you today.
trichomonas Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2001

Wowie,this is cool. I could watch the pretty colors for a while.
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