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Yes that's right. Sadly I have decided that I'm not going to make any more models and templates. This might disappoint a lot of my watchers as I know many people follow me for papercraft rather than my other art but unfortunately after 9 years I don't really have the drive to continue the hobby. It's been a slow realisation over the last 2-3 years but my reasons can be summed up as the following:

- The community of papercrafters that once existed has faded. There used to be a lot of feedback and discussion in certain places (for me it was Nintendo Papercraft where I learned my trade) but now it's not the same.

- DeviantArt is not what it used to be but there are no real proper alternatives. (Despite me using Tumblr I still think it is atrocious for actually publishing content)

- The effort required to work on content from games beyond the PS3/360/Wii U era is ridiculous. There comes a point where manual poly reduction to make an accessible template just becomes too difficult and time consuming. There are new games I love (Witcher 3, Dishonored 2) but have no chance of realistically doing anything with their models. The exception might have been Overwatch and its cartoony style but the other factors weigh this down. I can't keep up with the popular trends like I used to do with Mass Effect, Zelda, TF2 etc.

- Time is too precious. Most of my works were done when I was a student or in periods of unemployment. When you sit around all day, you can afford the massive time investment. Now I work and would rather spend the 5-6 hours of my evenings on other things.

- I'm not that interested anymore. My creative time has drifted to cosplay and prop projects, or just back to my digital art.


Thank you so much for all who have built my models or enjoyed my content over the years, but for my personal projects it's time to admit the end and move on. All good things must come to an end as they say. :(

But regardless, my models will always be online here or on Hyrule Papercraft, and I am always happy to give building help or advice! :)

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Sad to hear it, but I can sympathize.

I agree with all your points. I still love to pour some of my free time into this hobby, but it is true I also have much less of it.
As for the more complex models, you know me, I like to leave in a lot of details :D . I just gave up making my models more people friendly, and leave out thing I'd scratch build anyway.

See you around XenonRay :P