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Tracer Papercraft Download

By Avrin-ART
Overwatch is my current go-to game for wasting large amounts of time if I've got nothing else to do. The art style is bright, well designed and not overly complex, making it feasible for me to edit the models into forms suitable for papercrafting. Does this mean I'll make more? Err we'll see. This one may have been more trouble than it was worth. After all the work, she will not stand up on her own, and my own build was pretty messy in places. Some Photoshoppery hides a few blemishes in these pics. :shh:

This model took me forever to do. Built over 6 weeks in Nov-Dec 2016, it underwent many revisions. So many that my instructions...fell apart. So sadly this model has no detailed instructions. Sorry! It is provided as PDO files only, because you need the 3D reference and do not want to be just guessing from a PDF, trust me. The PDO contains all the sheets (remember to turn the lines off before printing), including part numbers and a planned build order similar to my final one. I have also included some extra tips and reference photos to help. If you spot any obvious errors, please let me know, and I'm always able to help you out if you have any questions or problems.

The visor requires a creative solution so I included a guide to how I finally got mine to work as a transparent piece with an opaque, printed rim.

See below for the template download links, which contain all you need to print and build your own version! Additional info can be found within the download file and on PDO #1. Any other questions, feel free to ask here.

-------Read Before Downloading-------

It's a 74.4MB ZIP file which contains PDFs and PDOs to print from or use as references. ~46cm tall, 17 pages and 284 pieces.

You can open the RAR archive with software such as WinRAR, Alzip, 7Zip. Just search around! ;)

You can open the PDO files with Pepakura Viewer downloadable free here:…

Please do use this as it's immensely helpful as a resource and will show you exactly where parts go. It doesn't work on Macs unfortunately though, unless you emulate Windows.

Difficulty: 9/10 (Small proportions and full of extra details)


:pc: Download Options: 

1. DeviantArt download via Stash feature:
Tracer Final v1.1

Note: I sometimes reupload versions with minor edits so for website posters please link back to this page as a 'hub' instead or your download links could end up broken.

Happy building!

Template by me, original 3D data and textures by Blizzard.


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Tracer Papercraft by Avrin-ART
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rauleand's avatar

ya no funciona el link

no me deja descargarlo puedes subir de nuevo el archivo pdo

Crysta1TH's avatar

Could you reupload the archive somewhere else? Cuz on Stash page doesn't exist.

GokhanCLK's avatar

The download link is broken can anybody share it with me please ?

DaiShiHUN's avatar
Wow, this looks nice!

I know about long builds, but I still think you nail the poly-count/detail ratio perfectly. (Not like me who likes to put in a lot of detail and curse myself during the actual build :P )
Avrin-ART's avatar
Thanks DaiShi, it's always been my preference as I'm not super skilled in fine details tbh.

Yours are on another level in terms of detail and engineering!
GundamAndShit's avatar
nice another papercraft project for me hihihihihi
Avrin-ART's avatar
Good luck, this one is a pain Dead (RIP) 
GundamAndShit's avatar
you planning to do other heroes???
Avrin-ART's avatar
Not sure - I don't really do much papercrafting anymore :(
GundamAndShit's avatar
ill be patient hahahah
djl91's avatar
oh no the download link doesnt work anymore. =(
Avrin-ART's avatar
Try it again, maybe deviantArt was having some site problems? I check it just now and it works ok.
djl91's avatar
yay it works!!!  thanks!!!
FernandoGunther's avatar
DUMDUMBOT's avatar
wowww nice work
dhal021's avatar
Hey , how do you glue the parts 47 to 50 of the hair ??? here a picture…
Avrin-ART's avatar
Thanks for building! Take each piece and fold their tabs backwards completely so they are now under the printed sides. You then have to apply some glue to the tabs and potentially on the underside of the pieces too and stick them to the surface of the main hair piece you have already built. Check the PDO and my own photos for how the pieces are then layered. I think I stuck on H47 first, then H49, H48 and H50.

View from the left:
  Untitled by Avrin-ART

There are a couple of parts that have tabs which glue onto the printed surface of other pieces. A lot of the chest and back armour works like this. These usually have red lines, but it's very possible I have not remembered to do this for every occurrence.
dhal021's avatar
I noticed it has lines on the pdo file ? do you got the lineless version ? thanks
Avrin-ART's avatar
You can turn the lines off in Pepakura Designer by going on Settings > Other Settings and changing all the line options to 'none'.

Hmm perhaps I should upload a lineless pack too
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