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Tali Papercraft Download

By Avrin-ART
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Usually I wouldn't post papercraft projects here but on my blog or Nintendo Papercraft instead. However this is clearly not Nintendo related and doesn't fit the theme of my blog either, so here it is on dA for a bit of promotion.

This is a papercraft template of Tali in her Mass Effect 2 appearance. Print the files and you can build your own version.

Retrospective: An old favourite, despite looking quite blocky now. Makes a good starter model and is quite accessible to newer builders. 

-------Read Before Downloading-------

It's a 37MB RAR file which contains PDFs and PDOs to print from or use as references. 12 pages, 132 pieces (I think!) in total. She comes in 2 colour schemes and stands ~45cm tall.

You can open the RAR archive with software such as WinRAR, Alzip, 7Zip. Just search around! ;)

You can open the PDO files with Pepakura Viewer downloadable free here:…

Please do use this as it's immensely helpful as a resource and will show you exactly where parts go. It doesn't work on Macs unfortunately though.

Difficulty: 8.75/10 (Complex but not so bad with experience)


:pc: Download Options:
1. DeviantArt Download (Pending update, please use the link below)
2. Mediafire mirror…

Some higher resolution pictures which show the details better:

Fullbody Best Pic:…


Happy building!

Template by me, original 3D data and textures by BioWare

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Nightshadow132's avatar
You're cool) Thank you)
And you can make a model Warface?
I just wanted to say thank you for creating this papercraft model :)
Just did her and soo happy! Your models and instructions are something incredible.
Avrin-ART's avatar
Thank you very much for building her! :D
Isildra's avatar
Tnx for sharing and for the excellent descriptions. It helped me alot through that first project. I wanted to make Legion first, but Daishihun recommended to do Tali first - which was wise ;).

And now I have already finished the model. :) 

Unfortunalty she doesn't stand alone :/
I seem to have done something wrong with the positioning of the legs. Guess it was the crotch: it seemed there wasn't enough space for the left leg so I ähhhh improvised...

What kind of printer do you use? Overall your colour looks better and without any damage.
I used a laserprinter and lose some colour here and there. Not while folding (I scratched the edges first) but sometimes when I had pressed the glued parts together.
Avrin-ART's avatar
And thank you for the compliments and for building! :D

Tali's legs are in a stepping position so it's not that stable by default. But yes joining legs together is always a difficult part, especially the way the front 'skirt' gets in the way. In, uh that whole area try to make sure the parts are carefully curved around so the tabs meet their specific edges as neatly as possible. I sometimes find the legs move apart when building, so I take a long strip of paper, fold it into a U shape and glue it inside the model, so it wraps tightly up one leg, up and over down into the other to hold them closer through tension of the paper.

Mine was printed on an Epsom P50 inkjet (back when it used to work :shrug:). My models have somewhat poor colours in real life, they look brighter here because of the camera flash. It wasn't until I got a Brother printer this year that I could get some nice saturation, but apart from my BioShock SMG and 3DS Sheik I don't have any big figures to demonstrate the difference with...yet. Anyway, yes laser printers can have issues with cracking or peeling ink, or toner rather. So really an inkjet is the best choice in the long term if you are going to take up the hobby. :)
butthurttoast's avatar
'Sees for the first time'- "Oh, cool action figure!"

'Takes a second look'-...Wait a second...that's paper.....MOTHER OF GOD... ITS AMAZING!!!!!
Avrin-ART's avatar
Yep paper :), although about double the thickness of normal printer stuff, so the model's pretty sturdy!
Tielestr's avatar
Avrin-ART's avatar
Building it? Thanks a lot! :)
GethEngineer's avatar
We reach consensus:this is awesome!
We will build it on crhistmas holiday.
We will also build Vakarian.
Senram's avatar
So much awesome!Clap
Ambris's avatar

That is some amazing papercraft.
This model of Tali is really amazing! I admire you =)
It will be my 1st papercraft experience and a great joy for me as a ME-fan :D

By the way, what kind of paper did you use? 120-200 grm, got that, but what format? Just common A4?
Avrin-ART's avatar
Thanks a lot! And good luck, if you have any questions just ask!

Yes anything between that range should be suitable; personally I use 160gsm paper as it's a good balance between strength and flexibility. 120gsm gets flimsy but some people work fine with it, whilst 200gsm makes very solid models but with very thick edges between parts. All my templates are in A4 size by default.
Thx for an answer! I'm going to begin today, finally found a friend with colour laser printer to make templates with better water resistance, just to be on the safe side :D
Okay, I won't hesitate to ask questions if come across some difficulties! :)
Sengrath's avatar
Excelent work ! can you tell me what kind of glue do you work with ? solid paper stick glue or liquid ( drops or something)?
Avrin-ART's avatar
Thank you, I use pretty ordinary PVA glue for everything- cheap and effective! Avoid solid glue sticks though. I know they're meant for paper but for models they have very little sticking power.
memoryman15's avatar
I'm definitely going to try to make this and the Garrus models, so awesome!
Avrin-ART's avatar
Thank you, glad you like them. :)
gothed's avatar
Hi, this one special for you :D

but still unfinished :shy:
Avrin-ART's avatar
Lovely work so far, keep it up! (and watch out for the hands) :thumbsup:
gothed's avatar
hahaha, i have printed hand parts twice, so it will be no problem :lol:

next target will be garrus vacarian :p
arc5555's avatar
Very good papercraft . I think it is the most easy papercraft you've ever made :)
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