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Shepard Papercraft Download

By Avrin-ART
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My 5th Mass Effect papercraft, but the 1st one to use content from Mass Effect 3. Built between the 3rd-16th June.

This is a papercraft template of the female version of Commander Shepard wearing the classic N7 Armour. The model comes with three options for the head. The first is an uncovered head made by simplifying the default ME3 model. If her default appearance or my heavy handed editing isn't to your taste you can build a helmet wearing version with either an open or closed visor. I prefer the helmet version as the face didn't turn out as well as I hoped, plus the head looks small compared to the body.

Follow the download link below to get the resources you need to print and build your own version!

Retrospective: At the time this was very ambitious with all the armour segments. The body came out well but unfortunately the face isn't very good so I'd recommend just making the helmet version as the proportions work better too that way. As always, simplifying human faces from detailed games is very difficult and time consuming.

-------Read Before Downloading-------

It's a 39.4MB RAR file which contains PDFs and PDOs to print from or use as references. ~44.2cm tall (helmet version),18-19 pages and at least 267 pieces including the Avenger assault rifle.

You can open the RAR archive with software such as WinRAR, Alzip, 7Zip. Just search around! ;)

You can open the PDO files with Pepakura Viewer downloadable free here:…

Please do use this as it's immensely helpful as a resource and will show you exactly where parts go. It doesn't work on Macs unfortunately though.

Difficulty: 9/10 (Quite a lot of fine details)


:pc: Download Options:
1. Mediafire:…
2. DeviantArt download via Stash feature:

Note: I sometimes reupload versions with minor edits so for website posters please link back to this page as a 'hub' instead or your download links could end up broken.

Happy building!

Template by me, original 3D data and textures by BioWare


Will you make a male Shepard or [insert character]?
For me, my main file has been a female Shepard throughout the trilogy and while I don't dislike the male version (one's my secondary renegade file), I don't 'feel' the same connection or appeal. This is critical for making papercrafts because to work on something for about 2-3 months with several weeks of building requires strong interest in the subject matter. Other squad members could be made in future, though again I have to like them initially. Also I prefer the aliens because human faces are more annoying to edit.

Edit: Sanek94ccol has since made a good Male Shepard template, scaled to this one, here:

Will you make any more guns?
Not separately at least. I enjoy making the characters far more. The weapons are a second thought for pose purposes, and a nightmare to edit in any case. Currently all my packs except ME2 Tali contain one weapon template. (Mordin: Predator, Liara: Tempest, Garrus: Mantis, Shepard: Avenger, Javik: Particle Rifle, ME3 Tali: Scimitar).

Shouldn't the helmet have a red stripe?
No. Not in ME3 at least, check it out in game- the top of the helmet is dark grey in the default scheme.

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GundamAndShit's avatar
Thanks for the template
Avrin-ART's avatar
You're welcome, thank you for building my stuff!
GundamAndShit's avatar
its almost finish ill post it later
shizukinek's avatar
I LOVE YOU!!!!!! o por dios!!!! no puedo esperar a imprimirlo y armarlo, MUCHAS GRACIAS por hacer esto y compartido con los mortales. Me voy a entretener mucho y a divertir, de nuevo MUCHAS GRACIAS, su trabajo es hermoso OH POR DIOS!!!!!
Anna squee 
iloveportal1852's avatar
Just mind-blowing! Love Looks absolutely amazing, just like every other one of your papercrafts :) How do you manage to hide the white edge of the paper?
Avrin-ART's avatar
Thanks :)

In the design stage I make sure than every edge/tab combo is in the least visible orientation, usually so the seam points downwards. When building I edge colour. With a dark model it's super easy to do with a broad black felt tip pen, with gaps touched up by a ballpoint pen. For more specific shades I have a few soft watercolour pencils.
iloveportal1852's avatar
Wow! That's an ingenious method-looks like I still have a lot to learn! :D How long have you been making/designing papercrafts?
Avrin-ART's avatar
I started building in mid 2008, and tried designing later in the year though I was pretty bad at it initially. It took me until mid 2009 to become a decent designer, and another year before I was able to work on these bigger, higher detailed figures. :S
iloveportal1852's avatar
Wow! That is quite amazing-you've definitely come a long way :) I started 2 years ago, designed only one papercraft. Hope to build some of your models in the future! 
lunavixen015's avatar
I love your papercraft works, I haven't built any yet as I'm not quite that advanced yet (I'm getting there though!). I have a question, is there any chance of seeing an Ashley Williams model at all?
Avrin-ART's avatar
Thanks and keep at it! It took me a while before I was able to build things like this.

Unfortunately my Mass Effect series is now over. Unless ME4 is good and spurs me into action, I won't be doing any more of these guys.
lunavixen015's avatar
Awwww, okay. Thanks for answering though :3

I'm currently building some of ninjatoes models, I figured that was a good starting place, I finished imp midna and am working on wolf link, and man is he fiddly.
Hi, which paper do you use? I'm searching for a good paper and i can't figure out which one is the best to build papercraft models. Glossy? Matte? Textured? Photo paper? 
Could you give me a little help? >.< 
(Sorry for my english, my native language is portuguese)
Thank you!
Avrin-ART's avatar
Hello there, for paper you need something with a thickness between 120-200gsm for strength. But the type of paper could just be preference, as I think the weight/thickness has more importance.

I personally don't like the squeaky, clammy feel of glossy paper in my hands but it is probably the most resilient type. I've been using either just matte, or "smooth" photo quality paper for the last few years (this Shepard model is build with smooth stuff). If you live in a humid climate, preservative sprays could also be something to look up.

Hope that helps!
Thank you! Can i ask you one more thing?? >.< When you fold a matte photo paper, the ink starts coming out? Cuz i use glossy photo paper and when I fold it, the ink comes out. Another thing, the print quality on a photo paper is superior than the print quality on a normal paper?

Thank you again and sorry for bothering you (And for my english too, if there's something wrong... :D)
Avrin-ART's avatar
Oh yeah sorry I forgot about that! Ink cracking is the major downside with glossy paper, and laser printers create the same problem too. Matte paper will not crack if you use an inkjet printer. I think the image quality will be better on photo paper but not massively so. Their surface might take the ink a bit better. For a long time I used unmarked ordinary 200gsm with ok results.

No problem, I'm always around to answer any questions! :)
Thanks for such attention! I think i'll keep with the glossy paper for the cubees and for the difficult ones, i'll use norrmal 200gsm matte paper. Thank you, really! :) (Smile) 
E-M-O-Nex's avatar
Any chance you'd mod the file to make it life size? :dance:
Avrin-ART's avatar
Sorry, that's very unlikely, I'm not really interested enough in life sized stuff. :cough:
griddark's avatar
I've actually made a few of these thanks to your very detailed instructions, I would never have considered myself a "crafts" person, but I just love the ME team on my window sill, and get a lot of comments from my friends. I'm just wondering why no male Shepard?
Avrin-ART's avatar
Thanks for building and I'm happy to hear the instructions were handy. I always wonder how they are to other people since I can only look at the PDO file for my version!

As for a male Shepard I don't have any plans for one right now. I've played as both but the female one wins out for me in the end, and I kinda need to have a strong interest in what I'm working on to carry these projects from 3D model to papercraft. :1
DaoyiLiu's avatar

Haha these are incredible. I want to try to build some, but i'm not sure how to get started... how did you start building these? What would be a good noob model to start with before i move on to building these guys?
Avrin-ART's avatar

Thank you. About 5 years ago I started with small simpler models derived from N64 games and gradually worked up the complexity to GC/Wii content, and finally high detailed current gen games. But as well as practice, having the right materials and tools helps a lot too. A good start for beginners could be some of the templates made by Ninjatoes (something of a papercraft god around these parts!)

His templates are from a variety of games/media etc. and are usually very builder friendly, with full instructions and references. If you get around to doing any of mine, the ME2 Tali is the easiest of this bunch, being surprisingly simple apart from the mask and hands.

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