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ME3 Tali Papercraft Download

By Avrin-ART
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ME2 Tali was the first Mass Effect papercraft I ever made, and at the time a rather ambitious project considering I'd mostly just done N64 and Wii models before. But things just happened to work and it made a template, that thanks to some heavy simplification of the original 3D model, worked surprisingly well. After considering the ever shrinking list of ME characters I'd like to make, and looking at some of their 3D models, I ended up deciding to work on Tali again but in her new ME3 outfit.

For the first time I've used high resolution textures for a model, from Smarteck's HD replacements for the ME3 PC version (… ) and some advice concerning them from DaiShiHUN (he knows why ;P). DaiShi has also produced several Mass Effect characters, scaled to mine so check out his gallery too! (… )

The textures look great and I'm very happy how the overall build has turned out as well! It's certainly harder than the ME2 version so if you are new to papercrafting then I recommend you try that version first. Built between 10th-24th June.

Below you can find the links to download the resources so you can print and build your own version!

Additional notes within the download file and on PDO/PDF #1. Any other questions, feel free to ask.

Retrospective: This is my favourite model template from ME. Super happy with how it turned out. Opened my eyes to using high res textures in Pepakura.

-------Read Before Downloading------

It's a 92MB RAR file which contains PDFs and PDOs to print from or use as references. ~44.0cm tall, 18 pages and at least 230 pieces including the Scimitar Shotgun.

You can open the RAR archive with software such as WinRAR, Alzip, 7Zip. Just search around! ;)

You can open the PDO files with Pepakura Viewer downloadable free here:…

Please do use this as it's immensely helpful as a resource and will show you exactly where parts go. It doesn't work on Macs unfortunately though.

Difficulty: 9/10 (More complex than the ME2 version with a greater amount of fine details)


:pc: Download Options:
1. Mediafire:…
2. DeviantArt download via Stash feature:

Note: I sometimes reupload versions with minor edits so for website posters please link back to this page as a 'hub' instead or your download links could end up broken.

Happy building!

Template by me, original 3D data and original textures by BioWare. HD textures by Smarteck.

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Hi...Can i know how did u make ur texture so high resolotion to print out in pepakura?
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When I designed this template I had to use the HD version of Pepakura to be able to apply textures bigger than 1024x1024.

But Pepakura is strange, because if you download this model and open it in normal Pepakura viewer/designer the high res textures should still be there to print from. You don't need the HD version to use textures somebody else has already applied. :confused:

Of course, having a good inkjet printer with the quality set to high and/or print speed to low will also help you get the nicest possible textures onto paper.
hey thanks for reply. So pepakura had a HD version? cuz currently im use pepakura designer 3...the texture is only 1024x1024.
if i wan the texture resolution higher than that wat can i do at pepakura designer 3 or i juz get the hd version?
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Hmm there used to be a HD version hidden away on their website a few years ago but it's gone now. It was like an addon/alternative version in terms of the license codes if I remember.

Oh actually I didn't know before but Pepakura 4 has been released-  I had a quick test and it seems to accept bigger textures ok. Another weird thing in 3 (and 4 too) is that the HD textures don't even show up properly on the model and part view in Pepakura but they *should* print or PDF ok. Best just to see what you can do with version 4 then I think. :)
hey i just figure it out....thanks a lot for your help. u really help a lot.
thank you for ur answer... can i ask u another question?which button should i click to apply bigger texture?
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Avrin-ART's avatar
Not tape but PVA glue :)
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Sorry to bother with his do you taking requests
Avrin-ART's avatar
Hi, no sorry I don't. The models take a long time to make so I have to focus on things I have enough interest in.
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that Cool Yo it's all good I understand
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wow, just, awesome
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1 word. BRILLIANT!!!!! Love it! I'm gonna try the ME2 version after I'm done with my current project : The Tumbler from Nolanverse. And then, it's this.
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Thanks! The ME2 one is considerably easier (though without the lovely HD textures).
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I know this is almost a year late (college was frickin' crazy!!!), but, yeah... I thought I'd start small.... :P
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Once I'm settled into my new home in michigan, this will be my first project. Thanks!
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You're welcome, hope it goes well!
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soon, :D love this....
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I love this, I've grabbed it and when i get this (and your others) built, I'll post pics (and give credit of course). I have a question, is there any chance of Ashley Williams being done?
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Thanks and I'd love to see some pics if you get any built!

No sorry you won't likely see Ashley from me, though there are a few other ME designers out there who have made characters that I wouldn't have gotten around to myself, so an Ashley template might become available eventually.
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