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Blacktail-Ref Sheet by Avraplikesstuff Blacktail-Ref Sheet :iconavraplikesstuff:Avraplikesstuff 1 0 Leader Names Taken Literally. by Avraplikesstuff Leader Names Taken Literally. :iconavraplikesstuff:Avraplikesstuff 3 2 Sunfoot-Ref Sheet by Avraplikesstuff Sunfoot-Ref Sheet :iconavraplikesstuff:Avraplikesstuff 2 2 Eye drawing by Avraplikesstuff Eye drawing :iconavraplikesstuff:Avraplikesstuff 0 0 Abstract art by Avraplikesstuff Abstract art :iconavraplikesstuff:Avraplikesstuff 0 0 My transformice character. by Avraplikesstuff My transformice character. :iconavraplikesstuff:Avraplikesstuff 2 3 I have too many notifications! by Avraplikesstuff I have too many notifications! :iconavraplikesstuff:Avraplikesstuff 0 0 Avrap's enter into an art contest by Avraplikesstuff Avrap's enter into an art contest :iconavraplikesstuff:Avraplikesstuff 1 4 A re-draw of Sunfoot by Avraplikesstuff A re-draw of Sunfoot :iconavraplikesstuff:Avraplikesstuff 0 0 Firestar wishes you a merry christmas! by Avraplikesstuff Firestar wishes you a merry christmas! :iconavraplikesstuff:Avraplikesstuff 0 0 Oakstripe, Sunfoot, and Blacktail. by Avraplikesstuff Oakstripe, Sunfoot, and Blacktail. :iconavraplikesstuff:Avraplikesstuff 1 0 Bluestar drowning. by Avraplikesstuff Bluestar drowning. :iconavraplikesstuff:Avraplikesstuff 2 0 Bluestar asks Rusty to join ThunderClan. by Avraplikesstuff Bluestar asks Rusty to join ThunderClan. :iconavraplikesstuff:Avraplikesstuff 0 0 Firestar's Family Tree. by Avraplikesstuff Firestar's Family Tree. :iconavraplikesstuff:Avraplikesstuff 0 1 My sister made this by Avraplikesstuff My sister made this :iconavraplikesstuff:Avraplikesstuff 0 1 Squirrelflight by Avraplikesstuff Squirrelflight :iconavraplikesstuff:Avraplikesstuff 2 0



Blacktail-Ref Sheet
Hey guys! I'm going to try to upload more often, anywho, this is Blacktail. If you want  a little info about her kin, go to Sunfoot's Ref Sheet. I will be giving more info about Blacktail now, but if you have any questions that are left unanswered, comment below.  

Blacktail's family is Smokestorm(mom) Tigertail(dad) Sunfoot(bro) and Oakstripe(sis).

JayClan is a clan I made up

Her personality is feisty, rude sometimes, smart, and stubborn

Her backstory is in progress
Leader Names Taken Literally.
Hey! Here are some funny drawings of leader names taken literally. I got this idea from bestsk8eva. Here is a link to the inspiration piece, I did ask them for permission.…

What's happening:
Firestar is on fire
Bluestar is okay with this
Brokenstar got injured
Tallstar doesn't care anymore
Tigerstar hates this
Sunstar questions his existance
Thank you so much for watching me! Seriously, I appreciate it. I never thought I would get even 1 watcher!
Sunfoot-Ref Sheet
Hello, this is my oc. This is my first ref sheet I have made by myself, and I have been wanting to post this for a while. I will be giving more info now, but feel free to comment any questions you have. 

JayClan is a clan I made up, I might make a ref sheet on JayClan
Sunfoot is a tan cat with a white tip of tail, white underbelly, and yellow paws as you can see in the picture.

His mother is a grey tabby with a white underbelly named Smokestorm

His father is an orange cat with a black tip of tail, a white underbelly, and white muzzle named Tigertail 

He has 2 sisters, Blacktail, a grey she-cat with a black tail and a scar on her left ear, and Oakstripe, a brown tabby with a white underbelly.

His personality is that he is stressed easily, forgiving, hardworking, and is very hard on himself when he does the wrong thing.

What you have all been waiting for... his backstory.

As kits, Sunfoot's siblings often had play fights, and pretended to be warriors, like normal kits. Sunkit did not do that, instead he would go find the answers to his constant questions. At night he liked to sit alone and stare at the stars, wondering about his warrior ancestors. One sad day, when Sunkit was almost six moons  the medicine cat apprentice, Runningpaw, had been run over by a Twoleg swerving off the Thunderpath where Runningpaw was collecting herbs. Brightleaf, the medicine cat, knew she was going to need a new apprentice, and she felt like Sunkit was destined to be her apprentice, a few days after the incident, she asked Sunkit if he wanted to be her new apprentice. Sunkit said yes. He ran into the nursery and yelled a bit louder than he wanted, "IM GOING TO BE A MEDICINE CAT!!!" His mother said, "Congrats, but some of us are trying to sleep." Sunkit whispered, "Okay" Blackkit woke up and she heard the conversation. She sneered, "Ha! You don't get to be a warrior like me!" Smokestorm whispered firmly, "Go to sleep. You want to be well rested before your apprentice ceremony!" The kits said okay and soon it was their sixth moon. Jaystar called a Clan meeting and the whole Clan came for the apprentice ceremony. "Flameclaw, you will mentor Oakpaw, and Swiftfur will mentor Blackpaw." "What about me?" Sunkit asked. Jaystar ignored the question and continued, "And Brightleaf, you tell me your ready to take on a new apprentice so soon after Runningpaw's death. You will mentor Sunpaw." The Clan cheered, Smokestorm and Tigertail the loudest, "BLACKPAW! OAKPAW! SUNPAW!" Sunpaw beamed with pride. He asked Brightleaf when he starts learning. "Soon as we can." she responded. Brightleaf showed him the medicine den, and told him the basics of herbs. Sunpaw was a fast learner. Several moons pass and his sisters got their warrior names, while he was stuck with "paw." Sunpaw felt he wasn't good enough and worked harder than even Brightleaf did. Every chance she got Blacktail rubbed it in Sunpaw's face that she had her full name and he didn't. More moons pass and Brightleaf was getting old enough to retire, but she feared that Sunpaw still wasn't ready. On a border skirmish, Blacktail gets a scar on her ear, and Brightleaf, being too old to still be a medicine cat, raced to get cobwebs and tripped over Sunpaw, and fell and died... Sunpaw got the cobwebs and did his thing, but he forever blamed himself for the medicine cat's death. Oakstripe tried to calm him down, saying "She would have died anyway, she should have retired. It's not your fault." Sunpaw didn't listen and shakily told Jaystar the news. Jaystar asked Sunpaw, "She never gave you your full name, did she? You have proved yourself worthy of it many times. I guess I have to announce the news to the Clan, and I may as well give you your name." Sunpaw walked to the Highstones where Jaystar made the Clan meeting. "A tragedy has happened today, Brightleaf died." The Clan gasped but Jaystar continued, "As she never gave Sunpaw one, I will give him his full name." Smokestorm, now in the elders den, smiled.
"I'm not sure how medicine cats do naming ceremonies, but I, the leader of JayClan call among my warrior ancestors to accept Sunpaw as Sunfoot from this day forward." Sunfoot felt the same beam of pride from his apprentice ceremony. After the ceremony, Blacktail walked up to Sunfoot and said, "I-I'm sorry I teased you. I was jealous of you the whole time, and I thought that I would be happy if you felt that same jealousy toward me." Sunfoot forgave her and he went to the medicine den to go and bury Brightleaf. Moons pass, but Sunfoot always blames himself for Brightleaf's death.

I hope you enjoyed this, it took me several hours to draw and type all this. Comment what you think I can improve. Avraplikesstuff is out.
Eye drawing
Hey guys! I have been inactive for a while, sorry! I hope you enjoy this eye.
Hello! I am Avrap and I will mostly be making warrior cats and enters to art contests. Enjoy.


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