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Village Street

A lot of history and character in a street like this. A small village with more then a thousand years of stories to talk about, and the newest story is that this place no longer exists. There are a lot of these small places that have remained untouched by most of the influences of the modern world, although it seems tourism has leaked into the day to day life style. One resident of this place even opened up his house to tourists to come in and have a look, for 5rmb of course. Now that these people dont live here anymore and have moved into the larger towns around I wonder how they will fit in to a more modern life.

Canon 30V, Canon 17-40mm F4 Lens, Fuji Velvia 100F
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You've been feature here: [link]
ıts good the colours
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i like it !!! great shot
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That's da shit man!!!...It's seems to me that you're a true pro... I like the clarity and saturation of the colours...Did u insert some after effects? Because tha contrast looks to good man...I don't know... but for sure you have some skills.Peace!
great shoot,i love
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A great picture, who will be add to dAgency4press to dA world. These photo is better than most magazine photoreports. Keep Going
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wow, this is a great picture!
it really shows the mood of something passing away...

which province of CH is this?
I'm going to CH this summer, maybe I'd drop by
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The blacks are so rich that they could almost be DMAX in black and white.
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this is an awesome motive. it's really touching. you can transfer an emotion with your photo. the technique is perfect and the idea is brilliant. you know your trade. really a very good piece of art!!! greetz, yves
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wooow...:( it must be beautiful...too bad people move away...that's real sad...this pic gives me the feeling like it's been taken out of one of those old Jackie Chan movies...superb!
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Nice picture, what country is that?
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that there would be China, the no longer exsisting town of Gong Tan
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I'm totally, totally digging this ! Great light, great depth and great depiction of a different (at least for me) reality.
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I fucking LOVE this shot! its so colourful and dark at the same time it really stands out! I like the way you've lite the character on the left well with flash ( i take it )!
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absolutely superb image in every way - comp, colours, tones, content..
it's a work you should be very very proud of! :clap:
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Do places like that get many tourists? Are those tourists Chinese from other parts of the country or foreigners?

That kind of street has obviously been around since a long time before cars or other vehicles existed! :)
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great depth, nice colors
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I love the colors,especially the red on that banner on the right side of the picture..^^
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beautiful perspective and saturation :clap:
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Wow, great shot, it just has a lot of information without making it too overwhelming, very vivid choice to snap a photo of
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wow, this is wonderful.
very impressive.
and sad at the same time..
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