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Horse Eye Tutorial

Hello out there!

This is an tutorial for you who want to se how I draw to make a horse eye. Because my English skills isn't so nice I decided to not write anything step by step how to go. I hope those step-by-step pictures will tell enough. If not - ask and I'll absolutely at least try to explain!

Love Lovisa
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Can you explain exactly step y step how you did the eye? I really like your tutorial :) its better than the others I have seen :) Thank you :) 
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Oh, I can try som day. This tutorial is so old, I do not draw exatly like this anymore because of the work in progress art and drawing is. Thank you for asking and give great respons! :)
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Wonderful... thank you so much.
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You are welcome!
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thanks you help me a lot
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You're welcome.
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Well done ^^

One question though, is this all done on one layer? or do you use multiple?
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Thanks a lot! :)

Often, yes! I use as few layer as possiable because it takes to much focus of just remember which layer who are which one. I usually have one layer for the background, one for the sketch, one for the eye/horse/dog/whatever and one for my sign.
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