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I'm open for trades so if your a mutual and interested than note me or comment
                                                         commission chart by Avokinko

I'm open to do some commissions so if you're interested note me here or go to 
if you want extra characters it would be 45% more than the original price from above 



My first birthday here, wow time fly by ^w^
You guys can check it out!…
I did it on Tumblr so why not on DeviantArt =w=
 can do 3 art trades and only one if I like the oc so comment note me if your interested and sorry I needed to fix something 
I can't think you guys enough for supporting me and liking my trash and stuff i hope you guys still like it In the future and you can if you want!
got tagged by Kreat-Like-Crete 

1. favorite genre of movie
I don't really know often do you work out?
I work out 4-5 times a week

3. wanna play games sometime
I don't know how to but I would

4.worst fandom?
pony or sonic fandom I guess I don't want to offended

5.thoughts on my boy harambe?
who I feel bad that I don't know that genre or best genre?
best genre body type
pear! 0w0

8. anime; mistake or nah
nah you legitimately dislike
little panda fighter or something

10.single-player or multiplayer games
multiplayer games

11. the best meal
chicken I guess

12. favorite holiday
Christmas I guess for I like the winter season

13.thoughts on steaming
what is steaming and ho do you used it

ok and ill used the same questions and ill tag TheTrueDoonKAY , Cornett0 ,and Bingus-Domingus   and if ya don't want to do this that's fine
tag by VioletZero 
1) Favorite video game genre?
Nintendo I think
2) Are you an artist or a writer?
an artist I think
3) Anticipating any games coming out for the holidays?
I don't really know
4) Night Owl or Early Bird?
early bird
5) Favorite element?
6) Breakfast, lunch, or dinner?
7) Seen any good anime lately?
jojos  adventure
8) Do you see full moons as bad omens, or as a sign of good things to come?
good things
9) How often are you out of the house?
no much
10) To Pokemon GO players: Team Instinct, Team Mystic, or Team Valor?
team instinct!
11) If you could live in any other country besides the US, where would you want to live?
12) Is there something you think is getting over-hyped, or is overrated?
13) Any... kinks~? ( -)w(- )*
fat and inflation

and I don't really want to tag any one reeally
I got tag by trendorman

1: Matt matt matt! How do you like me How do you like me! Matt Matt Matt, Why do you like me, Why do you like me? Matt Matt matt, Nobody likes me...Just kidding, But answer it! I like you -w-

2: What's your most favorite Kind of Living Animal
Panda or alpaca

3: What's your Favorite kind of Extinct Animal
I don't know really

4: What's your Favorite Kind of Unknown Animal
I haven seen any unknown animals

5: DO you believe Ghosts, if so, DO you know any?
No and I don't know any

6: What's your favorite Dinosaur! has to be an actual dinosaur, No Pterosaurs, Marine reptiles, crocs, gators or Dimetrodon.
T. rex

7: What Kind of Biome do you Live in?
West? I don't know??

8: Would a serious Story about an Irish Celtic Samurai Be a Good Idea?
I don't really know

9: Do you believe in the Fairy realm? Such as Goblins, Little People, Leprechauns and Trolls and Gremlins?
No I don't

10: Do you believe in Actual Magic, Can you use it?

11: Have You ever seen an unknown creature? Not yet

12: If you Could go back to any time in Earths History, were and why? The 1700s

13: Are you Superstitious? Such as good and bad luck and Karma. I do have some good luck I guess

And I kinda don't know how to tag and I'm sorry heh
I can't think you guys enough for supporting me and liking my art ^^
Got targeted by TheTrueDoonKAY so 

Name: plant (I don't want to show my name)

Zodiac sign: Capricorn

Sleep hours: 4-6 hours

Lucky number: 17

Last thing I googled: fungus

Favorite functional character: dead pool

When did you started DA?: one month ago

Watchers: 155

What you upload on da: digital chubby art and sometimes not chubby art

Do you have an other blog?: I have a tumblr

Do you get many comments: I Don't know

What do you define many comments: 65

How did you come up with your user name you have now: I like plants and I was really lazy about it (true story)

So I'll tagged um volttecher I guess

Hello if you are interested in art trading with me either put a comment below or note me. The only rule is that friends only can art trade also to I you are not my friend that's find
Woah I can't believe I'm got over 100 watchers thanks you guys so much <3 
Alright! Here I go 
1) Edward has the fear of gaining weight so he avoids any fatteing foods

2) my charaters are asexual 

3) Avery has to avoid water on his scar so it won't get the stitches loose

4) violet like Avery in his weight for some reason 

5) Kate usually want Avery to train with her but he doesn't want to 

6) the group has a ship but it is out of power 

7) Edward is the only medical one just in case if someone gets hurt 

8) kate some times call Avery avdert like a little nickname 

9) Edward is not a jerk to Kate but to violet and Avery 

10) the only way way they can produce is by either cutting off a limd but Avery and the rest can for they are too young. 
I just 30 watchers, that was fast. Thanks you guys Hug
I'm glad you like my art. Again thank you all ;3