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inktober day 10 Gigantic Black Cat

By Avoice
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I did this one for the love of Neil Gaiman's short story 'The Price' because to me the cat had a gigantic presence over the house he was protecting.

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And here *I* was thinking from the thumbnail that this was an illustration of Carl Sandburg's poem "The fog comes on little cat feet."

I find it harder and harder to read Gaiman as I get older, because the worlds he sees are often cruel and always unrelentingly heartbreaking. He's a brilliant writer I revere, but I don't WANT to spend my life catatonic because I can't bear to either live or die. Brrrr.

(No, this is NOT a crit of either his work or your art; just a matter of my personal taste and emotional fragility.)

And your picture here is brilliantly done, especially with the Japanese-style watered ink brushwork that echoes the blurring of both fog and distance.

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interesting,  I never would have thought of Gaiman's work to be negative and heartbreaking.  His work to me glows of positivity, that in this dark world that we live in, and with all the bad stuff that happens, there always seems to be a beaming light at the end of a tunnel. 
Yeah, we've all got different takes on how we react to the arts, which is why they can be so powerful.
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yes, indeed, art is interesting like that ;)
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At first I was thinking: "Aww, what a cute kitty"

Then I noticed how big it was... O_O

What cat chow did you feed that thing? XD
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you know,  the one that has lots of beans and broccoli :p  
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Gosh this is great. It makes me think of the Japanese folk tale of the boy who drew cats...
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I never heard of that folktale,  do you happen to know what it is called?
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It was one of my favs growing up. It's called the boy who drew cats.
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