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:: Nauglamir Border ::

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Published: October 4, 2011
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September 2011
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Ok. Originally, when I did this piece [link] I had intended to incorporate a much more involved border to compliment the drawing. I wanted to interweve various elements of the history of the Silmarils into the presentation, to go with the various elements that intertwine with the Beren and Luthien story. Alas, for aesthetic reasons, it didn't seem right to put these elements into the original; I think it looks a lot cleaner, and the presentation better, without so much going on.

That said, I'm a bit OCD, and I couldn't just toss all of the ideas and themes that were going on. SO, I incorporated all of those elements here, while reducing the size of the original drawing to make way.

The silver text in the middle follows the Silmaril, and the Necklace of the Dwarves, in Middle Earth in Sindarin (I've used Tengwar Anatar throughout for its visual/calligraphy qualities; it's not correct to the words written, but instead to the formal/artistic presentation):

"From the Earliest Tales we may get an idea of its beauty ...Not only was it wrought with the greatest skill and subtlety in the world but it had a magic power, and there was no throat so great or so slender whereon it sat not with grace and loveliness.

Ed erui nern men geri i naw sâf i vainas...ú-er non cenn adh i velegas curu mi 'ardh dan garn tûr angol, adh ú lanc ennas sui veleg egor sui fim ias ú-hâf adh i rovelui a vainas

Albeit a weight beyond belief of gold was used in the making, lightly it hung upon its wearer as a strand of flax; and all such as clasped it about their necks seemed, as it hung upon their breasts, to be of goodly countenance, and woman seemed most fair.

Ir côl long athan nauth non iuithant min cared, glingant lim erin mîn hammen sui lhê; adh aiath taewant os-lainc dîn thiel, sui glingant erin anest, geri thîr vain, adh in viss thiel rovainas

Gems uncounted were there in that carcanet of gold, yet only as a setting that did prepare for its great central glory, and lead the eye thereto, for amid most hung like a little lamp of limpid fire the Silmaril of Fëanor, jewel of the Gods"

mîr ú-'onodui mi sa higil côl ennas, dan sui periad i non echant anin veleg ened aglar, a degi i chend ennas, mi laew glingant sui galareg od naur lim i Golovir o Fëanor, mîr in Ery

...it is said and sung that Lúthien wearing that Necklace and that immortal jewel was the vision of the greatest beauty and glory that has ever been outside the realm of Valinor;

E pent a linnol i Lúthien ir habel sa higil a sa mîr alfirin non i gened en roveleg bainas adh aglar i ui ed i ardh Balannor

and for a little while the Land of the Dead that Live became like a vision of the land of the Valar,

a lû dithen anin i Dor Firn-i-Guinar non sui gened en Balannor

and no place has been since so fair, so fruitful, or so filled with light

adh ú-dhor ab hain eraid rovainas egor robannen adh galad

Special thanks to ~Xandarien for the actual translations here; she and the other members of theonering.com have been a huge help with these projects =D Isildilmë has helped with the transcriptions, though I did not in fact run all of this by, so any charachter mistakes are mine! Ve mi Olori, also of theonering did the Quenya translations interwoven with the Dwarvish Runes. As there are very few known words in Dwarvish, I transcribed straight from English into Runes.

To tie in the history of the Necklace with the greater tale of the Jewel at its center, the copper Runes read:

Unlovely we are called. Naugrim and Khazad. Stunted and uncout. Nor are we named among the children of Iluvatar. Yet before aught else that now reigns did our fathers awake in the halls of Aule. Great skill and great strength have we, and great love of beauty, both that of the Earth and that which we have wrought by our own hand. Behold our craftsmanship! See now what we have created, though it be now sundered from us by many an ill deed and a bitter tear. Uncouth and unlovely indeed!

while interwoven in gold Quenya is:

From the light of the two trees, that were nurtured by the Valar, came this stone
Bound by the greatest skill of the Eldar that ever was
Coveted and captured by the mightiest evil, yet recovered from the darkness by the hand of Man
Set free from the boundaries of the World, shinning as a sign of beauty and hope to all

Calallon Alduion, tai nér alaina Valainen, túlë ondo sina
Avaleryanë i arya curunen Eldaron i oi né
Yestaina ar mapaina ulcunen anmelehta, ananta rehtanë i mornië i mánen Atano
Leryaina landallon Ambaro, síla ve tancol vanessëo ar estel illinnar.

whew! That was a mouthfull!
umn, legalese... the Sindarin passage is quoted from the Silmarillion, property of JRR Tolkien. The Quenya and Rune texts were created by me, based off of Tolkien's works. The drawing was done by me, but again based off of Tolkien's words. All of this is mine, so far as it's mine to call mine; I have however left the download option available. If you'd like to use this non-commercially, or share it, or whatnot, go for it, just give credit where credit is due, link back, and let me know 'cause I'd be interested to see =) mostly, just dont sell what's not yours, and dont claim credit yourself or I'll have to bring the wrath of the Barlogs down on your head!!
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I-it's beautiful. It's just...beautiful...
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so beautiful. love the visual interpretation of the script. love it.
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Really amazing work!
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In one word :- Spectacular!!!!!