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AA: blues and hares
By avodkabottle   |   Watch
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Published: May 8, 2016
© 2016 - 2019 avodkabottle
:iconarcem-alva: For Bells and Blossoms prompt -- the types of bluebells and all ...!

I wanted to draw a picture surrounding Lorna, and this composition came to my mind when I read the words... for our sweet princess, tried a fairytale look hence the flatter elements and silhouetted characters.
cue unnecessary rambling but my general references were disney concept art for the verticals and colours (sleeping beauty, frozen); utena (I haven't watched it yet still though T T but those gorgeous composition shots...!), and silhouette/shadow animation-- eg. popularly adventures of prince achmed. Lovely stuff. 

ICly Stitches had one heck of a night during the evening ball and garden party, all thanks to that terrible asocial tongue of his.

This was also the first time I've rped in quite a while, so just thank you so much to the people who played (and are currently) with me; writing's never been a forte so I get pretty self conscious with most others... but it's been super fun !! (I've probably said this before whoops)
Also wanted to draw out the folks I played/hc'ed with – I got a bit over ambitious, but as always, thanks guys!

Lorna and bachelors - Lost-In-Canada & ye other lovely mods
Mar/Lissa - seiracchi || Ara - akiaue || Kat - und34dmuffin || dimel - Tenebrian || stitchy || phearel - DustSketches || eithne || duon - dusty again || 

Aa-ihadtoandicouldnthelpmyself by avodkabottle  Aa-bblscm by avodkabottle

Thankyou for looking. :)

others:  AA: Bluebell Blossom Ball by DustSketches AA: Bells and Blossoms by und34dmuffin AA - Garden Fun by akiaue
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SailorVenus92's avatar
Oh, God this is gorgeous with all the dark colors!
avodkabottle's avatar
Thank you, when I was working on it they kept fluctuating between too saturated and too dark, so nice to hear. :) 
And Happy New Years to you while I'm at this, hehe.
DarksideJupiter's avatar
I really miss the opportunity to be able to write comments on your pictures - I'm happy to see I've got the chance here ~
This is a real masterpiece... I am able to look at it for quite a while and still I find new details, that my eyes haven't catched before. Thank you for that experience!
I especially enjoy the idea that you are only able to see Lorna in full colour and the rest of them stays in silhouette. This gives an interesting focus :nod:
And this colour scheme is amazing!
avodkabottle's avatar
Ahhh I'm so sorry about that TuT! Since I genuinely do love reading your comments but never make the time to reply properly... until it's so belated, lol. But thank you, I am glad to hear that there's more to draw your eye-- I admit while working on this it felt very simple to me in retrospect so this was good to know. :) 

Thank you too for noting the colours! The more green-blue is certainly not what I'm used to using, but I grew quite fond of this picture's palette so I think I'll try some more with that range, hopefully.
Your words are very sweet, I'll keep working at it! :D  
kishi-san's avatar
kishi-san Filmographer
quite literally SCREAMS bc this looks so art nouveau/golden age of illustration!!!!!!! you executed your inspirations very well voddie!!!
ahhhhhHHHHHHHHHH also amg logan with the bluebell in his mouth :iconlazeplz:

on a side note!!!! i'd love to RP with your kids sometime! icr if we started one a while back and it didn't go anywhere-- sorry if that was my fault it dropped ;u;
but i'd love to chat with you again uvu/
avodkabottle's avatar
screams back excitedly -- though I feel it's a little plain to have those attributed but yessss thank you kishishisshi :iconloveloveplz: 
And LMFAO I COULDN'T HELP IT, logan had some pretty amazing actions in the game. 

But yes answers to this comment -- I think we did discuss a little bit of eoghan & marcus, like just possible meeting times? But I imagine things grew busy for both of us... it's really not an issue at all, I don't ever mind. :b Am definitely always open for chitchats whenever, hehe. 
kishi-san's avatar
kishi-san Filmographer
logan you rascal

mm yes i remember that!! i'll hit you up one of these days then if you're cool with that!!!! o/
FancyHatShop's avatar
Oh wow this is amazing
akiaue's avatar
at some point i thought i had already commented but i should never trust my 4 am judgment : ^D BUT THIS IS GORGEOUS VODKA, SO BEAUTIFUL SO MUCH DETAIL :iconcryforeverplz: your work always amazes me, no different th i s time pets all the lovely full bodies and the princess and her men logan with that flower tho

and thank you for drawing ara i melted badly yesterday/early today c ries blood tears AND THE 4KOMA I DIED YEAH THAT. THAT STARE, I IMAGINED AS M U CH IM ALGUHING
avodkabottle's avatar
.. Belated reply but the tucking you into bed earlier part will never change //TUCKS YOU IN QUICKLY in advance -- 
Thank you though, am glad to hear it and that you don't mind the chara borrowing-- ahhgh I have a habit of this so I hope you don't mind if I doodle some more (bless you for her fashion sense though mmMM LEGS) :iconoohmrdarcyplz: 

tries to kill with stare every time they meet from here on out probably 
akiaue's avatar
i too am a perpetrator of the late replies flips to the sun BETTER DO IT QUICK VOD IT'S SUMMER, I STAY UP TIL 3 like an idiot
!!! of course omg! you do her more justice than she deserves jkhfgn o(--<(her only assets are the legs and boo-------) will draw fav grump sometime too :iconzoominplz:
gotta try harder to kill her stitches, the only way to get through the thick skin is by poking with a kni-----
BabakoSen's avatar
BabakoSenHobbyist General Artist
So purtyful :dummy:
Teroti's avatar
omg this is so beautiful~~!!
DustSketches's avatar
DustSketchesHobbyist Traditional Artist
beautiful... voddy....drawing :iconlazyweepplz: I can only agree with the gasps and compliments the others have commented so far... you captured the whole mood and atmosphere of the prompt so well! This image is so flowy and glow o///o the utena references with the shadow plays and so is so cute really >///< love it so much awww our pretty little princess looking so worried and I still have no idea how you draw those flower pattern X) i guess you just.do.it. //hithit// 
now comes  me screaming and running around in circles through the apartment as I swoon and drool all over the pretty characters you drew in your stash ... AMAZING VODDY WHY YOU !!?? THEY ALL LOOK SO PRETTY!! ahhh look at that adorably Lissa and her big golden eyes q////q too cute and sugar for this world and hooolllllyyy maccaroni what did you do with my terrible and unclear and so messed up sketch .. you turned it into a freaking master dress??!!!?? VODDY OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH :iconlazycryplz: I can't even ... really when I saw it i couldn't stop blushing and smiling and then you even drew Duon //dies even more// that guy omg you portrayed him so perfectly (wrinkly laughing old geezer) 
Giggles so much at cute little comics ahh Stichty getting jealous about Lissa :eyes: HAHAH you want all her love for yourself??? //jkjkjk Drunk Eithne and Duon give me live X) so perfect XD can hear their laughter clearly in my head, especially how Eithne would laugh in that small comic X) stitches pleading eyes with tear o///o GO TO PHEA DEARY!!! she would never cut that evil tongue of yours!! //pats his fluffy hair// adores your drawing while sits shameful in a corner with her unfinished picture 
avodkabottle's avatar
Keeps this comment in my inbox 5ever because you write the cutest comments LOL-- 
But ehehe thank you as always...! Both yours and canada's talk about utena was what had me looking more of the screenshots up to try and incorporate, so the two of you were definitely an influencing part on that aspect.
Just do it indeed :iconshialabeoufplz:  

LOL THOUGH your dress was beautiful, I just looked at it and the image reference you had on the pic as well to scribble out the other stuff! But I am glad that you don't mind it hehe. Fave part is drawing everyone else in the first place :love: Just.. looks away from those comics LMFAO and qwops back to the doc to reply, bless phea 
patpats your lovely picture too I'll run over to comment in a bit properly :iconcatsnugplz: 
DustSketches's avatar
DustSketchesHobbyist Traditional Artist
BWAHAHA I just ramble and ramble .. and comments always get long //mingshard/ 
omg yeah we were both spamming about Utena so much XDDDD //ended up watching it completely with her hahah// the theories!! eve so cute you took inspiration of it >///<
yeah stitchy don't leave her side //hithit// you'll only get sour from mean people q.q..... and she'd feel again out of place in the nobles circles alone //mingshard// all this upholding of facade ... strains her XDD
heavenlycosmos's avatar
Beautifully designed. So much thought went into this. Absolutely gorgeous 
chewbeary's avatar
chewbearyHobbyist Digital Artist
:iconhnnghplz: this is so gorgeouss
anonymous's avatar
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