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My Bio
Well let's see this needs an update. The name's Alex and I am a student/hobbyist when it comes to art. I draw mostly in the traditional style right now. My tablet and I are slowly becoming friends. I coloring of pictures is done digitally.

So yeah that's the boring stuff. I am a writer as well.

I am writing five novels at the moment, with a bunch of smaller ones on the side.

I will also be producing a comic based on my pride The Bloodskins(T)(c). I have been editing pictures for over 10 years now. Yes, I started on Paint (pixel by pixel) and now I work with PSE 8.

I draw traditionally and then scan my pictures onto the computer, thus why many of my sketches have lines on them. I then edit them out as I learn how to edit lineart. :)

I am a roleplayer. I can be found all over the internet, you just have to ask where I am ;)

I am also the founder of two roleplaying sites.

One is dedicated to my novels:


And the other one is dedicated solely to my Bloodskins:


They are under construction at the moment, but I'm always looking for co-founders and new people who would like to rp.

Anyways back to more about me...

Eh now time for probably some unpleasant things. As I said I'm an editor and I've edited many pictures which I might be uploading here (mainly anime or something along those lines). I do love to edit and when I have the muse, I think I do a pretty good job.

Also I am the founder of #TLK-OCandInspiration: tlk-ocandinspiration.deviantar…


Umm gift art of my characters is always welcomed. ;)
If someone draws something for me, I will do my best to return the favor as practice makes perfect.

Oh and referring to The Lion King. I am a fanatic, plain and simple. I also follow true nature a bit and support the idea of incest (cousins marrying) in the pride, like normal lions. I as a biologist just can't be as glossy and pretty as Disney is with their stories. Sorry to the people I offend. Oh and I might curse like a sailor sometimes... I will behave as best I can.

The picture above was made by one of my dearest sisters, :iconmisstressofcarodon: and it's of me and Jake!!!

I love werewolves and vampires that don't sparkle. Lol

Also a big note to those on here that have inspired me:

:iconkayfedewa: for the sheer epicness that has become BBA!

:iconsimbamarasa: for the beautiful art she gave us. You inspired my TLK art.

:icont3hplague: My lovely artist of a sister. I've known her for over a decade now and I can't believe it.

:iconirony1990: Another amazing sister of mine and another amazing artist.

:iconrinjapine: I've been loving her art and reading her stories... I can't get enough!!! Honestly my TLK art is totally inspired by her. Every time I talk to her more and more ideas get poured into my head.

:iconsavu0211: Savu is just plain epic for his comics/graphic novels. Between him and Rinja I am constantly sucked into the TLK world.

:iconchamachez: Oh my niece who loves grapes. Not much to say other then she is amazing at drawing and I love her to death.

:iconzenarraus: I really do love Zen even though we just really started talking. Her and Rinja are completely to blame for my addiction to grapes. :la:

So to close, I love art. I will never stoop drawing and showing the world my creations, no matter what happens. Maybe one day I'll be famous and have adoring fans, like my friends and watchers here.

I hope I can make you all proud.

Personal Quote: "Let words be only whispers lost within the night."

Favourite Visual Artist
Kay Fedewa, Sepulchralfang, Mistress of Carodon, Dolphy, Manda Panda, Furyiean
Favourite Movies
The Lion King
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Too many to even begin listing
Favourite Writers
Myself... Yes I'm vain
Favourite Games
Favourite Gaming Platform
Playstation/ Nintendo DS/ Gameboy (All versions)
Tools of the Trade
Gimp, A Pencil, Paper, My finger is my favorite smudge stick.
Other Interests
writing my novels, drawing, singing, rping
I find that I get on here far too sparingly, post journals even less and grace my gallery with art at even more sporadic intervals. That my friends is a shame. Especially since in 2014 I had started a project, that I hadn't seen attempted yet on the web. I'm thinking that perhaps this year I may reboot it, to give it a new, more in depth a "time consuming" feel if that makes sense. Meanwhile my plans for this account this year are as follows: To devote real time and effort to my comic project. To delve into the TLK fan world with my own universe To grace the world with some teasers into the novel this year I plan to finish. This includes c
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So tired of staring at my dashboard filled with thousands of deviation stacks. Off to try and organize my favorites. Slow replies <333
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Well it's been a while since I've posted here isn't it? Yes I'm still alive. Things are different though, I am different. Over this past year, I have majorly progressed as an artist and a writer. A major shout out to ~Anyahs (https://www.deviantart.com/anyahs) who was a writing buddy with me this past Nanowrimo. I can't stop writing, of course my characters have demanded that the end of their story be written first. Let us all join together in a unanimous headdesk! I think with my art I am finally finding a style to call my own. It is clearly cartoon and I am attempting to flow more easily into realism again. (Seems my style is either one or the other at a time) However
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Thank you so much for the fav! uwu

Thanks for the favorite

I would like to thank you for liking my The Lion King - Sarafina and Kula illustration, I really appreciate it.

Hi! Thanks a lot for the watch! :3

Thank you for the fave!

Thanks for your favourite.👻❤

I would like to thank you for liking my The Lion King - Kula's Reflection illustration, I really appreciate it.