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130624 Gas Giant

I've been experimenting with ways to create better gas giant textures from scratch, but by using a surface map of Jupiter to test the process came up with this result. Using Glass and Displacement distortion filters with a displacement map derived from the Jupiter surface map on a complex gradient, I got a good base, but the more I used that displacement map to refine the detail, the more influence it had. So, it's not much different from simply running some color filters on the image the Jupiter displacement map was derived from. Still, it's interesting and would work well enough as a Jupiter-like planet. I'm also posting the texture I used on this planet. Both fall under my usual stock use; leave a message with a link so I can see how you use it!
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Hi! I used this stock here. Thanks for letting me use it.
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Hello, thank you for the use of your stock! I used your stock at the following links!
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You're welcome! Thanks for sharing the results of your work and linking back to me! The planet looked very nice in all versions of Child Sith. Keep up the good work! :w00t:
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Thank you, glad you liked it!