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My Bio
A. V. Morgan is my creative alias--originally as a writer, but thanks to dA, now also as an artist. Going professional (an ongoing process, still at a relatively formative stage) makes it necessary for me to associate my art with my conventional identity. As important as it has been for me to have a place where I could simply be myself, I need to be able to share what I create with others--even the things that make others uncomfortable. Out there in the world, I have to be David because that's all you can really touch or see. In here, you get a glimpse of my soul; a peek at who I really am. I'm not what I appear to be, and that's tough for most people to deal with. If it makes it easier to understand, or at least tolerate, think of it like this: There's more to me than meets the eye.

That's why I express myself in art. So, please allow me to (re)introduce myself:

Hi, I'm David Bryan Roberson, an artist and author specializing in illustration, custom content creation and web/ui design. I started out as an AP Art, English and Drama student. At the age of 15, I attended the Academy of Art in San Francisco on a 3/4 Summer Scholarship. I graduated from Foothill High School in Pleasanton, CA in 1988 with a 3.3 GPA.

I went to HSU to study art and drama in a place full of natural beauty. I was eager to learn new things, and devote myself to creative work. I was prepared to spend some time dealing with the general requirements, and of course, to find work to support myself--but withdrew from Humboldt State University in 1990, unable to find an acceptable balance between work and school.

When the job situation became desperate, I decided to take a leave of absence from school to deal with it. I planned to go back to HSU once I was confident I could support myself, but as I struggled to balance schedules, transportation, income and bills I realized the true cost. I wasn't doing anything as an artist or writer. I knew that supporting myself was an absolute necessity, so I chose to quit school and found a job that allowed me to devote as much of myself as possible to creative work.

I worked independently on my art and writing over the next 15 years, exploring different job options in retail, customer service, security, administration, publishing, communications and technical services. In 2005, I resumed my education, graduating from Axia College (2008) and the University of Phoenix (2010) with an over-all 3.9 GPA, an AA in Business (Axia), and a BS in Visual Communications (UoP).

In spite of frequent employment outside my areas of interest, my employers and co-workers typically noticed and took advantage of my creative skills, providing me with opportunities to use them in my job. Friends would come--or even send other people--to me for creative work. Eventually, I was offered the title, responsibility and duties of Graphic Designer as an addition to the other roles I had assumed in the wake of my Internship at GLP Aerie.

GLP co-founder Launce Haught, has recruited me for other positions as both an IT contractor and Graphic Designer, up to and including my current role as Lead Graphics/Web/UI Designer at I.T Mercenaries. I play a key role in projects with a UI component, but such projects are a small part of the I.T. Mercenaries service scope; so, I decided it was time to start freelancing. I had more than 20 years of experience in illustration, graphic design, game design and writing by the time I started contracting through Elance in 2010.

I'm am currently busy seeking out full time employment as an artist and a place of my own to live.

David Roberson

Roseville/San Francisco, CA, USA
Artist Illustrator Photoshop Expert Graphic Designer Content Writer Philosopher



Summary: ...
I've been artistic all of my life, scribbling in the margins of my life--through school and "just-to-pay-the-bills" employment--and am still just scratching the surface of what I can do. Working as an artist will bring out my true potential.

2D/ 3D Illustrator

Available for: Full time Part time One time Contract Temp
Summary: ...
Growing up, I was passionate about art and writing, and that drew me instinctively to illustration. As a writer, my goal is to feed the imagination of the reader. As an artist, my goal is to share the product of my own imagination, and that is an endlessly inspiring challenge. I am predominantly a self-taught artist, and for most of my life a harsher judge of my work than anyone around me. I am always striving to be a better artist than I am, and struggling to do justice to my imagination. Unfortunately, I was not good at marketing myself; I was not making a living as an artist, and the need to pay bills pulled me off course over and over. It took a few years to shift the current back toward creative work--and I am now focused on 2D/3D digital illustration with an eye out for opportunities to tell better stories through art.

Photoshop Expert

Available for: Full time Part time One time Contract Temp
Summary: ...
I started with traditional media as an artist, but came across Photoshop (version 2) as early as 1988. I was not able to spend much time with it--couldn't afford the software or a computer powerful enough to use it, until about 1988. As an Intern at a small ISP in Livermore, I was able to learn on the job (using version 5) and used it for graphic and web design. I upgraded to Photoshop CS in 2005 and started to use it for illustration. From 2006 to 2010, I mastered Photoshop while pursuing a degree in Visual Communications, upgrading to CS2 in 2008 and CS5 (as part of the Design Premium Suite) in 2010. I have used it predominantly for illustration and design, in contract and freelance graphics, mastering photomanipulation along the way. Photoshop also helped me to branch out into vector and 3D graphics, and has proven to be an essential tool for 3D postwork. With Photoshop in my creative arsenal, I can do just about anything!

Graphic Designer

Available for: Full time Part time One time Contract Temp
Summary: ...
I got started in graphic design as a freshman in high school. I was awarded a 3/4 summer scholarship to the Academy of Art in SF in 1985, and planned to major in art at HSU. Going to college

straight out of high school did not pan out for me, so I pursued my creative goals on the side while working temp and entry level jobs to pay the bills. In many of those jobs, however, my creative skills were noticed and put to good use, designing ads, flyers, forms, letterhead, logos and web pages for employers and friends. I worked with programs like Photoshop, PageMaker, and FileMaker, and taught myself HTML, CSS and JavaScript--growing stronger in graphic design. In 2005 I decided to go back to school, earning my AA in Business in 2008 and a BSIT in Visual Communications in 2010. I became the Lead Graphic/Web/IT Designer for the I.T. Mercenaries, a Bay Area IT Consulting group, and began offering my services on Elance. I've provided a range of work in graphic, web and ui design--including corporate identity, branding, logo design, illustration, cover art, product labeling, and more. Unfortunately, the volume of work has been lacking, so now I am branching out in search of a thriving creative market where my skills can be put to work on a daily basis.

Content Writer

Available for: Full time Part time One time Contract Temp
Summary: ...
As a kid I loved to read and had an overactive imagination that inevitably spilled over into writing. Ironically, I flunked Creative Writing in high school in spite of being an AP English student! I made up for that by acing my Creative Writing classes with the University of Phoenix, and expanded beyond fantasy/sci-fi writing to include all kinds of writing, from academic papers to business process documentation, technical writing and content writing. As a content writer, most of my work is integral to developing web sites. I had a small run of Helium articles from 2005 to 2008. I have a blog where I speculate on various topics from the practical to the philosophical. Most recently, I contributed a few articles to DegreeStory by way of Elance.


Available for: Full time Part time One time Contract Temp
Summary: ...
I am not a student of philosophy. I would love to sit down and chat with any or all of the great thinkers, absolutely! But, I don't care who said what. I care about thinking and asking questions, and understanding things. I'm a student of perspective and I believe in asking questions, not defending answers. I am not content to think I know something. I want to understand why. I want to go past words and numbers, because definitions, by definition, limit understanding. There's only so much you can put into words, and I can't help chasing the thoughts that try to slip past me. I choose to see everything, and everything I see depends on how I look at it.

Work History

Graphic/Game/UI/Web Design & Development

March 2010 - Present
An artist specializing in custom content and web/ui design, with 20 years of experience in illustration, graphic design, game design and writing. Contracts included: logo design, character design & illustration, cover design & illustration (book and album), web design, ui design, icon creation and image manipulation. Adobe CS5, Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML/5, CSS/3, JS/jQuery.

Lead Graphics Design / Team Lead

I.T Mercenaries
May 2010 - Present
Formerly Inframesh, Inc. of San Jose, CA, the I.T. Mercenaries are based in Dublin, CA serving clients in the Greater Bay Area. A Web/UI designer, developer and IT technician, responsible for the I.T. Mercenaries website and branding. XML/XHTML/HTML/5, CSS/3, JS/jQuery, UI design, UI graphics, Logo, Illustrations, Image Manipulations, Content Writing, Web Development/ Design/ Administration. Adobe CS5, Photoshop, Illustrator.

Paladin Enterprises, Inc

June 2001 - June 2008
Creative - Game reviewer, Cloak & Gamer website. Ad and catalog designs for semi-precious stone jewelry. Banners for girls' soccer team, over 3 seasons. Custom graphics for hard cider & mead bottling labels. Web Site content development, business logo concepts and designs.
Technical - Building, repairing and installing desktop systems, including software installation, system configuration and troubleshooting, technical writing, database creation and administration, asset tracking and management. Assisting office network installation, running wire, punch down, rack assembly and component installation.

ISP Staff Intern & Web/Graphic Design - Admin Assistant

GLP Aerie, Inc
July 1998 - March 1999
Creative - Assumed responsibility for graphic arts and advertising: Acting Web Master (gleep.com) and Assistant Web Server Administrator.
Technical - Customer and technical support. Network installation and administration assistant. Duties included troubleshooting TCP/IP, PPP and SLIP dial-up accounts. Assembled and repaired PCs. Supported Windows 3.1, 95, 98, NT and MS-DOS 6.22. Also supported Macintosh OS 7.5. Some coding in C/C++.

Online Portfolios

I'm serious about a career in art, so I have created additional portfolios on ArtStation and ProSite. Those links should be right below...

Qualifications & Certifications

BSIT Visual Communications

University of Phoenix

AA Business

Axia College - Univ. of Phoenix


Modesto Junior College


Humboldt State University

Illustration for Animation

Academy of Art

AP Art

Foothill High School

Favourite Visual Artist
Me. Just kidding...
Favourite Movies
Underworld Series, Star Wars Series, Tron Legacy ...just off the top of my head.
Favourite TV Shows
Magicians, Blindspot, Shannara
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Pink Floyd, Depeche Mode, Peter Gabriel, Eurythmics
Favourite Books
Too many to name...
Favourite Writers
Me. No, really. Okay, just kidding...
Favourite Games
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC ...pretty much my only option at present!
Tools of the Trade
Imagination, instinct, intuition, intent...
Other Interests
Breathing. I just can't seem to stop...
A lifetime of allowing my own needs to sit on the back burner has become an incapacitating problem preventing me from working in the classic employee role and put me out on the street. I'm trying to get help (and hoping there's something that will wo...
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I know that there's too much activity for anyone to keep up with the journals of everyone they follow. That is one of the reasons I do not treat my dA journal as a place to vent anymore. As nice as it can be to vent on occasion, it's not the most productive way to spend your time. I've done the same on my blog. I have let both hang in limbo while I focused on improving my education, practicing my skills and working or looking for work. The looking for work part ended up being quite a job, and for a moment there I was worried it would not pay off. Fortunately, patience and perseverance has. I have accepted a job offer for a UI Developer posit
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I've had the same post up for four years now, so it's well past time for me to say something new. What can I say? I've been busy. I finished my Visual Communications degree, so now I'm a BS (LMAO)! I got my AA in Business back in 2008. I moved back to the East Bay in 2010 and got a position as Lead Graphics/Web/UI Designer at Inframesh, now the I.T. Mercenaries. They're an IT consulting group, so most of the work there has been IT contracting, but I do all the graphics and creative stuff when it comes up. I started Elancing on the side to help establish myself as an illustrator and designer, but it has not been a huge source of income. I have
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Heh! No worries. I really like your planetary terrains! I sort of stopped posting things, but I still like to make them.

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