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Count Quartzula by AVM-Cartoons Count Quartzula by AVM-Cartoons
Count Quartzula (Steven Quartz Universe), is a hybrid of gem-human vampire, of which he is an anti-villain of the Steven Universe series, himself. The origin of the Count Quartzula begins on a picnic just outside of Oregon National Park, which accidentally a vampire bat that escaped from the central laboratory of the city bit Steven, sucking all his blood, that in an instant he was transported in an ambulance to Beach City. At night Dr. Maheswaran confirmed the state of health of Steven who is delicate, let's say he absolutely fell into a coma (due to bat rabies). At home, Crystal Gems lay down next to the unconscious Steven in the bed, with the wound in the neck, they sadly fell asleep. At 12 pm Steven turns into a vampire, and begins to bite and terrorize Beach City, with the intent of threatening Homeworld, is ready to bite one of the diamonds to turn them into vampire gems, to start the creepy dynasty. The Crystal Gems depend on seeking remedy for Steven, before they are attacked by him. At the end the antidote is given, a syringe with a substance mixed with garlic juice, injected into the Steven's arm, and in a matter of seconds, Steven returns to normal as he was. It is known that the vampire is not a corruption, just a disease caused by a vampire bat.

™ Steven Universe. Created by Rebecca Sugar

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