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Lost and Found
Warm, fuzzy nest
Sleeping, safe and timelessly
The whole world was the nest
And all was right with the world
But then the wind picked up
And the little sparrow tumbled
Tossed into the howling gale
All the way over the oceans
To fall into her prison of wishes
Locked up with her shadow
Lying to be happy
Are you scared? he whispered
No, of course not
Yes, how could I not be
Do you miss your home?
I don't remember much
I see it in my dreams
Why are you quiet?
I have nothing to say
It hurts me more to speak
And then the shadow asked
How will we escape?
So she spread her wings and flew
:iconavix215:Avix215 1 0
A Voice to the Cosmos
I sang the song with you
Faces to the sky
Voices spiraling to stars
Our story, lifted off the world
Breathed gently into the heavens
Enchanting those glowing suns
Not a happy tale, nor a sad one
A tapestry of truth
Not of love, not of tears
But one of life
And oh, how they shone!
Drinking in the light
And passing it on
The immortality began here
And will only end far, far away
With the rest of the shining blackness
A channel of golden threads
Pouring into eternal night
One voice grew weak
One voice faltered
Trying to live on
Yet was swept away and claimed
Even though you fell
I kept on singing
The story will not end
The stars will not dim
But now I'll sing twice as loud
:iconavix215:Avix215 22 23
A Godless Boat
The clock’s summited
Standing taut and rigid, guarding the seconds
The day’s fallen, lying dark and askew
Broken and defeated, life ebbing away
The stars smile sadly, waiting for the ascent
And the world is a cesspool of shadows
Breeding and feeding and maiming and dying
The cold whiteness numbs her nakedness
Soothing and whispering promises
She lays bare in her valiant coffin
Wishing and dreaming and flying
Bequeathing cobwebs to herself
Because no one else will take them
Needing proof of a soul,
She begins the hunt
Blade to skin and mind to metal
She must make her final stand count
Find the true you, they said
Now she’s dug more than they ever will
There are no tears, no regret
There’s no time for anything
Because she can finally control fate
Her sparks flow out
And she marvels at their beauty
Struck by crimson ecstasy
They leave their homes slowly
Saddened by the quiet
The soul leaves with a breath
Flitting uncertainly above dimming eyes
She tries to catch it
:iconavix215:Avix215 7 6
A Tangible Shadow by Avix215 A Tangible Shadow :iconavix215:Avix215 8 0
Water turns me to dark white
Filth turns me to pale black
I slide over skin and follicle and hair
Wiping and gliding at the behest of cleanliness
Down from the heights, onto the body
Thrown into the wet hell
And then the dry one
Back to the cliffs to flutter sagaciously
Brushed disdainfully by a scornful breeze
How can you live so? he mocks
How can you bear watching me fly
Peeking into windows with deep dark secrets
From mountain to mountain and rainbow to rainbow
As you hang limp and used
A slave to your own purpose
Jump from that crest and join my freedom
Flit away and be gone
Ah, but you see, you are not free
You are bound to yourself and your dreams
I am bound to skin and damp
To a mistress who calls incessantly
A relationship of need and use
Your lands may be vast for your body
But mine are small for my heart
You may be the freest being
But also the loneliest soul
You may live everywhere in the world
But my liberty is one of cautious love
:iconavix215:Avix215 7 14
Tales of Rubies: Chapter 1
It began with a dream.
In the dream, I was flying. I’d never flown in a dream before, but had heard stories that dreams about flying were important, contained messages from the future. I’d never taken much stock in premonitions, but I treasured the dream nonetheless. I moved, suspended in midair by some invisible force, without the help of so much as a single feather. Wings were for lesser beings; I used freedom to spirit me away. I could twist in spirals, flailing but never falling, nervous but never scared. And I was nimble, quick as a raindrop striking a leaf, rushing over lakes and forests and even an entire ocean, waves glinting teasingly as I sped by overhead. I darted through the openings in the mountains, snow scattering into glowing halos as I passed.
It was then that the symbols began to form, fading in and out of the edges of my vision, gradually growing bolder and creeping into my main line of vision. They looked old, odd swirls and dots, some composed of merely
:iconavix215:Avix215 2 3
Tales of Rubies: Prologue
The bell tinkled gently as the door opened, admitting a tall man in a long black cloak, spattered with dry mud that made it appear almost brown. A hood left his face in shadow. The stranger scuffed his boots on the rough doormat and closed the door, eyes sweeping the store. A musty smell hung in the air, perpetuating every corner, and the windows only let in sunlight enough to dimly illuminate the small space. The wooden shelves were loaded with goods, from ropes to sheepskins and the odd ax or two.  There were barrels of rice and rather strongly smelling crates of fruit, spice racks and dried meats, all organized meticulously into sections- not something all shops cared to do. The man took all this in, noting the neatness. But he hadn’t come here for supplies. He walked the length of the store to a small, decrepit looking bookshelf at the end; so shabby you wouldn’t notice it if you weren’t looking for it. He pawed through the collection silently, not noticing t
:iconavix215:Avix215 10 12
Flawed Paradigms
Decisions, choices, divergent paths
O Janus, thou art of wicked breed
She screamed, and the paradigm broke
Shattering and rebounding and ricocheting
But she survived through the storm
With her armor of conscience
What is important and what is not
Eyes glinting with primal understanding
She screamed, and the strands
Holding the world together
Snapped one by one
And the spider fell with its prey
Into the mouth of a being larger than he
The hunter became the hunted
And reality devolved to truth
The snake swallowed its tail
And Fate predicted itself collapsing
The Sun took the Earth in its embrace
As the Moon fled in terror
She screamed Truth, and the Universe broke.
:iconavix215:Avix215 12 8
Divine Plummet
When the sun melts the sky
And volcanoes freeze and frost
When lightning quenches the waves
And the Earth itself ceases to spin
Then the heavens will fall
Bright and shining and glorious
Descending through the clouds into our hearts
And the angels will sing their last echoes
Whispering their dreams as they spiral
And the trees will sway
As the wind itself bows, prostrate
Dignity swept away in itself
And all the crystal in the world
Will, for an instant, gleam with a thousand suns
As the light rains down from above
And all the peoples will come out of their homes
To look up with blinded eyes
And see gods falling towards them
Their raw fear reflected in the eyes of billions
They will see once, and never again
See truly, with souls of pure ether
Because once you have seen light
How may you stand darkness?
How can you bear oblivion
Having mirrors for eyes?
How is it you can live
Watching empires die?
:iconavix215:Avix215 22 10
Scarlet Dreams
Born to life and raised to death
Trained and conformed with increasing urgency
Using molds that pushed out more than they let in
And it wasn’t enough, it didn't match up
She was unexpected enough to be normal
She stumbled into her fairytales, bleeding her dreams
Clutching her tumbling tunes of hope
As they ran and slipped between fumbling fingers
Slithering down her legs to coil below
Poised to strike if picked up again
Sobbing wet tears into dry walls
That were then uncaring but would once be kind
They watched silently but never responded
Yet were first in line to hear her last
And taste the blood
And smell the blackness
And bid farewell
The impurity within her had had enough
So it spurted out
To paint the walls
And sketch out her life
In ways that she could never have
And she had been perfect
To the boy who was waiting
With his bouquet of redemption
But the flowers wilted
As he searched for their owner
Because she was brilliant
Just not in the way they wanted
:iconavix215:Avix215 18 19
He looked timidly down the street. It was, like the ten previous times he’d checked, empty. Devoid of any and all human life.
But not empty, no. There were the bodies remaining still. No one had come to clean them up- or more likely, those who came had perished too, contributing generously to the rising pile.
He kept walking, stepping over silent faces, over mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters. Over all the faces of the innocents smited in the greens and yellows of life.
The City had died, that much was visible from a glance. Bodies were strewn over streets, park benches, in libraries and coffee shops, in cars and buses and skyscrapers and apartments. But the decay hadn’t set in yet, oh no. The butchery had ended, but the processing hadn’t yet begun. The ungodly stench was only just starting to leak out into the crisp air.
And the frost was everywhere. The white frost, they had called it. The frost that didn’t melt. Come from the sky to punish you, free
:iconavix215:Avix215 11 12
Weaving, twisting, bobbing as a sea
Unhesitating to meet the fiercest gaze
Lifting hands, conjoined for fractional seconds
Breaking and joining, flowing and flying
We are but golden strands of finest silk
Floating in the gentle breeze
Waving goodbye to the iridescent light
From which we came
Each turn a reckless choice
Each revolution a heady decision
Graceful artists, pondering destiny
Light streaming through with every stroke
So you can dance
In this elegant ballroom of brief eternity
Dance before you fade to the dark
Bright as a blazing star
In all its triumphant glory
Because to truly capture that essence of life
You must dance with it
And so we dance
Because we were made to
And we know little else
:iconavix215:Avix215 16 2
Animorphs/DW Crossover: Fragments That Never Were
“Here’s my business card.”
He tossed me a small rectangle of some blue material. I hefted it. It looked like plastic, felt like wax, but was as heavy as metal.
It was blank on one side, but had a picture of the TARDIS on the other. No writing, no nothing.
“How do people get in touch with you?”  I asked. “There’s no name, no telephone number, nothing.”
“Touch the TARDIS,” he said.
I skeptically tapped the little picture with my index finger.
Immediately, a light on the main TARDIS console began to flash. “HUMAN CALLING. DNA PATTERN CONFIRMS IDENTITY AS RACHEL BERENSON.”
“Low-level telepathic field, hooked up to an intergalactic transmitter. Beams your message straight to here. Controlled by your thoughts,” the Doctor said. “The TARDIS records the message for me if I’m not here.”
“Okay, that is super cool,” I admitted. “Timelord voicemail. A bit more advanced than
:iconavix215:Avix215 2 0
DevID by Avix215 DevID :iconavix215:Avix215 2 0
Love is cruel
Love is ironic
Love is a tool
Love is idiotic
It defies explanation
Twisting, spiraling, leaping
Without cessation
How does it conquer?
How does it rule?
It crushes, it breaks
Yet still is a jewel
If you love something
You should let it go
Yet I just can’t leave
That warm, buttery glow
It strikes without warning
At first is a blessing
Then leaves us broken
Gasping and guessing
The glass is half empty
Even when half full
But I want to smash the glass
With the rage of a bull
No matter if concealed
In dress, cloak, or suit
Love will be always
The heart’s delicious fruit
It ensnares and entangles
Dripping intoxicating juice
And all the while
It tightens the noose
Whispers in your ear
Then swiftly melts away
Comes back a second later
To lead you astray
Locks you up
Then gives you the key
But you refuse to come out
Suffused with your glee
Ah, love is mystical
So what do I know?
But hear this, child
It turns friend into foe
What I want to address
Is behind that sweet
:iconavix215:Avix215 128 66
Catch you when you fall
Pick you up and stand you tall
Stroke your face down to your chin
Turn that frown into a grin
Wipe away those cruel tears
Fight back against your fears
Hold you to me and claim that right
Turn you away from the dark and into the light
An embrace to sniffle into, a shoulder to cry on
Here's the pair of shoes you never got to try on
Step into them and stay out of the seamy side of life
Away from the trouble, free of the strife
Just turn to me and cry
Turn away from depression and defy
When it all seems too much and you seem too little
When all your dreams become too brittle
I'm here, whether you want me or not
Never gonna leave you, perish the thought!
I have strength enough for both of us
All I ask for is your trust
Come to me and be beholden
Come to me, I'll make it golden
:iconavix215:Avix215 38 14


What do we say to the god of death? by Aine0686 What do we say to the god of death? :iconaine0686:Aine0686 85 7 In Azkaban by AndIMoveSmilingly In Azkaban :iconandimovesmilingly:AndIMoveSmilingly 55 8
wrists that roar
mama says
pull down your sleeves
they'll see, they'll see

but no-one's even looking
i say mama
tigers are proud and strong
and tigers show their stripes
so today i'm a tiger

and who says
i can't be a tiger
when razors made me fierce
and secrets kept me lonely
who says
i can't tiger-roar
when everything unsaid
ripped my throat raw
i made my stripes
with tiger-claws and tiger-teeth
so damned if i'm not a tiger
and damned if i won't roar
mama, i'm a tiger
mama, hear me roar
:iconanniba:anniba 112 27
Silly little writer
Write for a cause,
<  Not for applause.
>    Don't write for others,
<      Show your true colors.
>        Use words to amuse,
<          Not for abuse.
>            Spread your word,
<              Let it be heard.
>                Critics of the past,

<                  Won't be your last.
>                    Write to express,
<                      Not to impress.
>                        You're not Shakespeare,
<                          Not even near,
:iconbellaromatica:BellaRomatica 15 16
Broken Butterfly
I saw a butterfly cocoon once,
and I wondered to myself,
"What goes on in there?"
Maybe I could poke it,
prod it,
put it through something similar
to what I've been through,
and see if it reacts.
I wonder if
a butterfly would still come out
of that cocoon;
maybe with some wound,
or scar,
or maybe
it would end up
with a broken wing.
Just like me.
:iconkidko123:kidko123 24 12
Silent Waters by Shubbyz Silent Waters :iconshubbyz:Shubbyz 5 0
Seeking The Great Perhaps
I go to seek the Great Perhaps
where persecution is like Latin--
and I can walk with my head held up high
for my flaws are no longer under a magnifying glass
for the whole world to see.
I go to seek the Great Perhaps
where 'true love' isn't a corny phrase
but actually exists
and one's looks, knowledge of books, whether or not she cooks
doesn't matter.
I go to seek the Great Perhaps
where 'mental illness' is not akin to 'crazy'
and people's eyes don't roam my body
for weapons that never were, never are, and never will be there.
And finally, I go to seek the Great Perhaps
a time, a place, a state of being
where I can venture beyond these walls
because I'll no longer be the thing that society hates.
:icongoldennocturna:GoldenNocturna 4 4
Game Of Thrones: Bloody Crowns, Diaphanous Gowns


by techgnotic
Game of Thrones spearheads resurgence in sword & sorcery fantasy art of Warrior Kings & Queens.

Game of Thronesby Asidpk

A very small man can cast a very large shadowby RobotDelEspacio
:icontechgnotic:techgnotic 3,180 739
The Keeper of the Dragons Chp 1
The Keeper of the Dragons
Chapter 1
My Cab Driver Runs Us Into a Wall
Okay, so the hair goes like this…then the arm…oh wait– crap. I messed up on the claw.
I frowned and grabbed the eraser on the desk. Careful not to rip or crinkle the page, I began to erase the pencil drawing I started to create on my notebook paper. Unfortunately, the eraser overshot my drawing and wrinkled the paper anyways. Stupid eraser. I sighed and tried my best to straighten out the paper, but I’d rather be dealing with a small art crisis than actually watching the video for my class.
Yeah, I was in class right at the moment, and this week before I have to pack up my bags and head off to High School. I honestly have mixed feelings about that. I mean, it’s High School. Everyone always talks down about how High School freakin’ sucks to be the small little freshmen. Of course, that’s on TV but still. What was I gonna expect?
Anyway, majority of my Language A
:iconflaresiram:FlareSiram 10 42
The Keeper Chp 1
The Keeper
Chapter 1
My cab driver runs us into a wall
Scribble, scribble…look up…scribble, scribble, scribble, peer around, scribble, scribble, scribble…
This is just me entertaining myself in my class, about one week before the end of school. This means that I would leave my junior high and head off to high school, which is pretty creepy. I still can't see myself in high school; I mean thinking about it is so nerve racking. Plus I'm so short, how would I be able to survive?!
Anyway, I was in my language arts class being bored yet again. We were watching a poetry video with a whole bunch of poets sharing their work. Some of them were pretty interesting. Funny? Yes. Some on the other hand were just too serious and boring for my taste. I really felt like doing something else but Mrs. Sadler, my teacher, told us to put everything away and concentrate on the video. And of course I didn't listen.
I love drawing, and I mean love. Everyone draws when there little, but o
:iconflaresiram:FlareSiram 7 68
daze - Romaji Lyrics (Mekakucity Actors)
Konkuriito ga yuraida
Kasumi kusumu, kimi no miteru yume
Tenpureeto wo nazotta
Shiranai mama no nichijou
Hai tenpo na atendansu
Kienai tarinai ochikonda mirai
Saishuu wan ga kitatte
Ienai kimi wa nakisou
Hora, me wo tojite
Maigo nara issho
Kaerimichi mo nai deshou?
Tsugi hai deta himitsu ni negau
Mirai wa heibon
Saa, te wo narase
Zero de mawatta kanchigai wo kyou mo atsumete
Kimi mo mata, mugamu chuu?
Let's `purei'
Todoku made sakende
Let's `save'
Kanau made agaite
Sono te wo tsukamu made
Kono ondo wa wasurenai
Let's `daze'
Kokoro wo kesanaide
Let's `change'
Hitori de nakanaide
`Kodoku' nara nurikae reru
Omoidashite yo iitakatta koto
Ankouru ga hibiita Meguri meguru
machi no naka wo yuke
Sutandaado wo kowashite
Asebanda te wo tsunagou
Bureiku out(Break out) to sutando aapu (stand up)
Nerenai yamenai gyakushuu no kehai
Saishuu-bi ga kitatte
Kienai kotoba sagasou
Hora-te wo dashite aeta no wa kitto
Omoichigai ja nai deshou?
Kageboushi no mani mani
Ureu sekai wa zanzou
:iconrinzen09:rinzen09 148 20
Remembering the Kanji 1-24C by mikichan76 Remembering the Kanji 1-24C :iconmikichan76:mikichan76 1 0
epitaphs for the living
i kissed a boy yesterday.
his lips tasted like freshly turned dirt and wilting rose petals, and his fingers felt like coffin nails in my hair. his blue eyes stared attentively at my face while i traced my fingers over his cut-along-the-dotted-line veins, and he murmured his philosophies of a true world into my ear.
he said there was a beautiful world behind this one, but it was like there was dirty gauze stretched across our eyes, preventing us from seeing it. then he told me about the land of the dead, that filled the same spaces and forms as this world, but was completely different. i asked him which one he prefered, but he only smiled at me.
he told me about this great old tree that grew outside the window at his childhood home. he said it had great, thick branches, almost perfectly perpendicular to the trunk. he said his grandfather had hung himself there. i asked him why, and his eyes stared off into a place that wasn't there as he replied "he was an old man at thirty two, and die
:iconl-forever:L-forever 19 47
Daenerys and Drogon by Afternoon63 Daenerys and Drogon :iconafternoon63:Afternoon63 1,955 144
It's Been Awhile
It's been awhile, hasn't it? What happened since I last posted a journal entry? Hm...
Well, I got loads better, I think. I stopped getting upset when things didn't look right, because there's not much of a point to being upset over it. I won an art contest, and I'm entering another larger one, so that's exciting, and I won a writing contest, so that's also exciting.
I'm just getting over being crazy sick for a full week.
I've started reading Homestuck. AND OMIGOD ITS BEAUTIFUL (I'm only just on Act 5, don't you dare spoil anything)
I don't know how often I'll be posting things now. I have tumblr (teenyfettuccine) and Instagram (teenyfettuccine) and that's where I tend to spend most of my time. Instagram is where I post ALL of my pictures, so please check that out.
Otherwise, I got nothin else. Thanks for looking at my art, I guess. It still means a lot. :D
:iconotakuparade:OtakuParade 1 0



Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
NOTE: This account is mostly inactive. I currently study Physics & Computer Science at the University of Southern California, and as such, unfortunately no longer have the time to maintain this page.

Hey, I'm from Sunnyvale, Calfornia, and I'm a writer/poet.

I'm a polyglot, and currently speak English, Hindi, Marathi, French, and Japanese. I'm an AJATTer, and have Spanish, Arabic, and Mandarin in my long-term polyglot plans. I see language learning as a way to test my mettle, a source of fun, and a fascinating tool for connecting people and places around the world.

Je parle un peu de francais aussi. J'espere que vouz aimez mes ouvrages!
日本語も話せますよ.中々上手だと思うけどさ ww。良かったら僕のガラリを見てください、ありがとう!
Hope you enjoy my stuff!

Animorphs stamp by chili19 Eragon Bromsson by Nekomata-the1andonly


Hey guys, im gonna be semi on/off DA for a while. Like, ill check my stuff every week or so, but i dont think im gonna be posting any new stuff for a while...
Also, i cant respond to anyone's comments , so if you guys want to contact me, if its important, NOTE ME.

Thanks. :)
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