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Ideas Are Bulletproof

In solidarity with 'Charlie Hebdo', and spitting on the face of religious, political, social, and cultural fanatics everywhere.

The title is a quote from 'V For Vendetta' by Alan Moore and David Lloyd.

Medium: digital

UPDATE: Thank you, everyone who has liked, shared, or commented on this drawing. Never bow down!
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Simple and powerful, very good job.
Demiurge of Drawings is an amazing app if you want to draw something but don't know what.…
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To me we should never bow down to extremists savages who threaten our way of life.
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So touch me! Deadpool icon 
I love your concept! :V: Good job! Chinatsu Yoshikawa (Good Job) [V3] 
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Thank you, Hindun! :)
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you're welcome :D
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You can kill a man, but you can't kill an idea. -Medgar Edwards 
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Thanks! It's Medgar Evers, I think.
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superbe image !! merci
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This event in Paris has the hallmarks of a false flag operation to continue with the war on terror.

The news media proclaimed the masked men walked over to a police officer and shot him on the head and the video is blacked out or blurred out.

But people have got hold of the raw footage and it shows that the masked man misses and the shot hits the pavement.

Youtube has tried its best to censor the video but people fortunately keep re-posting pointing out YOU ARE BEING LIED TO!

Whatever happened, it is sad but it is being used as propaganda to continue wars. It appeals to your emotion.

It's ok to feel sad and have solidarity, but don't turn off your thinking when things like this happen.
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Indeed, no. Not when US drones keep murdering women and children in Pakistan.
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True. There must be a way to settle differences with people and not do horrible things like that.
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Thank you. :iconjesuischarlieplz: 

Even though I don't believe that "spitting on the face ..." of anybody would end terror.

But you are right. Ideas are bulletproof. Keep on drawing. Keep on expressing.…
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By "spitting on the face", I didn't mean to hate them back. I only used it as a symbol of defiance. Maybe I was too overcome with outrage when I wrote it.
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I do understand that. Thanks for putting this strait. 
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This is the more appropriate quote for this tragic event.
We are Charlie. We will fight for our freedom.
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It's so true. The islamists haven't silenced critics: they've just created a new generation of angrier critics. Personally, I think Islam is the root of the problem. Not poverty or alienation. Lots of folks are disaffected, but most of them don't terrorize and murder!I think Islam is, at it's most basic level, an extremist religion. Praying five times a day, on your knees with your face on the ground: one month of going thirsty and hungry during daytime: Islam is inflexible. It is essentially extremist and radical. THere's no room in it for moderation, reformists, Islamic critics, etc. Whatever form is adhered to, Islam is a radical faith full of radical people. 

It wasn't just the shooters on that terrible day who are to blame, you know? It is all the people who have been raging against critics of Islam/Muhammed all these years--so many unnamed people who had the WILL to do harm to artists. Remember the Brothers Karamazov? There's tool and there's the will behind them.  There were riots against the cartoonists for years! Those crowds weren't small! They rioted all over the world! Maybe they didn't lift a hand in anger, but they wanted someone to do it! I think most Muslims wanted the comic artists involved to die for what they depicted. 
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I meant 'most', not 'all'. Sorry about the misquote.
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I think you're generalising a bit. What you're talking about is the hardline Arab Islamism that rose as a backlash against Western colonialism and everything borne out of it. There are lots of sects within Islam that promote peace and understanding (e.g. Sufism); unfortunately, they are being persecuted by the hardliners as well. As for saying that all Muslims wanted this to happen, would you say that all Americans wanted to kill the children of Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
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Amazing work, man! Great quote as well. 
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May I share this in solidarity?
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Yes!  do not bow!!!
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