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spirit shenanigans

woops I guess I can't stop making up new characters.

Opia is a lady who hunts soul-eating spirit creatures who don't understand human emotions. Lyro is a soul-eating spirit creature who doesn't understand human emotions, which is why Opia would rather see it/him dead.

I made up some sort of a tiny story involving these two, in which Opia kills Lyro's physical body but is cursed by his spirit: if Lyro dies, so does she. His spirit can't survive too long without a physical body, so Opia's in quite a nasty situation.

She stuffs Lyro's spirit into a nifty collar/leash-shooting gun, which can be used to allow Lyro enter a host creature, for example a stray cat. The hosts die rather quickly though, which is why Opia has to keep looking for fitting containers for Lyro's spirit.

and then stuff happens blah a blah

I created these charcters, and that alone is probably enough to make people realize they don't want to steal them. :Y
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Great ones! 8D If you decide to draw a comic of these two, I'd really like to read it. XD