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is that a dream i hear

Wooooah okay it's been like ages since I last uploaded something. Been too busy with game graphics at school that I haven't managed to draw anything decent enough to submit. Yeah.

So. This is Hesperos again, being his usual whatthefuckisthatthing self. He looks a bit shinier and more feathery here than usual but whateverrrr he can be shiny if he wants. I think it's actually pretty cool that his fur looks like a mixture of regular fur and feathers.

The grayscale one on the right is what I did first. The one on the left is coloured because I wanted to try barfing some colours on the grayscale image (was this technique called underpainting or something? idek). I think I gotta practice this a bit more, it was surprisingly fun.

blah blah Hesperos is my character, no one wants to steal him
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