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c+p from tumblr because I'm not writing any more words:


I went for a night-walk yesterday and I was greeted with nothing less than a THUNDERCLOUD covering the other half of the sky and a nearly clear FULL MOON on the other side. It was a truly absurd and beautiful display of everything massive and powerful nature has to offer. I sat there listening to the primitive rumble and watching the lightnings flash and the clouds creep slowly closer to the moon until it started raining. It was really amazing, and getting most of my clothes wet on the way back inside was most definitely worth it.

I could have missed all of this if I’d just stayed inside for, say, 20 minutes longer. :U

May this serve as a reminder for all of you: nature is beautiful and it doesn’t give the tiniest shit about your pathetic little existence, yet it unknowingly gives amazing displays of its true grace to those who care to look.
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The whole night-walk thing seemed awesome, but as soon as I was getting into it I moved to Kortrijk... No fancy night walkings here, with all the light-pollution. Even though the little town does have it's peculiar oddities at 4am.
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Light pollution is awful :C
Cities and towns would be 400% more awesome at night if they just turned off every single light.
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Myeah. I like to imagine a future where street lighting is made so that it doesn't light up the sky, so that people can enjoy all that they have to offer.
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That would be really rad. Now I just need to become a dictator so that I can make this happen as soon as possible. :D