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So I decided to sell some prints on dA. It's only a few for now. I only chose the best original artworks of Avi and my Angels. I'm not really sure how it will turn out (I have to buy a sample myself I guess) but yahh I hope some people decides to buy some even if it's the smallest print.

Apparently you can buy the prints using cash or :points:

I'm not really sure if I can sell prints of my fanarts though since those are licensed characters. I should probably open a separate shop for it. Hmm...

Anyway, the artworks that are available for prints are:
Strength by avimHarZ  rIse ABOVE 2 by avimHarZ  Lacrimosa V by avimHarZ  Heavenly by avimHarZ  Dawn by avimHarZ  August Hero Challenge: Love is... this. by avimHarZ  Regret and Salvation by avimHarZ 

These prints are HI-RESOLUTION and UNWATERMARKED so you won't see those chibi heads glaring at you on these prints.

I got to admit though that the prices here on dA are pretty expensive

Oh and I have a twitter account as well. You can follow me there to see my wips, rants, and other random stuff. Just click my profile: and hit follow!
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Submitted on
October 28, 2015