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hey there people! It's been a while since I wrote a journal! Well anyway, there's a reason for this... so I hope you take some time to read...

Recently, I uploaded my new webcomic entitled "The Angel with Black Wings." Yeah... I feel pretty happy that I uploaded this. It's actually been a year since I started making this so it's about time I uploaded it. Heaven knows I'm so friggin' damn slow in doing my manga because making money comes first... -_-

So anyway, if you have time, you can read it here! although it's only in chapter 1, page 15

I'm open for suggestions on what other sites (aside from tapastic) can I upload my webcomic... so if you have an idea, please leave a comment here! 

Okay that's it for now... :D

anyway, here are some of my recent artworks

Korrasami yeah!
Fanart: Who Wants to take us on? by avimHarZ

Lacrimosa V by avimHarZ   rIse ABOVE 2 by avimHarZ
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March 9, 2015


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