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Published: September 23, 2015

THIS PRICE LISTINGS ARE OBSOLETE. PLEASE REFER HERE FOR THE UPDATED PRICE LISTINGS:  Commissions January 2016These price listings are obsolete please refer to my new prices on this link: 

Since I can stream again let me know if you want me to stream your commission although I can't guarantee that I can stream to your favourable time since I live in Asia.

Commissions are PAYPAL ONLY (for now)
So here are the new Price listings: Prices are per character as always!

$5 Simple drawings with minimal details (digital): 

$10 FLAT-Colored drawings (digital): 

$15 CEL-Shaded drawings (digital):


$15 Digital Portraits:  

$15 Inked Drawings (Traditional):

I'd like to avoid giving out "free samples" as much as possible. Just judge my capabilities based on what you see on my gallery. :)

Hey deviantart, I am currently open for commissions.

Commissions can be paypal or points!

For point commissions, PLEASE DO NOT SEND THE POINTS TO ME DIRECTLY. Please order thru the commission widget at my profile: that would absolutely be appreciated.

This commission is for character illustration. It can be anything OC, fanart or even a stylized version of yourself!

With some exceptions (these topics are automatically declined)
:bulletred: yaoi 
:bulletred: excessive gore or gore in general
:bulletred: excessive sex scenes

(I'm fine with nude stuffs (NSFW) yuri is also fine to a certain extent)

Here's the details:

Please note that prices are per character

$10 or 1000 :points: Character portraits:  Fanart: Mikasa Ackerman portrait by avimHarZ  Fanart: Levi portrait by avimHarZ  Untitled Practice by avimHarZ Untitled Practice 2 by avimHarZ
Strictly head to shoulders only.
Drawing style will be shifted to suit more my digital painting style.
No rough sketch.

$5 or 500 :points: Simple line drawings:  Bunny girl Commission by avimHarZ  Commission: DJ by avimHarZ  Commission: Headphone kid by avimHarZ

$10 or 1000 :points: Colored drawings (Cel-shading):   Dean-lr by avimHarZ  Avi: Swinging by avimHarZ

$15 or 1500 :points: Detailed Lineart:   Digital Art - Surf by avimHarZ  OC: To the Rescue by avimHarZ

$30 or 3000 :points: Digital Paintings:     Lacrimosa V by avimHarZ Fanart: Who Wants to take us on? by avimHarZ  OC: Looking For Hope by avimHarZ

$50 or 5000 :points: Bundle Package: 2 characters + BG (if possible)  Fanart: Sumbaga by avimHarZ

$5 or 500:points: commissions has to be paid first before I start.

Payment (except for $5 commissions) can be sent after I provided a rough sketch. Otherwise, I won't proceed to the coloring phase.

Just provide some reference images and I'll definitely get it done!

A hi-res jpg at 150dpi and unwatermarked will be emailed to the client. 

Turnaround time is around 1-3 days. I'll inform if there's a delay.

Please allow me to post the artwork on my deviantart gallery to add to my portfolio.

For personal use only. Please inform me beforehand if you're going to use it for commercial purposes so that we can negotiate the rights.

Drop me a note here on deviantart or send an email at

EDIT: Here are some of the stuffs I've finished commissioning:

Commission: Allen Warfare by avimHarZ for :iconwhitenoiseghost: Commission: Bryn by avimHarZ for :iconheralona: Commission for StarNation13 by avimHarZ for :iconstarnation13:

Commission for TheGrigoriAnime by avimHarZ for :iconthegrigorianime: Commission: Karma by avimHarZ for :iconjarret91:  Fanart Commission: Freezing Korra by avimHarZ for :iconcoldcollector:

Queen Korinna~ The Grigori by TheGrigoriAnime for :iconthegrigorianime:  Korinna and Nephilim Giant~ The Grigori by TheGrigoriAnime for :iconthegrigorianime:  Commission: Lindsay by avimHarZ for :iconjarret91:

Mature Content

Commission: Unnamed Character (NSFW) by avimHarZ
 for :iconpantylover21:  Winter OC by Vizzard99 for :iconvizzard99:  Richard Alexander Thomas AKA R.A.T. OC by Vizzard99 for :iconvizzard99:
  Methuselah~ The Grigori by TheGrigoriAnime for :iconTheGrigoriAnime  Queen Isleen- The Grigori by TheGrigoriAnime for :iconthegrigorianime:  Snow Harrison OC by Vizzard99 for :iconvizzard99:
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WhiteNoiseGhostHobbyist General Artist
Ahh, I want to commission you so bad ;^; *quickly gathers a shitload of points*
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avimHarZ Digital Artist
I'll be open for commissions for quite a while so take your time! :D