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yeah... i sorta created a facebook page out on a whim...

it's pretty new and it doesn't have likers yet... so uh... if you have time, you can visit me page there...

anyway, i'll just plug it here...

and now, for my latest work... a remake from my super pathetic artwork from 3 years ago...
rIse ABOVE 2 by avimHarZ
I guess I have to be more active here and on other sites in order to promote meself...

If only it doesn't take a lot of time... 
Hey there... it's been a reeeally long while... I know I literally left dA for like over a year... but nevermind that... I'll "try" to revive my account here on deviantArt so I'm going to post some new old artworks every once in a while... 

I'm also planning something that I intend to display sometime in 2015...

For the meantime here...

Ascend by avimHarZ
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It's already the 3rd month of the year and OMG I only uploaded one artwork in my deviantart! WTH?! and yet... I feel so friggin' busy enough to make me wish I know Naruto's shadow clone jutsu...

First of all, I didn't quit drawing or died or disappeared to the 5th dimension or anything like that. In fact, there isn't a day that I'm not holding my pencils or my pentab's pen. So what the heck is happening??

I'm simply prioritizing stuffs that has some monetary value...

So here's the thing, I've been working part-time (I think...) on an animation studio... It's actually the greatest place I've ever been to. That place gives opportunity to improve skills (although I don't know if I'm really improving... LOL) and raise our ranks and more stuffs like that. They also teach us to be an animator there. Which is so awesome cuz after all, my childhood dream is to become an animator and I can't believe I am able to achieve this dream of mine thanks to them. Of course, they give us work there and they pay us which is great.

But unfortunately, my pay isn't enough to get me through because I only spent that money for transportation fees. It's so faaaaaaaaar away from my house. So which is why...

I'm constantly seeking someone who would commission me (commission details: so that I'll have some extra money. Why is it so hard to be an adult?? So anyway, I had some few clients over the past few months but the thing is, I can't upload the stuffs I did for them.

and to that, I don't have anything to show for now... So please be patient...

Lastly, the artwork I did for Valentines day last month and the first artwork that I uploaded for 2013...
Lacrimosa III by avimHarZ
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So 2012 is about to end and thank God no apocalypse happened... It seems like yesterday when the last new year's eve happened...

First of all, I can't believe this myself and it's not out of arrogance but over the course of the year 2012, my drawing improved somehow. I was like browsing through my artworks of this year and it was like my style is simply evolving... It's not that perfect enough that I can be satisfied. I hope next year I'll be able to improve my drawing even more...

But of course, I didn't get to where I am by myself... Unfortunately for me, I'm not a genius... Last summer, I had the greatest opportunity to train in Top Peg Animation studio and I learned a lot I mean real lot in my stay there... Despite the fact that is absolutely far from my house. I really love being there... I'll stay there as long as they don't kick me out... LOL...

...and I met so many people... people who dreams like I do, people whose skills are way better than me despite the fact that they are younger and people who are more resilient in pursuing this art career than I am... I admire those people and they make me push myself even harder to reach my dream. I know I'm getting closer...

I started doing commissions this 2012 as well... Although I only had a few clients this year... It's like you opened a store and only sold a few items. I'm the one to blame for that though... Hopefully on 2013, more clients will come and I'll be able to earn enough to save myself from a tendency of poverty... LOL...

So anyway, it way a great year all in all and hopefully next year will be greater than this...

Lastly, check out my artwork for New Year
Sparks by avimHarZ

A pleasant new year to everyone...
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Only a few more numbers before this page reached 4k views. I know it's not the best record around but I can't believe my pageviews will reach this number. So thanks to all who has taken some little time to look at my gallery. It's highly appreciated.

Oh yeah if you want to commish me check the details
I'm pretty open and idle so if you want something to be drawn by me just pay and I'll do it.
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Another weeks of inactivity from me. I've been struck down by a sickness called depression and it was horrible. It made my brain crumble or something like that. The idiot me is so pessimistic thus making me so withdrawn and sad and depressed.

But I'm fine now. I stumbled upon a nice booklet and when I read it, I felt so much better. The only thing I need to do is to have faith in Him and it made feel at ease. It's like my recent prayer had been answered just like that.

So anyway, I'm up and running once again. Although my ability to produce new artworks is slower than before. I wish there will come a time that I'll be able to upload one artwork per hour but that's just crazy cuz if I rush stuffs it won't look like I want it and I'll be like my drawing is so friggin' bad then I'll be like I'm not good enough and sunk into depression once again. LOL.

Bottomline is about having confidence on what you can do and even though the situation is pretty bad (I'm pretty much off-season at this moment. No one is commissioning me so I'm not making cash and I'm getting pretty poor now.), you are still blessed for having such talent. And prayer really works and you got to trust Him because He will not abandon people. So optimism is a must!

And to that, I'M STILL OPEN FOR COMMISSIONS please check the details here: I should probably have a holiday discount of some sort. I'll think about it. And yeah I promise I'LL DILIGENTLY REPLY TO ALL YOUR NOTES AND EMAILS AND COMMENTS FROM NOW ON

so to close this journal, here's my super latest artwork:
The Red String of Destiny by avimHarZ
yay Avi!!!

let's keep on drawing, everyone!
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I know I haven't been that active for the past few weeks. I'm not saying a lot is happening... It's more like NOTHING is happening. I dunno... I'm pretty much in a slump despite the fact that all I do is draw (well mostly). I haven't drawn anything personal these past few weeks. The only stuff that I was drawing in my inactivity are commished stuffs (COMMISSION DETAILS: that I cannot upload anywhere and stuffs on training that I cannot upload as well.

Also, I kinda like spent my time playing video games. I borrowed this game named Shining Force EXA from a friend and I was like hooked into it. Normally, I would get tired of playing an RPG game after I finished the storyline and wouldn't bother doing the extra post game stuffs like defeating a boss that is like way stronger than the storyline boss or getting the characters buffed up to the maximum. I must really like this game cus I even bother exploring everything it has to offer even if I already finished the storyline... And not only the game itself but the characters as well. I really like Cyrille a lot for some reason...

So anyway, in order to break out the slump, I decided to do a pretty quick artwork of my original character, Avista. Although It's probably pretty wrong but hey, I have a lot of fun drawing her. She's like my cure for anything.
Avi: Swinging by avimHarZ

yay! I'm gonna draw more Avi... I hope I could upload something again tomorrow...
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although it only has a very few followers and few posts... I'll be posting some of my works there altogether with the stuffs I like and the senseless shiz that I feel like posting...

I am not forcing you to follow me. Just follow me if you like. And oh yeah my latest artwork is the background which features my OC Avista (of course...) so I encourage you to look at it at least... hehehe... just click the link...

but of course I will still keep my DA up to date. Unfortunately, I haven't done any personal artworks... *sigh... -_-
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Alright I'm writing a sudden journal here... I just want to voice out my opinion just this once! I probably will sound arrogant on about what I'm gonna say... So please forgive this low-level artist if you find this offensive.

I know I should be ignoring stuffs like that like I normally do but I read in my facebook wall some kind of page that says "Anime is better than cartoons."

That seriously got on my nerves. Really it did. They probably think that Anime is better than cartoons in terms that Anime is more pleasing to the eyes. That kind of point of view isn't good at all. Also, those who think like that have no idea HOW HARD IT IS to create even just a simple cartoon animation. It probably looks like a simple drawing to other people but if you know how much time, effort, brains, manpower, and skill are needed to create stuffs like for example an episode of spongebob squarepants, you wouldn't be saying that phrase, "Anime is better than cartoons"

For me, Anime and cartoons are the same. THEY ARE BOTH ANIMATIONS and many people put so much time and effort on it. Animation is a gruelling process. Both cartoons and anime have a Storyboard, Layout, Animation itself, Clean-up and In-between, Digital Ink and paint, Compositing.

I wanted to tell you this because I don't want people, especially artists to patronize cartoons.

...and oh yeah, cartoony characters are pretty harder to draw than realistic characters based on my experience. I met a person who's really good at doing realistic people but struggling in drawing cartoons.

sorry for ranting... again... -_-

EDIT: oh and another thing, anime and cartoons use minimal details for the reason that it is hard to animate.

now that's got off my chest, onto other stuffs... I'm open for commishes now so if you're interested check the for details...
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Commissions - Open by SweetDuke

It's about time I do some "side business" once again... So I'm open for commissions... for those who are interested, details are here:

I updated the samples, policies and raise the price a wee bit so please take some time to read the details...

On the other hand, I joined a contest here on DA called Draw this again... I just want to write it here for no particular reason. I don't expect to win... I just want to enjoy the contest and it's pretty fun too... You can join as well... You just need to pick an old artwork you posted here and Draw it again. Who knows, you might be amazed on how far you've improve just like I was... hehehe... Here's my entry: Draw This Again: Never Lose Hope by avimHarZ
the deadline is before October 1st... if you're interested, you can read the details of the contest here:

And now, my latest artworks for September...
Aria of the Heavens by avimHarZ Sel: Ray of Restoration by avimHarZ Waiting Area... (Translation on Description) by avimHarZ Never Lose Hope Again by avimHarZ
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So uhh... I've kinda been hearing of this kiriban thingy... since I'm feelin' kinda lazy (I should be really doing something important) I turn to the most beloved google and search the term.

Based on what I searched, (men, I'm such a noob! I'm already in deviantart for over a year now and I still don't know what the f is this...) it's like you're gonna set some kind of a pageview number goal for your gallery and if a certain someone stumbled upon your page with the certain number mentioned then that certain someone should take a screenshot of it and message the image to the owner of the page and whoever does that will be given a certain prize... is that about right?

So I'd like to give it a try but not just yet... Probably if my pageviews will have like 1000 views per day then I might consider it... LOLS... Also, I'm pretty piled up with all the works I should be doing (and I'm still procrastinating...) and I doubt anyone would wanna want a drawing from me...

anyway, if I want to try it, I'll make sure I'll be announcing it here on deviantart...

On the other hand, These two are the only artworks I've done this August. I am so sad...
mHarZ's OC Compilation by avimHarZ Avi: The Vignette of Destruction by avimHarZ

Monsoon Rain and Some scraps

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 7, 2012, 6:48 AM
Wow it's been a while huh... I can't believe I haven't logged on to deviantart for over a week now... Unfortunately, I don't have much update so uhh...

I have the odacity to write a journal on deviantart despite the stuffs going on around the world...

As of 9:29pm GMT+8:00, Metro Manila is like turned into a large swimming pool. I'm a bit exaggerating on my description but there are a lot of flooded areas around the region now because of the Monsoon Rain. It has been raining here everyday for almost two weeks now but today is really the worst. It has surpassed the typhoon Ondoy back in 2009. Back then it only rained for 10hours straight but today's rain fell almost or over a day now.

Fortunately, me and my family are safe and sound. It's the first time that I'm really am thankful that we moved to a different home. Since we're on the 3rd floor we won't worry about drowning in floods. But while I'm sitting here writing the journal there are people out there who are on their rooftops waiting to be rescued by anybody. There are times that even if you really want to do something, you can't do anything. I'm no superwoman. I don't have any superpowers. I'm not a super rich kid to be able to summon a helicopter or a jet to help. The best thing that I can offer for now is to pray for the best.

So onto other stuffs since I can't be wasting time lying around and doing nothing, I decided to practice painting faces cuz seriously, I paint faces really bad... So I'm doing some practice by drawing busts of my 5 characters namely, Avi, Sel, Carla, Heroine, and The black-winged Angel. So far I only finished Avi and Sel and I'm currently doing Carla now. I'mma show the wips but the final stuffs will be posted soon...

avi-WIP by avimHarZ sel-wip by avimHarZ carla-WIP by avimHarZ

Have a nice and safe day.

and wow it's free premium membership day today...

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Commissions - Closed by SweetDuke

In order to pave way to my personal artworks, I decided to close the commissions. I know it really is disadvantageous (I dunno if I spelled this right) on my part. But having Avi and my other characters be neglected really hurts me.

Also, it will give me some time to revise my commission policies to a better one probably.

So the duration of this will probably be 2weeks to 1month or longer depending on what is happening to the world.

So anyway, if you want to be updated, just add me on your watch list.

And to that, I'll have more Avi and Black-winged Angel artworks in the near future.

here's some s-craps for you to look at.
Noir Avi wip???? by avimHarZ angel-wip... by avimHarZ doodle break sketch by avimHarZ Soon... Probably... by avimHarZ

Oh yeah I'm a big fan of Maria-sama ga Miteru

Goodbye, Premium Membership

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 23, 2012, 6:17 PM
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The premium membership will be gone in a few days. Well, it was fun while it lasted.

Onto other stuffs... I haven't had any new artworks to post simply because I haven't done any personal artworks yet and I really do start to freak out when I don't draw Avista and my other OCs. As of now, I really am friggin' out.

The thing is, I really have to put commissions on priority because... well duh money is involved here so I have to be responsible. But I think I bit more than I could chew... I have to draw like 5 no wait.. 11 chibis. I could seriously finish this in a day or two but the thing is, I always leave the house everyday for the ojt so I only have time at night or right after I wake up. The thing is, when I got home, I always feel drained due to travelling and then when I sleep I wake up with just enough time to prepare to go to training once again. Curse my extremely low stamina. Times like this makes me wish I have teleportation powers or better yet, Naruto's monkey shadow clone jutsu. I guess the best solution is to have an apartment somewhere near to the studio but there's no way I can afford it. I'm in my 20s already and I'm still dependent to my parents.

That's the story. Please forgive me for ranting like a kid again.

On the other note, I am remodelling my blogsite. I got the layout ok now at least but it's still not fully functional just yet. So no matter what, please do not go to the blogsite at least not now.

I finally have internet access at home.

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 14, 2012, 7:54 PM
After 4 long months... FINALLY, I can go online at our house once again!

Courtesy of Smart Broadband or SmartBro for short. Oh yeah for those outside Philippines, Smart telecommunications is one of the top cellphone network providers they can also provide internet. So what I've been using here is a nice wireless modem that is not attach to any phone lines. It's called wiMax or something like that.

Ok enough advertisement. Since I'm the only one using the internet, I'll have to pay for it. It costs approx. $19 per month. That's 2 half-body commissions.

Now, I'm praying that my commissioning adventures here on deviantart would go smoothly and that more people would commission me.

Recently, I've been encountering people who wants to own full rights to the artwork they commissioned. That's fine and all but you can't really expect that I'll give that for free. Of course I'll charge pretty high. So when I tell them about it they just back down.

And to that, I'm gonna change my commission policy regarding the rights to the artwork but I really have to think this through otherwise I might end up selling my characters by accident. There's no way I would sell my OCs even for a hundred trillion dollars.

Also, I'm starting to consider to add animated artworks on the commission stuffs I'm accepting. It'll be just a cycle animation like what I did to "Avi 360" Avi 360 by avimHarZ and "My Heroine" My Heroine... by avimHarZ
I wonder if people would want that. Whatcha think?

But I don't know how price it yet because animated stuffs like that is full of effort. Because I'm doing it FRAME BY FRAME. Times like this makes me wanna wish I have a manager to do all the pricing and all the negotiations and all the advertisements and all the talking so I can just focus and drawing stuffs...

So anyway... uhh... I think I'm done with this journal. Oh yeah, I tried this daMuro thingy yesterday for the reason that daMuro records what you did on the artwork and the video can be posted here on deviantart. It's like you're doing a demo of some sorts. Unfortunately, the video of the stuff I did on muro yesterday got screwed up so I ended up not showing the demo on my deviantart instead, the finished image was shown.
Random painting of Avi by avimHarZ
Please forgive my extremely sloppy painting...

The Darkest day...

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 8, 2012, 7:48 PM
Alrighty, today is a special day...

Because... welp, today is the day that I existed in this world... Which is why today is the darkest day... :XD:

And the reason why I am revealing this here in deviantart is because I am... FOREVER ALONE...

yahh... I'm starting to look like the nuthead troll face you see on the internet.

... but I guess people really celebrates their birthday alone as they get older. My friends wouldn't probably remember this special day for me... I am a nobody after all...

So anyway, I'm not gonna let that get to me. Because today is also the day I'll be returning to Top Peg Studio and we are gonna be doing on-the-job training. I guess I'm not really that alone I mean I can be with my fellow trainees there.

And since I'm doing unpaid ojt there I really have to take this freelancing thing to the next level. So I really do wish someone would commission me right now. I need to earn some cash to fund this.

and Damn! I feel old! I wanna stay a kid forever....

Anyway, check out my latest artworks.
Sel: The Sleeping Princess by avimHarZ My Heroine... by avimHarZ Avi: Scarf by avimHarZ

...and the artwork that is made specially for today.
Me, Avi and the cake that will never exist. by avimHarZ

Don't ask me how she did it. I dunno either.

Have a great day, everyone!

Friggin' internet problems

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 30, 2012, 3:26 AM

I seriously don't know what the hell is wrong with me. I am having a difficult time getting an internet connection on our house. I don't know if it's me or the internet providers. It's really pissing me off. I really wanted to take this freelancing job to a next level but how am I able to do that if I could only go online for 2-3hours on a computer shop.

And if only the condo we're living at isn't so restrictive. I mean they only have 2 internet providers, PLDT and MyDestiny Broadband. So i applied for a subscription on PLDT for like almost 3months ago and it's still hasn't been approved for payment in order to be installed and whenever I called them for follow-up, they always say that they are still "verifying the physical address" I don't even know wtf that means.

So i checked the another provider but when I tried to call them to do an inquiry but it's always busy. I mean why do they post telephone numbers online that is very difficult to reach and their office is not in a common place either.

And then I tried to bend the rules and look for other providers so the next best thing is a wireless broadband stick. So I checked Globe Telecom for their postpaid broadband stick but the requirements for an application is really hard. I mean "Proof of income?" OMG I'm just a freelancer damn it! How do you expect me to have that kind of thing. It's like they're implying that the only people who can apply a subscription to them are those who only works under a company. Ugh... Why do these sh*tty providers have to be such a pain in the a**.

Well, I guess I have to check Smart Bro and Sun Broadband next week.

Enough ranting. on the other hand, check out this latest artwork of mine.
Avi 360 by avimHarZ

It's an animation. A 360 degrees turnaround of my beloved OC, Avi.

EDIT: I'm too lazy to create another journal so I'm just gonna put it here... I finally made the custom widget work. And oh yeah If you haven't noticed, I really like to use my artworks as skins or wallpapers or stuffs that is similar to that. It's pretty bad though so sorry. :|

H8 W8

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 20, 2012, 11:44 PM

Commissions - Open by SweetDuke


Commission DetailsLAST UPDATE: 09/18/2012
Digital Commissions are now accepted. For those who are interested, please read the details below.
:star: PRICES   :star:
:bulletred: Bust Shot* (per character): $8  
:bulletred: Half-body Shot* (per character): $12  
:bulletred: Full-body Shot* (per character): $15  
*backgrounds would be simple just like on the samples
:bulletred: Full-body Chibi** (per character): $2
**characters will be drawn in a similar style like in the sample
Fully-rendered Background: + $20
:bookdiva: RULES/POLICIES (PLEASE READ) :bookdiva:
1) Please refer to my gallery to see some of my works. I welcome challenges to my artistic endeavors.
2) I have the right to reject commisions should I find it uncomfortable or disturbing in my opinion.



So here I am and I'm ranting once again...

It doesn't really look like I'm in a bad mood or in a slump or anything like that cuz I've been pretty productive this week. (or at least I think so.) The reason I thought that is because I posted Ablaze: Avi: Ablaze by avimHarZ on Monday and
The Girl in Farm: Random girl on a farm by avimHarZ on Wednesday.

Well, and of course if any person became that productive, that means they're pretty much in a good mood, right? Not on my shoes...

I'm not really in a good mood this week. Well our training in Top Peg studio ended last week so I'm pretty much idle (I'm kinda wishing somebody would commission me right this instant). Only a few days since I last went there and I'm already going nuts. I really do miss going to the studio and having a super duper fun time with my friends there. (those guys really are nice people). Unfortunately, like they said good things must come to an end.

The thing is, I got used to going to training every weekday that I don't even want to stay on our house on weekdays. I only want to go home at night when I want to sleep or do some artworks otherwise, I really want to be outside... Being outside well, frees me from any troubles.

Why? Welp, let's say that if I stay in our house for too long, I will be mentally tortured as in super duper torture and I'm not exactly exaggerating. Simply because (I know i shouldn't be saying things like this) my mum is in the house. So since training is over, she's gonna bug me on getting a fucking office job which of course I hate. and even if she is not saying anything... I know, she's thinking that. I'm trying my best to avoid talking to her in order to prevent any fire if you know what I mean. I want to be an artist and I love drawing more than anything else. I don't really mind if I'm not paid well, that's the only job I want. I really want to tell her that but I don't think she'll listen.

So that brings me to my second problem... before we left the training me and my training mates were kinda given a trial exercise that will be evaluated. If we pass, we can have an ojt on the studio which practically solves my first problem. We were told that we will be "probably" texted of the results on wednesday but unfortunately not one of us were texted yet. I'm starting to get pissed of waiting... and i really have the patience of a squirrel... We're gonna wait for the text until friday otherwise we will be the ones who will contact the company.

Since Monday, I've been leaving the house simply just to go online for long hours. It's like I'm pretending to go training just to go online. I know, I'm being a bad person now. People will probably hate me for this. and I don't really have anyone to talk much about this which is why I'm ranting here... I know this is a bad idea but whatever.

And it's also a bad Idea to go online on a netshop everyday cuz you'll be spending more money than having an internet subsciription... but i hate staying at home so there...]