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edit : No more slots!


1. :iconkillerqueen090:  DONE!

2. :iconghosty-doodles: DONE!

3. :iconfosterlie:  DONE!

4. :iconamiecris:  DONE!

5. :iconjhanli:  DONE!

6. :iconherrenlovesfnaf: IN PROGRESS...

7. :iconcynthialyn:

8. :iconwalkerloosa123:

9. :iconhannahng:

10. :iconkely142563:

11. :iconutsukushii-hachisu:

12. :iconratchet55:

13. :iconcandlehead99:

13. :iconshinpurple:

14. :iconciitea:

15. :iconxhellsnakex:

16. :iconl0ra2:

17. :iconmariomario8384:

18. :iconlumenity:

19. :iconpokeczarelf:

20. :iconmaxpanzer10:

It's time to do some art requests!

You can request anything but mature stuff...
Better ask quickly because this art request will closed at 9th MAR 2017.
If you want me to draw your oc, make sure you give me the full details of your oc.
(and I won't draw cartoonish oc.....)
Oh yeah feel free to donate me some points.
This will help me to get a core member too.
As always thank you for your support!