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September 21, 2010
This will be my philosophy for the week, and I think it should be yours, too. avid has created something that could warm the heart of even the coldest robot. Except Megatron, of course. Optimist Prime by ~avid
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Optimist Prime

A mantra we all should live by :)
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ObscureFanArtist's avatar
Thanks for the great laugh!
Willfire-Z-Tiger's avatar
How about something in the middle? A cynicon. 
max15205's avatar
i saw a picture of this on my classroom wall
DjIceFreshMLPFAN1980's avatar

I wish I couild be a n saaara

Artemysterious's avatar
LMAO I’m dead this is so inspirational XD I need to hang this on my wall you sellin’ prints?
Kaijugame's avatar
KAPP27's avatar
Don't watch your weak spARKS
redrex96's avatar
Oh My Allspark This Is So Funny As Scrap.
DarthWill3's avatar
Who wouldn't wanna be a Megatron? ;)
BattleMaximus's avatar
Wow. Nice creativity.
Challenger153's avatar
It’s should’ve be be an optimus prime not a megatron
Uxiqiu's avatar
ever heard of wordplay?
DubaiBunniesUAE's avatar
DeathRowPrime's avatar
Welp too bad I'm a Negatron at spark
Challenger153's avatar
Oh yeah? Well i am an optimist prime.
Privance's avatar
adorable, simply adorable.
k-brito's avatar
Amazing! Makes my day
elr79655's avatar
Sweet Mother of Primus, I am loving this!
koop-dubious's avatar
YOU! You drew this! Someone has this printed out and hanging on a bulletin board where I work, and being able to look at this is honestly one of the highlights of my day whenever I'm there.

So, thank you. :heart.:
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