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Kingdom Hearts - Oswald

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You know that feeling you get when you're like "I really, really want to draw this, but it'd be waaay too cliche, and overdone"?

Well that was this for me. So I tried to make it as nice as I could. XD

I wanted to draw Oswald as I'd imagine him as a Kingdom Hearts character, even though I don't play the game series much.
I don't know what the Keyblade would be called, but I guess it's supposed to be a representation of the time he was forgotten and his return to glory. The whole basis behind his outfit was being a "forgotten king"...
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King Mickey vs Prince Oswald. Like Ansem The Wise, Oswald was literally erased from the world and replaced by someone else. 
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I would like to see Oswald the Lucky Rabbit along with Ortensia and the rest of the residents of the Cartoon Wasteland  in the next Kingdom hearts game
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MoonEyedWolfHobbyist General Artist
This is gorgeous!
In my mind, Mickey, unbeknownst to all, is Oswald's nobody. 
The reason it wouldn't be the other way around is because, in this order, it would be a nod to Oswald's being Walt Disney's actual first creation which was stolen from him. 
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IntegerMovaStudent Digital Artist
This depiction seems quite accurate. I love the art as well!
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LapisRuneHobbyist General Artist
This is awesome! An amazing interpretation of how he would look in the Kingdom Hearts style. The part I like most is how his blade looks more like Riku's, just like how Sora's looks like Mickey's.
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ShimmeringMoonlightXHobbyist General Artist
This is awesome!!! Oswald totally deserves to be in KH3, and this look would be great for him!!
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i would love for him to be in the series similar to this like as a nobody of mickey or something but that keyblade is to become one but still love this
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globalionGridHobbyist General Artist
According to my fan fiction story, for every world there is a dark version of that world.  Perhaps Oswald wasn't forgotten, just banished to the Realm of Darkness where he himself had a kingdom.  It was forgotten by the people of the Realm of Light; who were never told of his existence and as such never could accept him.
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snowcloud8Professional Traditional Artist
ooooo I love it! OH! And how about for the Keyblade, how about "Forgotten Remnant"?
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LeviticusRottStudent Filmographer
Yes, just yes.  This absolutely must happen:clap: 

'We're all mad here' Emote Sign 
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Old-KingHobbyist General Artist
I like!
It makes want to look into Epic Mickey~
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clarikthekingStudent Artist
since his full name is oswald the lucky rabbit it could be call the unlucky king
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DawnDewdropStudent Artist
That totally is what his look should be in the next kingdom hearts game. I'm just saying, ya got him back, so put him in with the rest of the gang, am I right? He could be the leader of a lost world that was kept hidden from everyone for so long and finally decided to look for help. Then he finds Mickey and he teams up with the gang. I mean seriously, that would be so cool. Your design is epic by the way in case you didn't get that. It should totally be used in a real game!
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R4ph-89Student Digital Artist
Maybe that quote of yours could be the name of the keyblade?
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01Haruhi01Student Digital Artist
My god I absolutely adore this!
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AmrasFelagundHobbyist Writer
Wish that Oswald would appear in KH already~!
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sesshowmallStudent Artist
I imagine Oswald as the "rival" member of the trio pattern, just like Riku and Terra.
Hero: Mickey; Woman: Minnie; Rival: Oswald.
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WyvernSeekerHobbyist Traditional Artist
After King Mickey leaves Disney Castle and doesn't return in some time, his older brother Prince Oswald goes out to search for him. On his journey he encounters Sora and Riku. Question is, will he see them as friends like his brother or as foes?

This matches the art-style of Kingdom Hearts pretty well. It's a very impressive piece.
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This outfits amazing! Ah... I want Oswald in the next KH so bad... :iconfuckyeahamericaplz:
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oh my!!! Amazing!!! :D
What a wonderful work!
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PKstarluvHobbyist General Artist
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