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Notes like raindrops at the base of my spine
and I'm burning for this perfect dream
Half the lights flashing, I can see your skin, your mouth
your lips, your hands enveloping mine
I can taste this performance tonight, smell you on me
like freshly exhaled smoke, licking every tangible corner
the taste of a setting sun from your mouth, the scratch of your face
all at once a part of me, in every eyelet of my dress, the sweat
pouring down my back
I dreamt of you that night and every night since
Sometimes, I pray for you, pressing the beads against my lips
Dear God, bring me my dream so that I may love again
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All of the Things That You Said
I loved the smile upon your face and
the way you felt in my arms when you embraced me
in the middle of that ice cream shop but I balked
when from your lips poured the stories of your five year love affair
in a swamp filled with lies and deceit
but i told myself that perhaps this meant nothing
it was just idle conversation
you were just nervous
You were just nervous
and I loved the sound of your laugh
the way you smelled in the humid air
it begging for rain as i begged you to touch me and you did
you did and you told me it felt right
it felt right
it felt right
i felt that you felt right
but you laughed at the surge in me
the electricity, it poured from my veins
and you could do nothing but smile ever so deviously
there was a plan in those eyes
a flicker of deception and i ignored it
i told myself this might be chemistry
this might be what I've longed to see
perhaps it would become something impressively wild and wonderful but
you became a disappearing act
and i waited
i waited
i waited
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Maybe You Were Gone All Along
You're pouring through the sockets of my eyes
under cracks in my windows and doors
you're in the rain dripping from the rooftops
and the steps I take across the hardwood floors
You're in the sweet breezes that follow me
wrapped around limbs of dying trees
you're stuck in the gaps of my stained teeth
and in the bend of these naked, cold knees
You're taking up space, filling holes in my brain
nestled between last months and yesterdays
you're branding my skin with ghostlike scars
and your fingertips remain, lost in this haze
You're running to catch the last train home
hastily crossing a blurred yellow line
you're a boarding pass, a fading eulogy
and you're leaving now for the last time
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Mature content
Friendly Warning :iconavianchild:avianchild 0 0
Wasting Lonely
Haven't had warm skin pressed against mine
In a bed clothed in cool, summertime sheets
passed my fingers through the hair of my
lover whose mouth is pressed to my neck
not felt their breath on my being, their
legs between mine, palm of my hand resting
possessing the soft plains, delicious curves
of their back, tongue wet and insistent in
one thousand eight hundred twenty five days
I will fall madly in love the moment I hold
heaven in my arms once more
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At The Bottom Of My Cup
I want to be drunk in the slicing knife of winter's air
My bottle blonde hair on my shoulders and my lips
pressed against the frozen skin on the back of a stranger's hand
And the morning will be scorned, my chest heaving as I purge
all of yesterday, someone's fingers tangled in the mess upon my head
I've no idea where I am and I've no care in the world
because my mind is right where it needs to be
And all the fears and silly worries are tucked into a sober bed
Come now, we're finding happiness in the freedom of rum soaked dreams
I'm living it, I'm living them all
You say I have a problem, dear, but
there exists no problem in endless possibility
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Sea Otter On Your Birthday by avianchild Sea Otter On Your Birthday :iconavianchild:avianchild 4 1
I'll hold onto the sweet moments while I can and
tell myself that nothing good will come of worry,
nothing good will come of doubt
Even as the sun blazes in from the East and the moon
hangs low in the night sky, the side of the bed
you once occupied remains empty and cold
I'll grasp at the corners of this wonderful world, reminding
myself that in this place there was once love
and perhaps there will be again, I say to the me in the
mirror on a forlorn Sunday morning
I am not alone, I am not alone and soon he'll come home
and the paranoia will subside in waves of tantalizing relief
I tell myself as the curtains remain drawn and
the dust continues to settle
I decompose, the wasting away of my joy and the festering
sorrow as truth feasts on what remains of my hope
What am I if I am not whole?
Where do I go when everything has gone?
There is nothing to live for, I tell myself
I tell myself,  there never was
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We are put upon this planet, whole
a single individual with so many purposes
I wish we didn't sleep nor hadn't all these tasks
to fulfill for the sun sets too quickly and
the days all rush into one and there are so
many people who own a piece of my time
If I could, I'd clone myself, a hundred times over
One, to watch the sun rise and set each day and night
Never moving, never interrupted, I'll never forget
Several more to embrace every potential lover, I'll simply
kiss them and say, it doesn't matter, he, she, they
have me too, I am everywhere, I can love you all
One to idle my time away, another to read all of the
books that I've wanted to read, and yet another to
paint and draw, one more to become a linguist and
another to write until I've no energy left to exhaust
And all the rest, I'd place helter skelter, some here,
some there, across the world, perhaps one inside my bed
for I dearly love to sleep and another by my mother's side
for I know she'll be so very lonely someday and one
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You Should Write This Down
I breathe you in, wet air in my lungs
your arms and fingers they curl and
latch themselves, angry around my
organs and I buckle, my knees to the
slickened pavement
My heart sits, cradled idly in a cavity
in my chest, aching, beating as the air
passes over it, my blood now entirely
comprised of sweet sorrow and I hear
regret rush through capillaries
In my brain, electrical pulses scatter
as you invade, thoughts of you,
emotions for you, lobotomy
it's all you, I've been taken over
In my veins, this system, it forces
you out and I coagulate, shutting down
:iconavianchild:avianchild 1 1
In a stereotypical bid for emotion
I'll crawl into your bed while rain drips
down the window panes
and I'll fill all your little gaps with
parts and pieces of my body so
when you feel the need to move
we'll move in time and the space
that we inhabit will possess its
own laws and the world around us
will slip away and we won't ever
care again
but this is reality and in it are gaps
and spaces and holes in my heart
that will never mend and you'll
just keep tearing me asunder
while I repeatedly wish you the
best the mundane can offer
happiness, a cheap trick
and i've thrown everything away
for absolutely nothing at all and
you've already found someone
else to move in time with and
from the start I knew she wasn't me
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Mature content
Lucid, Lovely :iconavianchild:avianchild 0 0
Trouble In Paradise
It's perhaps the most surreal landscape I have ever encountered.
I'm wandering along, I pick up this Green Bottle, it's got this note inside, I retrieve it, my eyes scan it, taking in the message therein, I look around as I replace the message, gripping my newfound treasure tightly.
And I plod along, surreptitiously, wondering the length of my trek how The Others will find my discovery and what it'll mean to them and if we'll have the same frame of mind.
And as I'm wondering this, I wander past a village alight with angry flames, some of The Others running out to greet me, throttle me, asking me if I've any knowledge of what has happened.
I shake my head, dumbfounded, hiding The Green Bottle behind me, worried the dancing flames would illuminate it and give it away, the emotions from The Others flying wild.
They let me go my own way, my having left them with little more than my apologies, one of The Others following me for a few of my thousands of steps, muttering something about the w
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I Know You
I imagine you with green eyes and a
small but sure smile, perched quietly
upon your boyish, tired face
The morning sun and the moon at night
are naught but enemies and you live
a life via time you've created
Mastermind, hidden away
out and about as those unsuspecting
echo your thoughts and flood the
streets with nothing to do or say
Your lithe figure among them
turning, willing those around to
disappear as quickly as the daytime stars
You despise everything and
Nothing in its entirety
:iconavianchild:avianchild 1 0
While You Were Out
You tell me "if i disappear"
And all i see are coffee stains
And wires
Yellow receiver hanging
Voices fade on the line
And i blink
Your face shimmers in the setting light
I say "you'll break my heart"
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You Are The Devil
Your mind and heart
are traps and I stumble
into them with each flicker
of a smile upon your boyish
lips, lose my way again with
each spark in your glance
towards me and I'm
frozen, confused, let me
go, i need to find my
footing elsewhere
There isn't means with
which to explain the
attraction and I am
hopelessly entwined when
you tell me stories and need
my help, want me by your
I am the lesser man, weak
and easily intrigued, impressed
I imagine, even when I
should not, your skin against
mine and your mouth
kissing my ear, sharing
burning tales and I lie
awake at night and wonder
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I dunno man. This dA page of mine is just blah. I have so much unfinished art lying around. 
And poetry. I'm already sick of it lul 



Lisa Marie Gabriel
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United States
Shit son, I'm gettin' old.

The pokemon in my favourites are bobbing in time to the song I'm listening to. Friday; complete.


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