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Hello, and welcome to Avian-OCs. This is a group where all the birds of DA can show off their OCs and find others with similar interests. So why not pick a comfy perch and come hang with our flock for awhile?

Here are a few rules to go by:

:bulletblue: Only bird characters please; no gryphons, winged wolves, or other animals that are not birds. If the animal appears alongside a bird, then it’s perfectly acceptable.

:bulletblue: Only OCs (original characters), they can be your OCs or an OC you drew for someone else online (commissions, trades, gifts, etc). The goal of this group is to collect avian characters so please DO NOT submit generic, unnamed birds.

:bulletblue: We do accept fan characters, but please DO NOT submit canon characters from movies, books, games, and other media.

:bulletblue: We accept a wide variety of art, including but not limited to digital art, traditional art, crafts, comics, and icons. The only things we do not accept are photos, colored linearts, screenshots from games or movies, and NSFW art.

:bulletblue: Please do not submit traditional art that was drawn on notebook paper, or paper that is overly wrinkled or torn. Also, make sure that the drawing is not overly blurry or hard to see.

:bulletblue: We DO NOT accept stolen art under any circumstances. If you're caught submitting stolen art, you will be permanently banned from the group.

:bulletblue: Be respectful and polite to all the birds in our flock. We do not accept hate art or affiliate with hate groups.

:star:All submissions to our group favorites are automatically accepted, with a limit of five per week. Unlike our gallery folders, we accept random birds and canon characters from books, movies, and other media into our group favorites. However, please refrain from submitting gryphons or other hybrid creatures.:star:

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The flock of deviants drawn to the avian kind. Beware of talons, beaks and screeches. This flock is not only nested with illustrations and ravashing visuals but here lies activities and creation.
Dare to submit your bird characters to this world?
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Bird Characters

454 Members
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This group is in urgent need of a new founder ASAP. I'm no longer interested in running groups, and if I can't find someone to take over I'll simply shut the group down. I didn't want to do that without first giving someone who might still have interest a chance to take over, so if you want to keep this group running now is the time to speak up.
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Are we allowed to talk about other avian groups too in here?
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No problem, and thanks for fixing it.^^
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