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Edward is a Sparkly Pansy



Because no matter how bad my artist's block gets, I can't resist making fun of awful fandom once in a while. Wait a minute...what do you mean that's not fandom?! A book actually contains SPARKLING VAMPIRES?!

Real vampires incinerate painfully in the sun. Lestat is ashamed. So ashamed.

Lestat de Lioncourt(c) Anne Rice
Edward Cullen (c) Stephanie Meyer
Silliness (c) Me

EDIT: Dude, guys...I know Lestat doesn't burn anymore after around book three. Maybe this is Lestat from book one or two. Or maybe it's totally irrelevant because it's silliness. XD

EDIT AGAIN: I also know that the original Dracula did not incinerate in the sun. I'm getting really tired of getting pretentious rants from people about this picture. It is complete stupidity. I don't want to be rude, but if I get another person "informing" me about how inaccurate they think this is, I will disable comments on this picture. I have never had to do that, please don't make me. Don't be that guy.
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Even the sun is confused at what's going on