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To begin my critique, I just wanted to say that this is, by far, the greatest artwork that I've ever seen in the entire Godzilla fandom...



Kyoryu Portraits: IndoRaptor
Kyoryu Fan-Art!!!

In the past few days, I've just watched the second entry in the Jurassic World Trilogy, Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom, and I have to say that I enjoyed it as much as I had experience watching Jurassic World. The action was a little bit minimized in favor of more shocking scenes within the movie. As much I was mesmerized to Indominus Rex, the second movie introduced this new saurian hybrid, IndoRaptor, and felt the same way. He's very, very intelligent in the movie yet he was no match for Blue. So then, this is my portrait style take on the character.

IndoRaptor is a trademark of Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment. 
Humanity's Last Hope... Is Activated
Kaiju Fan-Art!!!

While the wait for the second entry in the Godzilla Anime Trilogy continues, a series of images, specifically the merchandise for the upcoming movie, has surfaced. The one that captures my interest is the new design for MechaGodzilla. In my own opinion, I really don't know what to make up to the design, it is so ridiculously complicated that I actually embraced it. So, I've attempted to drew my personal take on the design and I gotta say, my hand just suffered the pain of my life. This is possibly the most complicated mech design that I've ever encountered, aside from the Jaegers and previous MG incarnations. But nevertheless, it is a fresh new take on the character and I welcome it. :-)

MechaGodzilla is a trademark of Toho Co. Ltd.
UltronSigma: The Multiverse Is Ours To Rule
Video Game Fan-Art!!!

Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite is considered as a lackluster entry in the entire MVC series, with poor visual graphics, a seemingly weak character roster, a nonsensical story mode and overly based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe plus the DLCs. Though in the other side of things, it did make it up to a rather fun gameplay, a new, non-assist mechanic and its main villain, UltronSigma. I think this form of alliance is plausible since both villains' achievement goes to the contrary. I've been an Ultron fan myself, managed to finish a few MegaMan X games before and seeing this that goes within the game just makes me happy.

Ultron is a character trademark of Marvel.
Sigma is a character trademark of Capcom.
Marvel Vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes
Video Game Fan-Art!!!

Here's a fan-art based on the ending artwork sequence in Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, specifically featuring Cable and Ruby Heart.

Cable is a character trademark of Marvel.
Ruby Heart is a character trademark of Capcom.


Jhon - Jhon T. Rapsing
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I'm a proud Daikaiju(Giant Monster), Video Game and Anime Fan. I'm also a procrastinator who draws pictures when boredom suddenly strikes my mind and ideas just came in. I also enjoy watching Anime, Giant Monster and Slasher films(Even though its full of Gore, still it's fun to watch).

I'm a fun and enjoyable artist who deals with drawing Giant Monsters, Anime, Video Game Characters and Slashers as well.

I'm also a fan of B-Movies (especially monster movies) and Disaster movies who, literally, don't care about the opinions of other people saying" this movie is bad","this movie has bad effects", and only just enjoying how cheesy and fun those movies are.

I'm also a video game enthusiast (especially on fighting games).

But take note, I don't limit myself to just monsters so expect for me to do a lot of different artworks ranging from movies and the like.

Hey, everyone. As I am very happy with my current celebration of my birthday, I just revert back on surfing the net and all of a sudden, I've browsed over to the latest trailer of Godzilla Resurgence and my initial reaction to that was, Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God, a new trailer and I gave it a watch. All throughout the course of the trailer, I saw the King of the Monsters at his full glory. My view to the final design was that it really worked over, the design was indeed really terrifying and scary like Godzilla came out straight from an unimaginable nightmare. Not to mention to those small length arms and apparently, a very long tail. In my own opinion to it, having such features is relevant and unnecessary at the same time, it's just mixed thoughts. I mean, Godzilla is 118.5 meters in height so I think it's relevant. I also noticed on his tail that the tip has a whale skeleton permanently embedded. His skin texture is also welcome, like a zombie he became, since he was exposed to hundred atomic bombs before arriving in Japan. Summing up to that was these words - They actually did it. Much to the appearing cast, it is also welcome. Now to that roar, to my thought, it's very generic. I was hoping that the roar will be a modified roar of the first Godzilla but we can all hope that all through the course of the movie, we will be hearing a new roar that is more terrifying and nightmare-like since the beginning. Overall, I highly adore the new trailer and everything on it was perfect as it was. But like they always say, wait for the movie to come out and opinions will raise its roof. I've also heard that the movie will never had an American theatrical release, which is a shame, a real shame if I may say so. I mean, why Toho? Why not show your final product to the American audiences since the biggest fandom of the character was in there? But we can all hope, not yet until next year where New World Cinemas will release its DVD Copy. I hope that the movie will be released here in the Philippines since Shinji Higuchi's Attack on Titan and Attack on Titan: End of the World had their theatrical release 2 days prior to their world release, so here's hoping. What about you? What are your thoughts about the trailer? 


:iconskullghidorah2016: :iconwintergaia: :icondrawnzilla: :iconkaijukid: :iconearthbaragon: :iconhewhowalksdeath:


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