Stock Usage Rules

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Deviation Actions

:bulletblue: Credit me and link back to me in the description of your work. If you repost works based on my stock in other sites outside deviantart, please maintain a credit to me. It doesn't need to be in big letters on the image, it can be in text or a link to my deviantart gallery below the picture, but it's your responsibility to acknowledge if my work contributes to yours.

:bulletblue: Let me know that you have used my stock by comment on the stock used or via note.

:bulletblue: You can use my stock for commercial purposes, for example selling prints of works based on my stock.

:bulletblue: My stock is for photocompositors and artists, these images are not to be used as content in and of themselves. Do not simply reupload my unedited images anywhere.

:bulletblue: Do not repost or reupload my images as stock anywhere! Please just link to it here! And don't even try selling it on sites like shutterstock or istockphoto! You can use my stock for making another stock, for example premade backgrounds, only if you offer it for free and don't sell it. And if you do that and repost my work, then make sure that you REALLY have edited it instead of just making some minor changes.

If you need to get a quick reply from me about something, then please contact me at AndreasAvester, because I'm not logging in this account often.
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:wave: what about commercial use like book covers, game cards, commissions? :)
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This is a tricky question. I don't really like the idea of somebody earning big bucks with my work and me getting absolutely nothing for that. So I don't want to say that all commercial usage is ok without permission and without paying me.
On the other hand I also understand that large part of "commercial" usage ends up giving little (if any) profits for the person using it, so I cannot say that I expect to receive money whenever someone uses my work in such a manner that it gets labelled as "commercial".

This is why I said that for anything "commercial" people should contact me so that I can decide about the particular case.

However nowadays I rarely log in this account, so I cannot reply quickly. This is why people can contact me at my art account There I check for updates much more often. If it takes too long for me to reply there as well, then my email is ieva.skrebele (at)