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Twilight Sparkle was used to catching a moment's peace whenever she could. When she had first arrived at Ponyville, she had seen no reason why she couldn't adapt her rigorous schedule to her new lifestyle - replace classes with personal studying, leave more time for luncheons and visits with friends, etcetera. This mentality had gone out the window sometime between staving off the parasprite invasion and dealing with a stable time-loop she herself had created. It had become apparent since then that she'd have to accept more surprises in her life, and less schedule for it. Over time, she had began to get used to it, taking advantage of her quiet time to get what she wanted done but knowing it might get interrupted at any point.

Still, receiving a knock on the door before she had even opened the library for the day did not bode well for today's plans. She had been hoping to get started on a particularly riveting text about biomagical systems after breakfast, and unexpected visits seldom boded well for reading. Hoping it was just a friend stopping by for a simple chat - but fearing it'd be more - Twilight trotted to the library door. Spike was still getting ready for the morning; something about today being "the big day" and then a lot of heavy breathing as he locked himself in the bathroom. Twilight opened the door.

"Princess Celestia!" Twilight startled, going into a shallow bow at the sight of the alicorn standing in front of her library.

"Good day, Twilight Sparkle." The Princess smiled in response. "I hope I'm not bothering you at such an early hour."

"Oh, no, not at all! You know me, always rising with the sun!" Twilight chuckled nervously. The princess kept smiling, simply waiting. Twilight blinked before the obvious hit her.

"Why don't you come inside?" She asked, stepping inside. Celestia nodded her head, or perhaps was simply ducking to make her way through the doorway. Twilight glanced behind the Princess, but couldn't see any of her usual entourage. She turned back to her mentor, who clearly saw through her confusion.

"Today is an informal visit, my little pony. I am sorry to bother you, but I had hoped to spend today away from Canterlot, and I don't have many places to go on short notice."

"Oh? Is something wrong, Princess?" Twilight asked, half-stepping towards Celestia. She was instantly ready to take on any request the Princess might have for her. To her surprise, Celestia chuckled gently, shaking her head.

"You needn't worry, Twilight." Her mentor replied. In the next moment her expression changed, and Twilight actually heard her give a small sigh. She knew something had to be wrong, and stepped up to stand in front of the Princess. Despite their height differences, she did her best to meet Celestia's gaze. The alicorn briefly met her gaze, only to look away.

"It's rather selfish of me, to even be here now. However, I simply don't think I can spend another Hearts and Hooves day in that castle. To be frank, I'd rather be anywhere else."

"Hearts and- oh!" Twilight jumped a little where she stood. Forgetting herself, she rushed over to her writing desk, flipping through her calendar. Sure enough, the holiday came pre-marked for her, and yet she had forgotten.

"Oh dear. Do you have plans, Twilight?" Celestia asked behind her. Twilight had momentarily forgotten the Princess's presence, and turned around quickly to answer her.

"Oh, well..." her ears flattened against her head. "No. I just forgot that was today. Actually, I suppose that will make today easier. Yeah," she perked up a little, "now I know I'll get my studying done today, because everypony else will be busy with Hearts and Hooves day today!"

"I see." Celestia's tone and expression were completely unreadable - Twilight couldn't tell if that was relief or disappointment she heard in her mentor's voice. Pushing that aside, another question percolated in her brain.

"But... I don't understand, Princess. What's so bad about Hearts and Hooves day?"

Celestia bowed her head slightly, her regal demeanor sliding off of her. Twilight had rarely seen her so perterbed. The alicorn began to pace lightly back and forth slightly as she spoke, looking restless. Or perhaps uncomfortable.

"As I said, it's selfish of me. I'm not sure if you're aware, Twilight, but I do receive quite a few offers for courtship." Celestia began to look truly weary as she spoke. "That in of itself would be fine, but courtship is not the same thing as romance. Only the political elite attempt it, and usually I know their reasons better than they do. Hearts and Hooves day has become a circus for them, one I always did my best to actually remain absent for." She turned to give Twilight a wry smile, one her eyes didn't follow through on. "I apologize, Twilight, if you remember how I always gave you near continuous lectures on that day. It served as an adequate excuse for the time being, but it means I've lost my patience for these... antics."

"Princess, I..." Twilight was slightly stunned by the revelation. "I do remember. I thought you were, um..." she blushed. Celestia tilted her head.

"I was?"

"Well, I thought you were lonely." Twilight admitted. Celestia's eyes fell, and Twilight instantly regretted her words. Celestia turned half away from her.

"You're far too clever, my little pony." Celestia's voice was just a whisper. She walked around slightly, scanning the shelves. Twilight simply stood and watched her mentor, filled with guilt. She saw Celestia take a deep breath, then turn back to her, smiling as she always did.

"If it's alright, Twilight, I would simply find a book and a quiet corner. I've made arrangements so I won't be needed at Canterlot. Nothing ever gets done on this day, anyhow. I won't get in your way."

"It's no problem, Princess." Twilight's mind worked to find some way to make it up to her mentor. "Would you like the balcony? It's mostly private, it makes a great place to read."

"Hmm. That does sound welcome, thank you." Celestia replied, attention still on the library's shelves. "Unless that would interrupt your plans. You said you were studying, didn't you?"

"Oh, it's no problem." Twilight replied. Celestia glanced over her shoulder, and Twilight could tell she didn't buy that.

"It's big enough for the both of us." Twilight added, which allayed Celestia somewhat. Celestia's horn lit in a bright yellow glow as she removed a tome from the shelves. Twilight recognized it at a glance - a compendium of pre-Equestria mythology, one of the most fascinating reads that trod the line between fiction and reality, in Twilight's opinion. Glancing around, Twilight headed back to her desk, gathered her books, and started up her staircase. A few steps up, she looked over her shoulder just to check that Celestia was behind her.

"After you." The alicorn nodded. Twilight turned back around and continued up the stairs. She couldn't think of the last time she and Celestia had spent time together like this. It must have been shortly before her move to Ponyville. After her first three degrees or so, Twilight had begun to outgrow Celestia's direct tutelage, and their time together after that had involved more informal discussion. Celestia would sometimes even bring up current events, or other matters completely unrelated to academia, and seek Twilight's opinion on them. After her move to Ponyville, however, they had spoken only infrequently, and Twilight had come to miss the depth their conversations could reach.

Despite her mentor's melancholy, Twilight began to look forward to today. Surely there'd be a chance today for them to talk like they had been unable to recently. Holidays and celebrations always required too much pomp and circumstance for conversation, and Twilight could still remember how poorly the gala went.

The two ponies headed down the hall, passing the bathroom - Spike was apparently still getting ready - and Twilight's bedroom, making it out on the balcony. Twilight hadn't exactly been lying before about the balcony, but it was clear they wouldn't have a lot of room between them. This didn't seem to bother the Princess at least. She laid down to the right, nestling her tome between her forelegs. Twilight took the same pose beside her, took a deep breath, and looked to her mentor. Celestia didn't seem interested in talking, having already opened her book. Twilight paused, her hopes wavering, but pushed away such silly thoughts. Celestia had come to her specifically for a quiet, relaxing day. Twilight decided she'd give her exactly that.

It took a little time for her nerves to fade, but once she got into her book Twilight began to relax. It wasn't just the fascinating diagrams on how the unicorn's horn had actually developed seperately from the central nervous system, or the detailed explanation of the different kind of neurotransmitters involved. She had somehow forgotten how powerful Celestia's very presence was. The alicorn brought the comfortable warmth of an early summer morning with her wherever she went, and even when she wasn't doing something her magical aura left somepony as receptive as Twilight in awe. Sitting this close to her, Twilight felt so absolutely at peace it made it hard to focus, but of course didn't mind.

A quiet chuckle broke Twilight out of a trance she hadn't realized she'd slipped into. She worried briefly she had done something silly in front of Celestia (again), but when she looked over she found her mentor focused on her book. She caught Twilight looking out of the corner of her eye and turned to her.

"My apologies, Twilight. Oh, but they did know how to write a romance story in those days. I was trying to recall the last time I had heard of a stallion actually swimming an ocean to win his true love."

"Heh, yeah, I suppose those stories do go over the top. I guess we all like to think we could find somepony like that, so we like to have an example."

"Hmm." Celestia gave the book in her hooves a thoughtful stare. "Is that so? What about you, my little pony? Are you waiting for somepony to promise you the moon? Pardon me, Luna."

Twilight blushed at the question, fiddling with her hooves. "Well, not really. Why do you ask?"

"Curiosity, I suppose." Celestia replied. "In truth, I expected to have the library to myself - had I known you were studying, I wouldn't have bothered you."

Despite the Princess's idle tone, Twilight felt herself droop where she sat. It made sense, when she gave it some thought. She had been studying friendship for around two years now, and while she had recently made a few casual friends in addition to her closer circle, her social life had remained almost entirely static from day one. She knew she had disappointed Celestia by not having so much as a date for Hearts and Hooves day, let alone a speical somepony. Just as Twilight's ears folded against her head, she felt a push against her cheek. Glancing up from the ground, she found Celestia leaning over towards her. The alicorn nuzzled her once more before raising her head again.

"I'm not disappointed in you, Twilight." She spoke softly. "I know you'll do what makes you happy. I only hope you aren't letting your fears get in the way again."

"No, I just..." Twilight kept wringing her hooves as she spoke. "I mean, Rarity's asked me about it as well, and after Applejack and Rainbow Dash started seeing each other..."

"Applejack and Rainbow Dash what?" Celestia blinked. Twilight's eyes widened as she realized what she had said.

"Oh, umm...they, uh, they're not exactly public yet. They just let their friends know."

"I'll keep it a secret." Celestia assured her. "You were saying?"

Twilight swallowed, having lost her train of thought. "Well, it seems... confusing. And complicated. It took Dash and Applejack months just to admit that they liked each other. And when I asked Rarity, she started talking about courting rituals and double meanings and triple meanings and... to be frank, Princess, it was more confusing than celestial magic theory!"

"Oh, dear" Celestia tittered at Twilight's remark. Taking a deep breath, the alicorn seemed surprisingly relaxed all of the sudden.

"You're wise beyond your years, Twilight, truly. Though I suppose I am biased." She chuckled to herself. "It will make sense to you one day, I promise. There's no need to rush, and I'm glad to hear you've given it thought."

"Princess?" Twilight asked, her curiosity getting the better of her. "If it's not too much... what do you think of romance, in general? You said you didn't like Hearts and Hooves day, but..."

"Mhmm. Were it anypony else, Twilight, I might think you had a motive." Celestia teased lightly. "It's true. I've been courted a thousand times over. Romance is rarely more than a thin excuse for a more selfish desire."

"Don't... don't ponies come to you because they really do like you?" Twilight asked, surprised at how harsh her mentor spoke of the subject. Friendship held such power as to change lives for the better, so surely love was even better? She couldn't believe that nopony would want Celestia as their special somepony, or that Celestia wouldn't want one either. To her dismay, Celestia shook her head in response.

"I do not mean to appear heartless. I have poems, sonnets, epics to my name, and I will never cease to be moved by them. Yet, they simply idealize me, and truthfully know me no better than the nobles and elites that think to manipulate me so easily." Celestia lowered her head. "It's strange, to be so loved and yet so...alone." Her ears drooped, Twilight's following in sympathy. Celestia's eyes slid over to her.

"I'm sorry Twilight. I shouldn't burden you."

"It's not a problem, I promise. I'm sorry, Princess. I shouldn't have asked." She looked away, guilt welling up inside her. Once again, Celestia lowered her head and nuzzled against her. Once she had gotten Twilight's attention, the alicorn leaned over again. This time, Twilight nuzzled back the way she had when she was a filly, resting briefly with her cheek against Celestia's. She felt the urge to linger, wishing she could prove to Celestia that she wasn't so alone.

"I'm fine with you asking, Twilight. I'm thankful I have you to talk to." Celestia told her. They shared a small smile before Celestia looked up, eyes on what sky was visible through the library's canopy.

"I never finished answering your question, did I?" Celestia asked, almost idly. "Companionship, Twilight. That is what I seek, what I crave, and it's what romance means to me. Somepony with which I might share any idle thought, and somepony who I know will care for them. Somepony who won't flinch when I reach out to them..." Celestia turned to Twilight. "Is that so hard... to..." Her mentor's words faded into nothing as she met Twilight's gaze, the unicorn's attemption rapt on her. She thought she saw a flicker of realization in the Princess's eyes, but wasn't aware of what it meant. She was aware, at least, of how warm she suddenly felt.

"Thank you for spending Hearts and Hooves with me, my little pony." Celestia whispered. Twilight nodded, finding it hard to swallow. She forced herself to look away, afraid she was staring.

"You're welcome, Princess. And, well, thank you for ansering me. That sounds... nice." She replied, words failing her. Celestia shifted slightly.

"It sounds terribly boring." She informed Twilight. "I am an old mare, Twilight, I have no illusions. Though I do like to think I hide it well."

"It isn't boring! I know it took me a while, but I know now how important friendship is. And if somepony is going to be your special somepony, it needs to work the same way. You need to be able to trust them and know they care, just like any good friend. I think, I think it makes more sense to me now."

"It does?"

Twilight gave a nod, then thought. "Well, I guess I wouldn't have to worry about them flinching or anything, but that really does sound perfect. Somepony to always talk to, somepony always there for you." She looked up to Celestia, finding the alicorn already watching her. She met Celestia's gaze and smiled.

"I'd like a special somepony that was like that." Twilight finished. Celestia's eyes seemed brighter than before. In fact, Twilight began to notice several things about the alicorn; the slight color on her cheeks, the way her lips curled naturally into a subtle smile. It had been forever since she had seem the Princess so relaxed and open, and her heart lifted at the realization she was the cause of this happiness. Acting on a sudden urge, she shifted closer to Celestia, the little space the balcony offered them disappearing in an instant.


"Yes, Twilight?" Celestia asked, bringing a hoof over Twilight's foreleg. Color rose to Twilight's cheek, but she didn't flinch.

"Thank you for spending Hearts and Hooves day with me."

Celestia looked a little amused, but Twilight could see the genuine happiness behind it. She leaned in and rested her cheek against Twilight's. This time the unicorn lingered, basking in Celestia's warmth.

"I wouldn't want to be anywhere else."


Super Special Epilogue:

Celestia reached Luna's bedroom door as night fell, suggesting her sister had in fact gotten to raising her moon despite the fact not a single guard had seen her today. Celestia hoped her sister hadn't taken the day too hard... her sister had been very reserved recently, and Celestia feared she was once again feeling the sting of lonliness. It didn't help that her big sister had to contend with an plethora of ponies seeking her hoof. Still, Celestia needed advice, and there was only one pony she could trust with the matter.

She had only managed to force herself away from Twilight's library at sunset, after a day that seemed more dream than reality. She and Twilight had never stated outight what they wanted from the other - Celestia for one had only the foggiest idea what she wanted to begin with - but a full day of soft words and gestures left little doubt of the general direction they were headed. It had been such a sudden realization, that everything she had sought was sitting next to her, and she felt some shame that she had acted so forwardly. Yet at the same time... Celestia shook her head clear. This was exactly why she needed somepony to talk to.

"Luna? Are you awake?" She knocked on the door. "I was hoping to speak with you- ah Luna." The door opened almost right away, leading Celestia to assume her sister had been up and ready for her visit. To her surprise, however, somepony else stepped out of the doorway.

"Oh, er... pardon, your majesty." A gray earth pony bowed her head, looking away. She rushed by, leaving Celestia no chance to respond. She hadn't expected Luna to have company, and in her bedroom of all places. The mare's cutie mark suggested a musician... it had to be a private showing or-

"Hey, fancy pony!" A voice called from Luna's bedroom. Out jumped a white unicorn with a mane like blue fire. She held in her magic a small pink bowtie.

"Hey sweet flanks! You forgot your bowtie!" The unicorn bolted past Celestia without even noticing her, chasing after the speed-walking mare. Celestia's brain struggled with an excuse, watching at the two ponies met up down the hall. She couldn't make out any words, but saw the unicorn make several exaggerated gestures that made the earth pony blush, pause, and then finally nod. The two of them left together, and Celestia returned her attention to Luna's door. Surely her sister would explain....

"No, no, it was definitely bigger than - hello Princess - it was bigger than the Cakes' bash last year."

"Mhm I'm not sure, Bonnie." A mint-colored unicorn told the mare beside her as both of them trotted past Celestia. Celestia blinked.

"Your majesty." The alicorn's attention turned to the guard exiting behind the pair, who greeted her with an unusually informal nod. Now things were just getting ridiculous.

"Your majesty." A second guard repeated, giving the same nod. Security detail, Celestia struggled to suggest. Why both guards had looked so satisfied she didn't want to guess.

"Your majesty." A third guard.

"Your majesty." The fourth.

"Your majesty."

"Your majesty."

"Your majesty."

"Your majesty."

"Your majesty."

"Your majesty."

They filed out like a train, one after another. Celestia's mind had ground to a complete halt by this time. She barely noticed the two purple pegasus ponies - sisters, by the looks of it - that followed suit, giggling madly to themselves. They were trailed by a pinkish earth pony carring a half-sleeping blue unicorn on her back, after which came stallion with a carefully styled mustache, a yellow earth pony gardener, and Big Macintosh with a smaller yellow stallion practically clinging to him.

Next came what had to be another member of the Apple family, though Celestia couldn't place him, in the form of a content looking yellow stallion with a hat much like Applejack's. Most of them greeted Celestia as they passed, though she had no response.

"Hello there Princess. How's Twilight been recently?" One mare asked her. Celestia blinked. It... it couldn't be.

"Hello?" Mrs. Sparkle asked. She turned to her husband, earning a shrug from the Mr. Sparkle.

"Reminds me, I wonder if Twilight has as much of a teacher fetish as I did when I was her age."

"I don't think it works that way dear..." Mr. Sparkle chuckled as the two ponies trotted away. A solitary squeak emerged from Celestia. She couldn't even muster up any additional shock as a teal pegasus mare, two color swapped earth ponies that greeted her with Prench accents, and Fleur-de-Lis herself trotted out. Well, Fleur's was more of a saunter, but still. The entire Wonderbolt team - completely suited up - was a bit of a surprise. Finally, at the very tail end, out hopped...

"P-Pinkie Pie?" Celestia whimpered. She could feel her mind becoming undone. The young mare stopped and waved at her.

"Oh hi there Princess Celestia. Just here for the party! Oh, and good luck with you and Twilight!" With that, the pink party pony was gone. Celestia couldn't... just couldn't process this. Slowly she heard the footsteps of one last pony. Almost afraid to look, Celestia returned her attention to the doorway. Luna did not so much walk as ooze forth, every movement giving the impression she was floating underwater. Even the way she turned her head was languid. She looked at Celestia, blinked slowly, and smiled.

"Happy Hearts and Hooves day, sister."
Okay so this is all the editing I can muster. Sadly, I forgot some of the jokes I meant to put in the epilogue, but ah well, you shouldn't take it too seriously. Happy valentines day! Are you more of a Celestia, or a Luna, hmm? >:)
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I doubt it :P
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The first part was cute and the second was hilarious. Very fantastic.
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Glad you enjoyed it.
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Someone spread the word!
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Do a Celestia x Luna and I'll flip!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D~~~~
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Oh no you already know what the sequel is gonna be!
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You're the silliest xD
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> Celestia asks Luna for relationship advice
> Luna's response: "Buy a strapon"
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What is it like in your head...
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It's really amazing. There are so many horse makeouts. And so many colors.
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Interesting story :)
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Seriously, that ending caught me totally off guard. The way your mind works is that Celestia goes for meaningful relationships, whilst Luna has a harem? Very strange, but I shouldn't be surprised since it's in your name.
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