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Blue Stripped (Warrior Cats Collab) by AveryCF Blue Stripped (Warrior Cats Collab) :iconaverycf:AveryCF 9 4 Ghost's Tattoo - Colored REF by AveryCF Ghost's Tattoo - Colored REF :iconaverycf:AveryCF 5 0 Nom nom venting nom by AveryCF Nom nom venting nom :iconaverycf:AveryCF 2 0 Zev, and the definition is nothing but venting by AveryCF Zev, and the definition is nothing but venting :iconaverycf:AveryCF 3 0 With Deaf Ears (Vent) by AveryCF With Deaf Ears (Vent) :iconaverycf:AveryCF 3 0 This is why you GO GREEN by AveryCF This is why you GO GREEN :iconaverycf:AveryCF 3 0 Valentines Steve and Cathy 2018 Redraw by AveryCF Valentines Steve and Cathy 2018 Redraw :iconaverycf:AveryCF 4 0 Spore - Wind Dragon by AveryCF Spore - Wind Dragon :iconaverycf:AveryCF 0 3 Just some kingdom screenshots n' shit. by AveryCF Just some kingdom screenshots n' shit. :iconaverycf:AveryCF 0 5 Kodiack, the King of the North... by AveryCF Kodiack, the King of the North... :iconaverycf:AveryCF 10 3
Minecraft TwB server rules and info!
Hello everyone and welcome to the Kingdom chat! This kingdom doesn't currently have a name, but will in the future. When this change occurs, the chat will have an official name! Now then, onto what matters.
You are here because Queen Harthexia, role played by AveryCF, has asked you if you were interested in moving into the kingdom which harbors Minecraftia's magical creatures and races. The real reason you're here? Is probably because you're Avery's friend, and she trusted you enough to let you on her server. ;3;
This server, "The World's Balance" (With Neotec as the temporary server icon), has very few rules, but, nonetheless, your king and queen ask you to respect and follow them. This is to keep the server healthy and productive! The server is also a VANILLA server! Mods may be nice, but the idea of mods won't come until the far future. Please don't bring up how much you "wish" we had this and that; we're not changing it, and if you don't like it then you
:iconaverycf:AveryCF 1 14
Have some Space by AveryCF Have some Space :iconaverycf:AveryCF 2 0 ID 12/31/17 by AveryCF ID 12/31/17 :iconaverycf:AveryCF 3 10 HEROBRINEKAT by AveryCF HEROBRINEKAT :iconaverycf:AveryCF 1 0 Hattai, the mighty peppermint Princess by AveryCF Hattai, the mighty peppermint Princess :iconaverycf:AveryCF 3 0 YouTube History Meme by AveryCF YouTube History Meme :iconaverycf:AveryCF 1 0


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Update upon Myself XD
Alrighty about that update that was promised awhile ago...sorry been busy as of late between life in general and working between two full time jobs. Nevertheless let's break this down shall we?
It's so far halfway through the year, almost lol. Nevertheless it's been a good year right off the bat, even with a little hickup upon my vehicle as of late. I've been sketching a bit as well here and there but haven't posted the recent one as of yet as I'm adding a bit more to it. A design upon my finance's ring. ^^ And after that I'm working on a project for my Furry Family. Yes for those whom I haven't mentioned to yet, my boyfriend and I are engaged since February 13, 2018. Upon my earlier visit this year in Canada. I had intentions of it being upon Valentines Day but...the thirteenth was amazing day and I couldn't help myself as I knew it was one more day but I really wanted to ask him right there and then. -Chuckles- That's my highlight of this year, being the happiest man on earth with my
:iconfellfang:FellFang 1 0
TTK Discord Server (OPEN)
Ey I have to leave around 3:30 pm PST, but I'm here otherwise!
Perks of Joining
You will never miss a comic update because I'll always put the most recent page in the # pages channel.Honestly the best place to put shitpost art of your TTK OCs. I'll pitch in as well! : pWe have a meme channel.We will have short contests that are exclusive to the server! Right now, we have a TTK OC + canon character spoiler screenshot contest going on....NSFW channel (gotta be 18+ or just really really chill with this sort of thing to get my permission tho)
:heart: rvmp  Click here to join! :heart: rvmp 
Caution Caution 
:iconyumisuu:yumisuu 5 6
I fave a lot, and likely look like a fave runner. Just know this: I love everything I fave, i'm not just clicking "Favorite" on everything I see. I only really comment on friends art, or if i'm totally speechless. I'm sorry if I didn't comment on your stuff and appeared like a fave runner!

Look at this, I deleted the old FIRST edit, to write another! Be free of cramming!: 11/8/17
*Heaves* One day i'll catch up to my current watch list... It's at 7,638 right now. :/ But over 10,000 if you count all those group watch folders and not singular person watched folders... *Droops over, tired.*
I apologize to everyone i'm fave spamming, but I just can't give a comment to every last piece of art at this rate... Before I wouldn't unless I knew what to say, but I just CAN'T at this rate. Please understand.

EDIT 3/13/18
I apparently haven't changed what's under here in months, and it's taken this long to even get under 7,000, ouch. Currently i'm now at 6,994 and trying to hack away at these quickly growing Deviations. Bare with me if it looks like I fave spammed you! I probably just went through your watch folder... Sorry! (I simply don't have time to comment on EVERYTHING I fave but I can reassure you I'm not a fave runner, because I look at what I fave and only FAVE IT if I liked it! So just know I do care! Thanks for reading. ;3; )



AveryCF has started a donation pool!
595 / 2,396
99 DA points on the wall. 99 DA points! Take one down- pass it around, 98 DA points on the wall! (I'd love it if I got more points from you guys so I can Commission you guys and others and make the points flow. All help will be appreciated.) :iconpointsstampplz::iconpointsstamp2plz::iconpointsstampplz::iconpointsstamp2plz::iconpointsstampplz::iconpointsstamp2plz:

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No seriously my names Avery. x'D
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
Marching Buds by Shadokami Marching Buds by Shadokami Marching Buds by Shadokami

Stalk me playing games! Game broadcast:…
OR click "Watch Game" on the right if it's there, if not, i'm not playing a game- or a game Steam supports!…

Steam Screenshots:…

The TwB Minecraft server info!/Application!:…

About me and stoofs:

So this used to be huge but I just realized eventually that that could be a drag and that I talk to much. So here's a short-ISH summary of me.
-I'm insane. My family claims i'm not but people have called me insane, and admitted they fear me. When you take pride in that? I think something might be wrong lol. Oh, and let's not forget i'm a dramatic hypocrite who doesn't give a shit about others, but pretends to. c:
-For some reason some people adore me when I don't see why? I hate myself. Core, looks, etc. I'm also mentally disabled and very random. So if you can handle a emotionally detached, ADHD, anger managed, bi-polar chick? Then great! This is the place for you. c:
-I over analyze and obsess over a lot of shit I shouldn't. Also, if you can't handle cursing and maturity, get out. Please. Just get out now, i'm not going to be soft on my watchers anymore and tell them it's ok. If you don't like it, go to another page.
-I'm blunt, pretty sure i've made that clear by now? x'D I also pretend to be nice so I feel like a better person, but please. NEVER trust me, or think i'm a good person. You'll just be hurting yourself for thinking so highly of me right off the bat.
-I like mythical things over sci-fi, but sci-fi is good too. c: I'm a geek and proud. My favorite video game ever is likely World of Warcraft, I like to control Sims and play god for some reason, make creatures in Spore- i'm a huge video gamer. While I mostly like mythical MMO RPG's, I also like a lot of Indie games. Like WoW, Dragon Age, Skyrim, tLoS, Minecraft, Shelter 2, Meadow, and a murderous game called Yandere Simulator. (And those are just some examples, I play waaaaaaaaay too many games lol.)
-I don't mind immature humor, but I hate it when that's all people can come up with. This is sex jokes, sexism, racism, etc. Dark jokes once or twice can be funny in a cruel mind, I admit I play games like Cards agents Humanity where that's all it can be. But 24/7? Please, just stop. I enjoy creativity, not dumb asses like Donald fucking Trump. I don't even tolerate "Wall" jokes due to that guy.
-I judge people for who they are. Not their race, belief, gender, who they love, etc. If you're into racism, shaming someone on what they believe in, gender comments, even using the term "Gay" wrong? Get out as well as the others who can't handle what I do here. I won't tolerate it because it's sick and wrong, have you nothing better to do with your life than put others below you, unknowing that you're driving yourself six feet under the grave? Get a life man.
-I love literate roleplay and story writing. However i'm really only comfortable in worlds I really know. It's why most my stories/roleplays are based in fandoms i'm into. I'm fine with changing things quite a bit though, I mean... Sense WHEN did Minecraft have GIANT FUCKING SNAKES?!
-I love all kinds of music, but I adore soft rock. My favorite band is Imagine Dragons, but my favorite song ever will always be Requiem for a Dream. Beautiful soundtracks also capture me, because I enjoy a song that can set a mood without a single word.
-If you can speak in metaphors, hold the galaxy in your hands? See the earth as just one world with many ideals beyond, see magic like a science we don't understand yet? But also see the darkness within humanity... Then you're my kind of person. You're likely as creative and twisted as I am. Welcome!
-Just because i'm into a fandom does not make me think it's ok to bully others around it. For example, I love the Legend of Spyro but the fandom is total crap. It's full of people who try to tell other amazing artists and idealists what to do.
-I may be 20, but I act like i'm still 17. Growing up isn't what I have in mind past what maturity I need to have. (Like how to "Adult" when I need to, and that's about it. xD) And yes, Avery is my real name.
-Hey! You! Judge me and my characters AFTER you learn about them. If one more god damn person says Ghost is a withered Herobrine, or if Harthexia/MC Avery is related to Deadlox i'm going to scream. If you even bothered looking into them or even ASKING about them, it would be VERY clear they have nothing to do with what you're claiming.
-...I like ice cream and dragons. Bite me. I'll just bite back.

I suffer from lots of mental disorders, please respect me and that fact, it's just how I was born! This may show in what I post on DA, and may make me appear "Over dramatic". Please don't judge me for how I was born:
1. Anxiety (Which isn't counted by many as a disorder, but it is. Can also cause panic attacks and counts into many different things like social anxiety as well. Aka, "I'm shy" +20. "I am incapable of handling simple things like most people can, like new situations or simply saying hello to a stranger.")
2. Emotional Detachment (I can't feel emotion towards others, and can only feel emotion revolved around my own well being. Which makes me appear incredibly selfish, only the difference is I don't have a choice in the matter as I can't "make" myself feel anything. It's why I pretend to be nicer than I really am.)
3. Bi-Polar (I reach emotionally rapid highs and lows randomly without necessarily needing a reason.)
4. Anger Management (Ties in with being Bi-Polar.)
5. Depression (Ties in with being Bi-Polar.)
6. ADHD (Tied with selective memory and anger management, this makes learning especially hard.)
7. Selective Memory Disorder (I will only be able to remember the most random things, while the rest leaves blanks in my memory. I may also remember things DIFFERENTLY than how they occurred, making me sometimes lie about things without realizing i'm lying. "So and so said this" when they never said anything of the sort, even though I swear I could remember them saying it... Tied with ADHD which is an attention disorder, this makes learning hard. Pared with anger management, it makes it so I suffer from "Black out rages". I will get so angry that I'll say and do things, while being unable to remember any of it when I calm down.)
-And maybe more I can't remember the names of right now... I look healthy on the outside, but I'm fucked up on the inside... Relating with me about these is OKAY, but making fun of me or my disorders is NOT okay. I didn't pick to have them, it's just how I was brought into this world. Mental disorders are disabilities with how your brain processes information, emotions, and memory. Once again, please respect me on my DA and how I behave, if it's not to your liking or I come off as too "Dramatic" for you, you can always leave to another place on DA. c: Thanks!

Kittin12376, TalonWolfG5, ArithiaBlueMoons/GoddessofOceans, Skullz704 OR MaggienTobby. I am ether not in contact with them for the better of my health due to toxic relationships, or we have gone our separate ways for other reasons. Any past Deviations you have seen me make for them as gifts are old, and the content below them from our previous friendships should not apply to the current date. Thank you for understanding, but I've had a few people ask me about them and some of them I've even tried to befriend again after they asked and they've ended poorly, ether in us not getting along or not understanding each others intentions and causing the other to get upset. From now on (2018 and on.) I am not letting anyone back into my life if I've already had a "separation" problem with them, meaning what's done is done and we're separated for good. I have tried to be the "better" person and only gotten misery from it, so if I have to be a bitch to keep them out, I will. I DO NOT WANT previous problems that made me miserable to come up again, so please, don't note me or comment on my content asking for them. Thank you for understanding if I decline any requests and/or reference you to this post after you've already tried asking for their contacts. Not only is it disrespectful to them if I gave out their personal info, but I want nothing to do with them. Thank you for reading, I hope I won't have to ask anyone to stop again.


My older/first idols (Since like- EVER. Before I did art!) :

:iconspottedfire-cat: :iconmiiroku::iconblitzengles::iconskitea::iconmerginae::iconzackareeaboo::iconteelia::iconblaze-tfd::iconurnambot::iconpsarahdactyls::icondezline::iconcascadingserenity:

Discovered when drawing, NEWER idols:


And these three are just way too talented for words, I wish to one day capture style types like they do:


My DA family:
Partner in crime: :iconmeerkatlover1210:
Senpai: :iconaed-den: ( ^^^ She started this thing where we call you senpai, sorry. x'D ^^^ )
Little sisters: :iconniumiko::iconshad0w-galaxy::iconshadokami::iconseablue250:
Little brother: :iconjunipercaldwell:
Big brothers: :iconfellfang:
Big sisters: :iconzoketi::iconcoldythedragon::iconteam-procrastination:
Other friendsies: :iconapaule243::iconnikki-tine::iconlinkinpark9449::iconvampirechick4life::iconsinister--pastel::iconanimeisamazing593::iconfuwadeer::iconwinter-raindapple:


:thumb621555517: No one comments - stamp by zavraan

I'm into a lot of fandoms and such, here's some if you wanna chat me up. c:
-Warrior Cats (Books)
-Hamilton the Musical (Music)
-Game of Thrones (Books and TV show)
-The Hobbit (Book and Movies)
-Lord of the Rings (Books and Movies)
-World of Warcraft (Video Game)
-Dragon Age (Video Games)
-Imagine Dragons (Music)
-Quite a lot of RPG/MMO games, suggest one to me? I might of heard of it.
-Music without words that can really set the mood. c: Often times EPIC/beautiful soundtracks.
-Mythical creatures, especially Dragons. c:
-Mythical Creatures and where to Find them (Movie, and a book IN a book. x'D)
-Harry Potter (Books and Movies)
-The classic Spyro (Games)
-The Legend of Spyro (Games)
-Minecraft (Game)
-Once Upon a Time (TV show)
-Supernatural (TV show)
-The Avengers related movies (Movies and TV shows)
-Agents of Shield (TV show)
-The Lion King (Movies, books, AND the kids Jr. show, the Lion Guard. -3-)
-Avatar the last Airbender/The Legend of Korra (TV Shows)
-Be more Chill the Musical (Music)
-Heathers the Musical (Music)
...Likely other stuff i'm spacing out right now on.

YouTube videos I often target, explained:

Animated Music Video (AMV) - People animating to a song.
Picture Music Video (PMV) - People use "Frames" with the music instead of a full animation, but it's quite similar to a AMV. It's just multiple pictures to a song.
Multi Animator Project (MAP) - These are often put out as cast calls then filled in by volunteers. Animators who will animate a small "Part" of a song, when all the parts are put together, the MAP is complete and released.
YouTube Meme's (...Meme) - Not to be confused with typical internet meme's, these are a single part of a song, often the catchiest part, animated and started by a single animator who animates a motion or style then makes it open for others to take their own twist to it. Example, head bobbing before splitting off to the side, multiple people will animate OC's or characters to it with the same head bobbing and splitting off to the side as the first video.

Basically, I watch people animate and make art. x'D


I think it's safe to say my body just officially wants to shut down. I can't keep lifting these boxes, yet I must keep packing so we can move on Friday and finish during Saturday. ;D;

Oh but I did finally see the 100th episode of Agents of Shield (It's in the 5th season) and I loved it so much. It was a wonderful recap to everything without whip lashing the whole story line. Able to keep telling the current story while you remembered everything prior. ;3; I guess I just really liked it because they made the intro reflect all previous title screen intros along with the current, and considering I loved how much Supernatural did that for their tenth anniversary... Guess i'm a sucker for flashy changing titles over time to fit the current story, lol.

(Spoilers I guess, if you watch the show seeing the title kinda... Hints to what's going on.) Seeing it's a GIF, DA doesn't want to preview it here. So if you wanna see it, just click the link. ;3;

Wish me luck packing and moving. ;D; **WHEEZE**
It's so true, half the time I clean with no music but you definitely don't notice how bored you are once you put on music. Goes like a breeze then, lmfao. x'D

Speaking of which, I just packed up about (Almost half our movies?) so that's four boxes full now. (No music, so mom put her own on. I was packing boxes to A-Ha, "TAKE. ON, ME..." Probably the oldest song I have even on my own song list. x'D) Only my arms started shaking when I was trying to write in pen what was on the boxes so she's letting me have a thirty minute break, oof. Now i'm really hot from lifting semi-heavy boxes, lol. Then I gotta pack the rest of our movies up, maybe another four of five boxes. (Never enough movies, are you kidding me? Who needs Blockbuster, we'll put Redbox outta business. If we don't have the movie, it ether sucked, is so new we don't have it yet, or my aunt has it. x'D)

For those I don't have on Discord, my mom found a place (Not that cool one we wanted though. ;~; ) that we finally got "Okay-ed" for. So we're getting the keys and moving on Friday out of this hell hole of an apartment I've lived in for fourteen years! (It'll be weird moving, but neither of us are gonna miss this place despite the few good memories we have here. -Mostlyfrommychildhoodandnotthebuildingitself... We're both excited and eager to move, just not so much the packing part. x'D) I'll still be living in Washington but i'm living about another thirty minute drive down state. (So a biiiiiiiiiiiiit farther was Seattle, but still in range. Not saying the actual city though for personal reasons.~ I can still tell you "The Seattle area" though! ;3; ) We're going to be renting the new HOUSE (No longer apartment, YAY!) for two whole years in hopes it'll give us enough time to save up to BUY a house of our own after that. Hooray!
P.S. Finding a place to rent is hell because apparently everything thinks it's okay to say places are "For rent" then when you're interested, they pop the question on if you actually wanted to buy a house. What the hell America, do you not realize RENTING and BUYING a house are two different things?! One is more expensive, and the other is basically "Borrowing" a place someones charging you for a little every month or so. Get your facts right, dumb asses. (No offence to any GOOD rental people who don't advertise the wrong fucking thing. We were asked if we wanted to buy a place after applying for a rental place, several times in our search.)
I haven't seen the place personally, only mom did. So I'll be seeing it on Friday when we DO have the keys and start moving in. We have to be out by July 1st though, as that's when our lease is up for the apartment. Meaning, since Friday is the 29th, we'll only have ONE DAY to move. Wish our poor arms and legs luck, that's a lot of lifting, even with minimal family and moms friends who offered to help us move. We'll all be tired, and I don't have any muscles so my skinny (Next to bony) ass is likely gonna feel like a puddle in the end, but I have to work just as hard as anyone else to finally get a break. *Deep breath in.* If i'm getting tired packing four boxes, i'm doomed, lmfao. Ohhhh I can just imagine the future pain now. ;~;
Saw two more houses today, shared the same sketchy as fuck neighborhood, but the first house was fucking AWESOME and considering I already live in a sketchy as fuck neighborhood but also in a shit apartment I've been trapped in for fourteen years... I'd say it's an improvement! Cross all your fingers, toes, arms, legs and things you could think of for me, I want this damn house.

Also- I just realized my cat OC named Mr. Mittens (Yes. That's his name.) doesn't actually have anything defining on his character when he's alive other than he's semi-grumpy and how he dies. I have more on his afterlife stuff (Hardly any though...) than living life. Probably... Should fix that... Rex has way more on him...
Ben: "Sleeping, in the afternoon?"
Alex: "Yeah... He does that."
Well excuse me Ben but that's my fucking life style you're questioning.
Also the 
"All hail, Steve!" really got me into a giggle fit. x'D But yay! New episode of Alex and Steve, hooray. ;3; I just think these things are so cute, silly, and I like that they're child friendly for the most part. (Well- I... Say that because some of his other ones had more cartoony gore in them but so far Alex and Steve seems pretty kid friendly, lol.)

(2:01) "Alright, guns up, let's do this. LEEEEEEEEEEEEROOOOOOOOOOY!!!!"
This was 100% accurate though. I couldn't stop laughing the entire video. Spoilers for Jurassic World but... If anyone hasn't seen it by now when the second one is about to release? Then idk what you're doing, it's fucking dinosaurs man. Get with the program.

Btw, seems everyone knew but me... But in case others are slow like me, the new Elder Scrolls (Aka, the series of games Skyrim is placed in. -For the real clueless.) has finally released a small visual trailer.

The world's Balance 2 by AveryCF

*Inhales then exhales this image.*

Before I start talking, my best friend made this gift for me. She's been pretty dead on DA though, so if you have a Drawing Amino then here's her page!
Here's her currently dead Deviant Art, she said she might return one day though if she got internet again. So please don't assume she's there right now! meerkatlover1210

Where... Do I even... Begin... Like, HOLY FUCK?! I posted a mile long response to her at seeing it it's just- just- PERFECT?!?! She was APOLOGETIC at the fact it "Didn't turn out how she wanted" and that it was "Sketchy" but WHO THE FUCK CARES?!?! DOES SHE NOT SEE HOW AMAZING THIS IS?!?!? She even told me adding a border and title was something she just threw on but I LOVE IT because okay- yes- I have more files of this (but it doesn't have her signature on it and since I don't want people to abuse her art... It'll stay with me. ;3; However she did share some on her Amino, so... Well I guess if you're really desperate you can look there, lol. BUT DON'T STEAL ART OR I'LL COME AFTER YOU...) but it just LOOKS LIKE A COVER TO MEEEEE!!!! If I knew how to add covers to submitted things (I'll probably figure it out) I'll start using this as my story cover because JHSBFJSADFNHBGDSFRJHBGFDJHDGBSDF THIS HAS BROKEN ME, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
(The responses on Amino only let you read them if you're logged in. So if people don't have an account, I already saved this to bypass Amino's rules to share. HAH- beat THAT Amino. -3-)

11 by AveryCF

111 by AveryCF



And get this- she also said she wanted to stick MORE people in it. MORE. But due to space she couldn't. So if i'm dying now, wtf would she have done to me with HER ideals? I don't fucking care about what it's not, i'm obsessed about what it IS. Also she stated that her favorite part would likely go unnoticed by people, but it was the little group on the left side lol. Funny enough the background stuff at the time being of a blurry sketch she gave to me? Was the first stuff I noticed. (I NOTICED, DON'T WORRY. I LOVE THEM. >3< In fact the Ghast's face on the right is my face when I look at this because my face doesn't know how to properly look under so many emotions. x'D)

Can we just appreciate, everything in this piece? I always thought my myself: 'If the title was animated... It'd probably say "The world's Balance" in Ender, before glitching into human English or something for people to read it.' So just- SEEING the title being in Ender means everything to me. And what else made my day? HER ART MADE THE FRONT PAGE OF DRAWING AMINO- AGAIN!!! WITH THIS VERY PIECE!!! Nothing short of what I would expect from her talent! ;3; Yes I know she said her laptop over saturated the colors on Steve's side of the piece but... I can't help but love all the extra colors? Yeah, a more toned down thing looks more professional, but i'm also the person who likes super sketchy things talking here, so... I think it's safe to say I love every copy I have seen of it's progress. x'D

Look at this, WA-BAM!!! *Adds useless sound effect.*

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I mean yeah I got a perfect T-Rex cookie jar I wanted (Because who wouldn't want a T-Rex protecting their cookies to match their T-Rex salt and pepper shakers??) as well as some cool dragon based knickknacks, got two movies I haven't seen in ages/since my childhood and/or movies I wanted to see if they were any good since I missed them in the movie theater... BUT NOTHING YOU CAN BUY- CAN COMPARE- TO SOMETHING YOUR BEST FRIEND MAKES FOR YOU!!! OKAY?!?!?! OKAY... I have gone through SO much shit this year with people I thought I trusted that I realized when you fight with someone, it's okay, it happens. But if you seperate? Don't try to be the better person and let them back in, slam that door and lock it, then toss out the key. I don't care if i'm a jackass but people have hurt me who I tried letting them have a second take at being friends, and Monica has even been here for one of the BIGGEST ones. And out of all the time I've known her these few years? (Wow, has it REALLY been that long? oco Almost two I think now. o-o) Our single fight we had was over one of these very reasons, not sure we trusted the same person or not, and miscommunication. I can't even tell you how thankful I am that I can talk out a situation with her and move past it, because she's just one of those friends who just... Click, you know? Like you have some of your friends, and other friends you really like but they're not quite "Best" friends yet... And maybe you have a few you think are your best friend but you applied the term too loosely and things don't work? Or those besties you just lost due to life separating you two. Now, I know I freak out about- a lot of people I meet. But it's so hard to explain because Monica is DIFFERENT and I probably sound crazy for saying this but I know we do, most definitely, love each other. ;3; And nooo- not that way you dorks. *Shoves ur faces.* I mean like a sister, we care like two sisters. ;3; Because damn I actually think we've both proven we're straight but funny enough neither of us can find a guy ether that's just right. x'D Maybe that's why we get along so well because even our downs share similarities. x'D Even though we have enough healthy differences that we can share them and even try out new things so it's not like we're boring, but... If we need to sit down and get serious, or just chatter away about something we enjoy, or even make a joke? We're at the same pace.

Idk, she's just the perfect friend, okay? And she's mine. Get your own. *Pets Momica.* She's like... The best friend who knows when to mom me when my own mom might not be the one i'm listening to. x'D I adore her OC's (Even though I sorta obsess over Atlas a lot, my dear boyfriend/husband, surprisingly enough he's not the only one I love. x'D) and by the sounds of it? I do know she likes mine. ;3; And it's just... Everything to me to hear someone enjoys my stuff so much. Even if i'm really slow at doing anything.

So yeah! I had to obsess over my best friend and this most GLORIOUS gift because I know what's probably gonna be my new background to ether my computer or phone screen, lmfao. I mean I was using last years gift as an icon to chats and stuff I had, hell I might make it my Kingdom Server's icon when I stop taking a break from that... Stress lol. Idk, all I know is it's gonna be placed somewhere I can ALWAYS look at it and no body can stop me- butmaybeherifshewasuncomfortablebythat but if not then not even she can stop me, MAWHAHAHAHAHAHA...

Also I just spent like over an hour typing all of this so i'm not checking for typos other than ones I already caught. Sorry if it's a messy read butIsortofdon'tcarerightnow... I might edit it later, idk.

Btw, for those who were curious at me mentioning them. ;3;

Last years gift.~
The world's Balance 1 by AveryCF

Her redraw of my old Ghost art that is over 1,000+ times better than my old shit. (You can see why, once she mailed it to me, I got it framed. x'D Only she moved her signature to the right in pen, so mine is unique than what everyone else sees digitally.~ -3-)
Fading Away by AveryCF

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I KNOW THAT'S WHY I HAD TO TELL YOU ABOUT IT!!! My boyfriend got me into it and he's made a biiig mistake. I absolutely love it. Even now, in school, I'm counting down the hours 'till I can play again. Do you still play?
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