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The one or two pieces of art I actually loved

Don't hold Me (Colored pannel!!!) by AveryCF, visual art

The one or two pieces of art I actually loved

Only Humans would Shoot Fire into the Sky... by AveryCF, visual art

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Stalk me playing games! Game broadcast: steamcommunity.com/broadcast/w… OR click "Watch Game" on the right if it's there, if not, I'm not playing a game- or a game Steam supports! steamcommunity.com/

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~~~Page warnings!~~~ (What I do might include 18+ stuff, please enter my page knowing it's not child friendly

-To start off with, I type a lot, like- a LOT. If you can't handle text walls, then I'm not sure this is the place for you, but if you don't mind, then welcome. ;3; -I can be a bit... Much. With seven (As far as I can remember) mental disabilities including, anxiety, emotional detachment, bi-polar disorder, anger management, depression, ADHD and selective memory disorder. All together this means my attention will jump around, I can randomly have extreme emotions (Even without a direct reason), black out rages, etc. You may witness me post a status post, journal, or art where I vent in it where I can sound... Out there. If this discomforts you, I wouldn't suggest sticking around. ;3; -I also DO NOT support racism, sexism, calling someone out on their beliefs or their sexuality, etc. My stories (And the characters included) might have/be horrible people who mention these things, but I, myself, as the writer and artist, do not. If I see someone claiming I am like this, or openly saying shit around me that throws people under the bus, I will target you, and I will kick your ass. You are not welcome on my page, as everyone deserves to be judged by their personality, not what they are into. You are free to use the door, assholes. ~~~Stuff about Me~~~

Hiya! I'm Avery (Yup, that's my real name too!), a twenty-three year old woman who has more of the mind of a seventeen year old, but tries to be mature without teenager hormones jumping all over the walls. Over the past few years, I have lost many friends in both real life, and online, and I wasn't sure why. It took me quite a long time to make peace with myself, but I believe 2019 is the year where the realization finally hit, and I am proud to be myself. Mistakes and all! If you can speak in metaphors, hold the galaxy in your hands? See the earth as just one world with many ideals beyond, and magic like a science we don't understand yet? To see the darkness within humanity... Then you're my kind of person. You're likely as creative and twisted as I am. Welcome! -Don't let this innocent face or behavior get to you, I'm completely unstable, and insane. While I may not be hearing voices type of "insane", I used to be offended when people who got on my bad side called me this out of fear. Over the years however, I started to take pride in it, and realized I have this unhealthy addiction of enjoying being in power... (Must come with being human, they should really warrantee this shit.) I love making people precious to me feel great, and brutally hurting those who defy me. I am not afraid to stoop down to the horrible level it takes to kick other peoples asses, and I get some people frown upon that, but that's me! And I will not change myself to be more liked, any longer. It causes misery, and is extremely unhealthy. I know I'm completely off due to two things, one, my mom says the only reason I'm not perfect serial killer material is because I have no interest in actually killing anyone. I have morals, which is something they lack, but I have the entire emotional detachment and fueling hate they do, and I also giggle at misfortune, opps! Two, no one in their right mind should enjoy being called insane, but I do. I think I lost a few bolts, because I can't seem to find them! Have you seen them? -I'm not too sure why the people who like me, like me. I've even managed to make people who loath me, like me! (I need new haters, old ones starting to like me.) I hate my looks, my personality, and I don't think I'm good at anything... But you know what? I realized changing myself to be something I'd "Like"? Isn't working for me! I guess it's better to do what I like and hate myself, than like myself doing things that make me miserable. Isn't that weird? Boy, I sure think it's weird. -I'm pretty random, not... Random during a serious moment, because that's rude, but I like just making jokes naturally. (I don't believe a joke is really good if you work for it. Then it's just... Painful.) I sure hope anyone who comes to my page can laugh and handle it, but if you don't like what I do, then you're free to leave. No one is holding you here, hostage. ;3; -I over analyze stuff a lot, and obsess over the smallest things I really shouldn't. I'm a thinker, I think all day and self entertain myself. Leading myself to randomly giggle or talk to myself in my room when no one is around, to the other end where I'm freaking out for no apparent reason, and it's not always due to my anxiety! If I'm looking into something too deep, just know that's me being... Me... Overcomplicating things. -I don't really like immature jokes, I think that goes back to trying too hard to make someone laugh. I really only snicker at those from my close friends over OC's, but from strangers and random watchers? Please don't... I don't think it's all that funny, and it's sort of... Gross. -I'm pretty blunt, I just pretend to be nice so I don't look like a total dick. -I'm a geek and proud! I prefer mythical things over sci-fi, but I will settle for it all. I enjoy RPG MMO games (World of Warcraft will always be my favorite.), but I also play the other spectrum! Indie games! While I'm chopping off heads in Skyrim, I will be running around as a cute bunny in Meadow. I gotta say next to WoW though, tLoS will always be my favorite game series. (Spyro!!!) -I have role played for about nine/ten years now, and wrote stories for seven/eight! If you want to roleplay with me, you can just ask, but I'm usually pretty picky depending on how well someone rp's, and what the rp is based around. I tend to only like diving into worlds I understand, so I don't feel so weird doing it. I am fine with changing stuff up quite a bit though. (I mean, when did Minecraft have GIANT SNAKES?) -I love quite a bit of music, but I prefer soft rock. My favorite band is Imagine Dragons, but my favorite song ever will always be Requiem for a Dream. I will also always search for beautiful soundtracks from games, movies, or TV shows, because I adore songs that can set the mood without a single word. (I really don't favor country, heavy metal, or screamo though, and I'm veeeeery picky with rap. It's gotta tell a story, not curse every other word. It's rare I listen to any of them.) -Please don't judge me and/or my characters until you've learned more about me/them! I can't tell you how many times I was told Ghost was a withered Herobrine, or Harthexia was related to Deadlox since TwB's (The world's Balance) base is around Minecraft... It's extremely annoying, and pretty upsetting as that tells me someone cared enough to look at my stuff, but not actually LEARN about it. :/ -...I LOVE ice cream and Dragons. Bite me, I'll just bite back. -Harder. ~~~Llamas? Favorites? Fan art? ...Requests?~~~ -No need to thank me for a llama, I do see these messages but I usually don't respond to them. When I receive a llama, I'll try to return it, but please forgive me if my phone/computer/laptop was not being very forgiving. I probably tried to give you a llama after removing the message, lagged up, and wasn't able to give you one. -Just like llamas, no need to thank me for the favorite. You can, if you want to, but once again, I probably won't respond to these. I see them all though, and I'm glad you were happy I favorited it. <3 -"Can I draw your character doing <so and so>?" Yes! I don't care if you draw my characters or Sona (Or even what they're doing), as long as you ping/mention me in the definition so I know about it, and was credited for their ownership! (Or, for real complicated reasons, if you can't ping me, at least say "Character does not belong to me." and if anyone asks/notes you or something about it, give them a link to my page there! The reason I say this is because I'm currently in contact with someone I can't ping myself, but really, I think this should only be under SUPER complicated reasons like avoiding drama, in which case, I will probably already know what's going on, should this be happening. ;3; ) -"Do you take requests?" Nope! Sorry. You see, while I always want to say yes, I'm so lazy and forgetful, I feel like I'd make a promise to someone to make art, then I'll forget. I don't want to let anyone down like that, so I don't do requests. All gift art from me is voluntary and usually on an unexpected whim for friends o

hobbitsclapping1plzhobbitsclapping2plzhobbitsclapping3plzhobbitsclapping4plz hobbitsclapping5plzhobbitsclapping6plzhobbitsclapping7plzhobbitsclapping8plz Yay! She finally shut up! :RainbowBummiesParade: :RainbowBummiesParade::RainbowBummiesParade:

My older/first idols (Since like- EVER. Before I did art!) : Spottedfire-catMiirokuBlitzEnglesSkiteaMerginaeZackareeabooTeeliaBlaze-TFDUrnamBOTpSarahdactylsCascadingSerenity

Discovered when drawing, NEWER idols: FinchwingMapleSpydersplashamanthaWindBirdsNIBlRUaed-denClimbToTheStarsHoxau

And these three are just way too talented for words, I wish to one day capture style types like they do: TC-96NightrizerDragonOfIceAndFire My Deviant Art Family: Partner in Crime: Mona-chopsis Little Sisters: Shadokamiseablue250kittin12376 Little Brother: JuniperCaldwell Big Brother: FellFang Big Sisters: Team-ProcrastinationYuusei6Roku Other Friendsies: apaule243Nikki-tineSinister--PastelAnimeIsAmazing593fuwadeerWinter-Raindapple :RainbowBummiesParade: :RainbowBummiesParade: :RainbowBummiesParade: I'm into a lot of fandoms and such, here's some if you wanna chat me up. c: -Warrior Cats (Books) -Hamilton the Musical (Music) -Game of Thrones (Books and TV show) -The Hobbit (Book and Movies) -Lord of the Rings (Books and Movies) -World of Warcraft (Video Game) -Dragon Age (Video Games) -Imagine Dragons (Music) -Quite a lot of RPG/MMO games, suggest one to me? I might have heard of it. -Music without words that can really set the mood. c: Often times EPIC/beautiful soundtracks. -Mythical creatures, especially Dragons. c: -Fantastic Beasts and where to Find Them (Movie and a book IN a book. x'D ) -Harry Potter (Books and Movies) -The Classic Spyro (Games) -The Legend of Spyro (Games) -Minecraft (Game) -Once upon a Time (TV Show) -Supernatural (TV Show) -The Avengers related movies (Movies and TV Shows) -Agents of Shield (TV Show) -The Lion King (Movies, Books AND the Kids Jr. Show, the Lion Guard. -3-) -How to Train your Dragon (Movies, TV Shows and Books.) -Avatar the Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra (TV Shows) -Be More Chill the Musical (Music) -Heathers the Musical (Music) -Gravity Falls (TV Show) -We Bare Bears (TV Show) -Steven Universe (TV Show and Movie) -AJR (Music) -Star Trek (Movies and TV Shows) -Undertale (Video Game) ...Likely other stuff i'm spacing out on right now. PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT ME ASKING FOR: TalonWolfG5, ArithiaBlueMoons/GoddessofOceans, Skullz704 OR MaggienToby/AmoriiArts. I am no longer in contact with them due to drama, my health, trauma and/or toxic relationships. Any past Deviations you have seen me make for them as gifts are old, and the content below them should not apply to the current date. Thank you for understanding, but I've had a few people ask me about them due to old content I've made towards them. I've ether tried to befriend them again which did not work out, or I'm completely disinterested in trying due to bad blood. Since 2018, I have learned to not engage with these individuals and share no interest in doing so. I would like if people didn't ask me for their personal info as that's considerably rude to them, and that people left the past in the past. I already have enough traumatic based dreams as it is, I don't need these people brought up to me unless I myself said something about them to begin with explaining my past, thank you!

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Just a stupid little thought that came up when staring at what I drew- Stephon: Also no, I don't really understand my style. Sometimes I produce things that look like they wouldn't have come out of me. Not sure what style consistency is anymore, lol. Edit: Here you go, I made it worse:
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Picking up something I left alone last December. Hopefully I can finish it while it's still the holidays. The idea is over two years old, and the comic one year old now. (Wow.) It's based off a holiday BS RP script from May of 2019 (Yes, May. The idea started pre-holidays.) that I tried to make come true December of 2020, but failed to completely carry out. Instead of scrapping the really sketchy comic, I kept it as a WIP for one whole year on my desktop. The other character you see is Kevin and he belongs to @LordKittin who rated it last year thinking he was smiling- but originally laughed at the idea in 2019 when it was born. Here's to seeing what happens. Might redraw old panels- might not, no idea, but the comic will be kinda sketchy, rushed in some parts, and Stephon completely had a redesign mid-comic. If it gives people whiplash, at least I can laugh and see what changed in how I handle art. WIP status updates to prove I'm alive, even though I don't post a lot. Have some
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Broken Bean & Doll box I guess

God I hate Eclipse. I have to search up GIF's than upload or code my own, and everything is so separated in it's own line. If anyone knows how to fix this, please help me holy shit.

Kayu Bean
Lucifer Bean
Harthexia X Tayro (Averan or Taythexia) Bean
Talon X Ghost (Taost) Bean
Electrica  Steve Bean
Meadow Doll
Serenity Doll
Blue/Miiroku Doll
Rea Doll

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I'm always dirt poor, unfortunately. You don't have to but i'd love any spare points you had to give me. <3 RIP old donation pool, 6/20/13 - 5/20/20

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you have very nice works ~
Thank you. ;3; <3

thank you for the fav :)

Really nice gallery! :3
I just kinda post whatever so thank you. ;3;
you're welcome! :3