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Not much to report. In between projects (and when I can get away with it, on them) I've been practicing my composition, working with shape, saturation, and edge to help develop focus and interest. Composition is the *hardest*. My childhood was spent in the land of character design, not illustration, so it's my weakest point by far. I pretty consistently try to apply the rule of threes and watch where my lines guide the eye there is SO MUCH one needs to take into account to create a good design that I feel a little overwhelmed. It will become second nature one day and not be nearly so difficult, but right now I feel like I need a checklist-- do the dominant shapes fulfill the emotional premise of the picture? What's your tonal plan? Saturation? Golden rule? Watch the edges! Is it balanced at the fulcrum? Blah, blah, blah . . .

How about you? With what do you struggle the most, compositionally?
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