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More Wyvern Designs Auction [CLOSED]

By AverrisVis
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EDIT: I did a mistake writing the price. ALL PRICES ARE IN $, NOT €.  I'm sorry for the misunderstanding :c

You can bid here or on Furaffinity: www.furaffinity.net/view/26941…

SB: 25$
Min bid: 5$
AB: 80$
Please bid in reply under my starting comment

I'm accepting $ and €     currency calculator

!Bid only if you have the money. If you win the auction you have 48h to send me the payment. If you don't pay in time design goes to the previous person!
Payment via PayPal

AUCTION END: 48h after the last bid

- full resolution .png picture

- you can change some details of the design if you are not fully satisfied with the features like colour or form
- you can use the creature as your own character, choose a name, gender, personality etc.
- you can buy it and give away as a gift

- don't use the design if you are not the owner!
- don't claim to be the author of the form and design!
- keep in mind that the picture and design are copyrighted ©. Stealing copyrighted work could be penalized.

If you are the owner of the design and you want to resell it, please credit me under the picture and let me know about it.
Reselling the design for more than my price is not really fair to the next owner and to me c:
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© 2018 - 2021 AverrisVis
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9 is gorgeous!!

desertnettle's avatar
Do you accept points? I love 10  so much but I don't have a paypal
AverrisVis's avatar
Unfortunately not :( I can accept a bank transfer if you could pay me in €
desertnettle's avatar
Oh okay , Im under aged so unfortunately I can't pay money :'(
AverrisVis's avatar
I understand. I could also accept payment in steam games but if I understood you correctly it's also not possible.
I'm really sorry. I'll try to do some point adopts in the future!
desertnettle's avatar
Yeah I can't pay with real money sadly.

I'll keep my eye out for point adopts!
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These are gorgeous!   I've seen a few different pieces in my watch this morning with bright, high contrast yellow/complementary designs and for some reason today I am really digging those color combinations (like the one in the top left especially).  But they are all gorgeous :D
AverrisVis's avatar
Thank you! I like the colors too. Next time I'll draw some less colored :D
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Whatever works, they're all pretty :D
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These designs are all lovely. They are all so creative and unique. My favourite would have to be the one on the top left, you really made the colours work together very nicely and I adore those patterns. Those wings especially look very nice. Great work on all of these!
AverrisVis's avatar
Thank you so much! Heart 
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I really enjoy the variety of colors and markings on this, every single one of them looks just so cool in a completely unique way. It's always nice when an artist can pull off this much variety in an adoptable batch instead of making the designs look somewhat similar to each other, or follow a theme. If I could I'd totally grab the bottom two x3.
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Sometimes I have no idea how the design should look like and everything i draw looks like sh*t.
I create my best pictures when I'm really busy with studying, like now. I write my first abitur (idk if I can call it abitur in english... maybe mature exam is a better word xD) on Tuesday and guess what I did the last few weeks... yes, designs! xD
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out of this world
Kenaki-Naki's avatar
Oh my good HEAVENS! I love 10 holy gravy batman *weeps at bank account*
These are all super lovely though hoi man.
AverrisVis's avatar
Thank you! ^-^
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I would definitely buy number 009 if I had money :<
AverrisVis's avatar
Would you like one for points? c:
RiavaCornelia's avatar
Unfortunately I dont even have points D:
AverrisVis's avatar
maybe you can win one in a contest or raffle :D
RiavaCornelia's avatar
Wow, that would be great, are you going to run some in near future?
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RiavaCornelia's avatar
Yay, that would be great, will totally participate!! 
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SB: 25€
Min bid: 5€
AB: 80€
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